Dating Elliot Alderson Would Include

i found this rlly cute so if you want more for other characters of his, please don’t hesitate and tell me!

- late night movies, either his favourite, back to the future, or the matrix
- him staring at his lover beside him instead of watching the movie itself
- a lot of shy eye contact, which ends up in blushes and awkward chuckles
- deep conversations at 2am, half of it tracing his veins or running your thumb across his bottom lip
- “i love you’s” between small kisses in the kitchen
- smoking at night on the balcony, you standing in front of him, whilst he’s behind you resting his chin on your shoulder, pecking your shoulder occasionally
- getting high, meaning lots of giggles
- “yo man, you’re really cute”
- him waking up a bit earlier than you, him tracing a finger down your arm then back up, watching you sleep peacefully, knowing that he wants you to be the one


23 Hours of Zayn - Hour 22

Yeah I know. You must be thinking “this crazy chick and her dog.” I get it. But Pharaoh is a bigger fan of Zayn than me! One of the best parts of having Zayn supporters in the house is that M.O.M is on 24/7😉

The last year was tough. Heck, the last five years was tough. Losing my brother was the worst part of my life. My anxiety spiked and I couldn’t even socialize with anyone. People used to think I was mute because I never spoke up.
Using tumblr did get me out of that comfort zone. I met some incredible people that are so great to talk to. I’m not cured of my anxiety by any means. But I’m not ashamed of it. I’m not weird. I can still live out my dreams. It may take a bit of time, but I’ll get there. I don’t care what others have to say about me. The only person who can make judgements about me…is me.
I still hurt, but I’ll be okay. Being a Zayn stan has taught me to be a better version of myself. Embrace every part of myself because they make me who I am. Thank you Zayn.

Here’s the followup to the First Kings of Aurum. The title is kind of misleading, since Falk and Eric Burghia aren’t the second rulers, but come later. Here they are, in order:

Dragon Lord Falk: Falk was the king of the Dragon Knights during Eric Burghia’s rule of Morcia. He’s based off the elite dragon knight from the \ Castle 2013 theme.

Elyana Solare: Originally from the small islands west of Rastad, Solare was the first person to successfully colonize the mainland of those islands, naming it Solariand. Since Solariand is known for its dinosaurs, and the fact that the islands are the birthplace of the Samurai, I made her armor express both of those things. She isn’t based off any particular minifigure.

Hotep Ra: Amset Ra’s son, Hotep was also cursed with undeath by the Necromancer. After rising to power, Hotep quickly opened up trade with West Astor, as well as Southern Verterre. He’s based off Pharaoh Hotep from the Adventures line.

Queen Honora Astor: King Leo II’s wife, Honora is the Queen of West Astor. She is based off the queen from minifigures series 15. Her official bio is actually very similar to ours.

King Leo Astor II: After his father’s death, King Leo II found it difficult to rule the entirety of Astor by himself. So he split Astor down the middle, naming the two halves East Astor and West Astor. Leo II ruled East Astor. He is based off the Classic king from minifigures series 13.

King Jayko of Morcia: Mathias’s successor, Jayko was crowned King after Mathias died in the battle against Vladek. He wasn’t blood related, and changed the kingdom’s symbol from the Lion to the Eagle.

King Eric Burghia: Burghia isn’t a second generation king. In fact, he comes two generations after Jayko. However, I felt he was important enough to include. He waged war against Dragon Lord Falk in the attempt to force the Dragon Knights back into Morcia. He was also responsible for the renaming of Morcia to Eastburgh. He is based off the King from Castle 2013.

Lord Demitri Orlof: After Vladek’s death, Orlof rose to power, and expanded Emlyaskiy all the way to the west coast. He is based off the chess king from Knights Kingdom II.

Emperor Arcturus: The ruler of Ninjago, and the founder of Ouroboros. The extinction of his particular race of Serpentine began with the colonization of humans, and ended with the Fall of Ouroboros. He is based off this picture:

The Mystery of the Copper Scroll of Qumran: The Essene Record of the Treasure of Akhenaten

Robert Feather, combining his background as a metallurgist with his journalistic expertise, has unraveled the enigma of the Copper Scroll in a fascinating study that takes the reader on a journey from ancient Mesopotamia, through Canaan, into Egypt, and back to the shores of the Dead Sea. His exploration links the scroll to the ancient Egyptian king Akhenaten, confirming a long suspected influence of this pharaoh’s religious beliefs on those of the Hebrews. The author’s findings not only reveal the locations of most of the treasures listed on the Copper Scroll, but they also point to a radical new understanding of the origins of monotheism–the basis of the three great religions of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.


person: This is my purebred Pharaoh Hound, Titania. He was traded to me for some estate land in Cairo and his father was a prize-winning hunter owned by a prince in Dubai who was also a breeder of other purebred hounds. 

me: This is Potato. I think he’s some kind of chihuahua/pug/pitbull/terrier mix. I found him eating rotten potatoes in the trash with some raccoons and I love him.
Mike Pence in 1999 op-ed: Disney's "Mulan" is liberal propaganda
Pence wrote the op-ed before he ran for Congress and when he served as a radio talk show host

This page doesn’t often indulge in politics, but this requires a learned response.

China has had martial heroines longer than almost anywhere on earth. Mulan may have been largely myth, but to suggest it’s made-up propaganda is utter lunacy. There’s a LOT of martial heroines who were just as hardcore as Mulan:

  • Fu Hao, who was commanding armies in the age of pharaohs. 
  • Princess Pingyang, who helped overthrow the Sui dynasty and inaugurate the Tang (and who’s been featured on here before).
  • Yim Wing Chun, who created the style of kung fu that Ip Man and Bruce Lee used (and who was also on here before); she was taught, according to tradition, by:
  • Ng Mui, a legendary martial artist, one of the five great elders.
  • Fang Qi Niang, who started a branch of martial arts that was one of the chief influences on Yim Wing Chun.
  • Ching Shih, a prostitute-turned-pirate leader who commanded 70,000 men (also featured on here before).
  • Qin Liangyu, a Ming dynasty general who fought the Manchus.
  • Wang Cong'er, who led the White Lotus Rebellion against the Manchus.
  • Lin Siniang, a prostitute-turned-princess who trained the harem in martial arts
  • Li Xiu, who, when unexpectedly put into military leadership, held a city out from invading forces for seven years
  • Sun Shangxiang, badass Han dynasty warrior
  • Shen Yuying, a Ming dynasty general who took over for her father when he died
  • Liang Hongyu, a slave who bought herself free and became a fearsome Song dynasty general

And that is just CHINA, and just the women I could list OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD. There are so, so, SO many more historical women who’ve seen combat - here’s a long, LONG list for just such occasions! 

It’s entirely possible Pence has since evolved his views (one would hope, this is an old claim!) - but regardless, outrageous claims like these deserve to be met with knowledge and facts when they arise.

(fair warning: I haven’t done extensive research into all of these women; legend and history tend to intermingle when you go back too far, so the historicity of a few may be in question.)