When you step out on that field, everything just…goes away. You forget the pain, the hot days, the thunderstorms, the long blocks. Everything just ceases to exist: except you in that stadium. It’s all about you and that crowd. Thousands of people screaming just for you. Out there, you’re finally alive. Free of all the worries and troubles of the world. All we do is about those 11 minutes. #phantomregiment #turandot #dci #drumcorps #drumcorpsinternational #stadium #performance #beingalive

Even if you aren’t a fan of the Madison Scouts, this movie has the potential to help all the drum corps in the activity by opening up the activity to new audiences

The lot is where it’s the time to get in the zone. Focus on marching then music. Block out all other distractions from then on. This is your time to prepare for an amazing show. Nothing else matters at that moment in time besides the other members around you sounding the same and making the horns resonate. Play with your heart and the show will follow suit. #phantomregiment #pr #regiment #mellophones #dci #drumcorps #drumcorpsinternational


When the home team drops the beat… #phantomregiment #faust #06

We never said it was going to easy. Frankly, it will one if the hardest things you’ll ever do. You’re going to sweat, bleed and cry. You’re going to want to give it all up and go home. But you can’t! You have to suffer through the pain. Make it to the next rep. Push yourself to the next day. It doesn’t matter how bad it gets: keep going. Because if you do, you’ll make it to the end and look back at it, and be glad you never gave up. Remember, it’s ALWAYS worth it. #phantomregiment #dci #drumcorps #drumcorpsinternational #2012 #turandot #pushyourself #keepgoing #nevergiveup