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ive been rewatching star, and i realized that throughout the show, marco has been dropping his original male friends for female ones. it could be that the staff is just trying to write out the guys, but i think that the fact that marco is interacting with more girls might mean something.

I think it has to do more with the writers than anything to do with Marco. They said that they enjoyed writing Janna so much in Season 1 that she’ll be given a bigger role in Season 2.

I think this applies to the rest of the characters, they’re phasing out the ones they don’t like for the ones that they do.

Prompt #25 (Chilton x reader)

#25 “I swear it was an accident!“ requested by @mrschiltoncat

I am shamelessly using those drabble requests to satisfy my need of dad!Frederick (at least two of them) – thanks :D (btw (Y/S/N) is your son’s name, didn’t want to choose one you might not like)

Warnings: kids, chaos

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* * *

You had been working the whole day till late afternoon – your boss had given you loads of paperwork and refused to let you go before you had finished it. The good news was that your husband Frederick had taken a day off so he could look after your twins. They were in a difficult phase – one where you didn’t want to leave them alone or with a nanny for too long.

Turned out that you better not leave them alone with Frederick either.

As you came home and opened the door, you heard laughter, screaming and crying – all at once. With an annoyed groan you took off your coat and went upstairs, already preparing for the worst. Maybe they had killed each other and now you had to scrub away the blood.

The noise got worse and you figured that they didn’t even notice that you were home. You entered the bedroom of the twins – the obvious source of all trouble. And what you saw almost made you faint.

Your daughter was running through the room, crying and squealing, her hands in her hair, while your son was standing next to his bed, hysterically laughing, and Frederick was desperately trying to clean up the mess. It looked like a scene in a bad comedy film. All the furniture, the bedsheets, walls and even the floor were daubed with green and pink paint. Your children looked like walking paint buckets while Frederick’s hair was entirely green and his white shirt resembled an abstract painting.

“MOMMY!” your daughter then shouted. “MOMMY! Help me, I have paint in my hair. (Y/S/N) said that it will look green forever!”

As a consequence of her high-voiced screams, Frederick caught sight of you. He looked horrified, obviously at a loss of words. Just like you, probably, but more shocked.

“Will it stay green?” she cried out. “Daddy said it will when we don’t clean up our mess before you come home. Now you’re here and it will stay green right?”

You sighed, not knowing what to say. Your son was still laughing, he didn’t even breathe, while your daughter was in tears, her chubby cheeks reddened and wet.

“Is that the five-hundred-dollar dress I wanted to wear to the gala next weekend?” you then asked as your eyes travelled down to the piece of fabric that was lying on the floor – more green and pink than its original color.

“I swear it was an accident!“ Frederick then said. “They wanted to paint… I left them alone for a mere two minutes to look for a cloth and when I came back…”

“It looks much nicer now,” your daughter interrupted. “We didn’t like the color.”

“No accident, it was my idea!” your son said in between his laughs.

You continued to look at the mess in front of you, distracted by your own shock. When your daughter suddenly decided to run into you and cling to your leg, smearing pink paint over your expensive work clothes, you let out a long, desperate sigh. It was so surreal that you felt the need to laugh. And that’s what you actually did. Without warning you started to laugh till your stomach hurt, till you were completely out of breath. Frederick was staring at you with a confused expression, your son was lying on the floor with laughter, and your daughter was crying even louder than before.

Looked like you had quite an evening ahead of you.

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What is it like being married? Do you and your wife live together?

So far things are great, alhamdulillah. I honestly expected a huge awkward phase or at least one of us still trying to get used to each other but it seems we’ve skipped that altogether and were instantly comfortable with one another.

Things are great

“Breakups: Long-Term vs. Short-Term Relationships” - Full Comic

I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas