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Hi J! I just wanted to confirm that you do teach English? If you don't, then don't worry about the rest of this! I really want to teach English, but I have so many concerns regarding it. As a trans, queer person, I really worry about difficulties when entering academia. Like, I want to be a Middle or high school teacher, but I'm afraid that having to disclose that I'm trans would hinder my job prospects. I also want kids, and im worry about supporting a family financially. (1/?)

(English teacher anon) I just want to help kids through that awkward phase where no one quite fits and everything is scrutinized. I also want to be like you, and help young queer kids through times of hardship. I just want so much to be perfect and to change the way schools work, but I know that I can’t do that alone, and I’m worried that I’ll disappoint myself + others. Plus, no one thinks that I’d be good with kids/teenagers because I have kind of a cold exterior (2/?) (English teacher anon) But I really do love people, and I love helping people discover who they are. I want to help kids so much, but I don’t want my own queerness hurt that. In short, I have so many dreams of helping kids be who they are, and I’m terrified of not being able to realize them, or it turning out that I really am bad with kids. Thank you for listening, even if you aren’t actually an English teacher (3/3)            

Hey love – yeah, I teach college English. And hey, “cold exterior” or not, if teaching is what you love and feel called to do – at any grade level – I’d say go for it! The academy, you’re right, is often a hostile place, and, as you say, moreso in teaching younger grades. That said, if you’re willing to push through, if you truly love it, it’s totally possible – a bunch of my friends in the academy are trans, and lots of my friends in the academy (most tbh) are queer af. It’s definitely doable and you can definitely find community and carve it out for yourself. Remember that there are many ways to help kids, and remember also that if you love it, you won’ be “bad” with them, guaranteed. Kids know when thy’re liked, even through “cold exteriors.” If this is what you want, I have no doubt you can do it – I believe in you!! :) <3 <3 <3

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OH MY GOD those ocs of yours are so cute! Can you tell us more about them??

AAAAA THANK YOU!! And of course I can omg! Sorry for the late response btw typing this out and drawing stuff for it took longer than I originally thought

There’s actually three separate “phases” to their story arc, and during each of these phases their outfits and other things change.

This got to be extremely, extremely long like really REALLY long I am so so so sorry lol so–drawings and explanations are under the cut! :D 

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