Phantom of the Opera

I just realized something. Leroux described the Punjab lasso as being made of catgut. Catgut is what they used to make strings for string instruments before it was replaced with synthetic and steel strings.

Erik literally strangles people with violin strings.


Inktober #23: Well, since I got SO much love for my previous Phantom of the Opera inktober, I thought I should do some more.  (Seriously though, holy shit.  YOU GUYS!  Who knew the Tumblr phandom was so enthusiastic?)  Just playing with my gray prismacolors and trying to hash out my own design for Erik.  And it’s an excuse to use my A9 rig for once. ;P

One of the notes to the theater owners in Phantom of the Opera says “My salary has not been paid”. Why is the Phantom asking for a salary. What is he gonna do with it? How much is he asking for? Is he paying for a tuner for his organ down in the underground lake? Does he walk out with his mask and big ass cloak to buy more candles from the corner store down the street? Is there some poor clerk who just has to sell groceries to a weird guy in a half-mask who makes vague death threats at him and then leaves once a month? These are questions that need satisfactory answers