Fic: The Flower Boy

Title: The Flower Boy
Rating: G
Summary: Nothing is AU … except that Dan and Phil have been in each other’s dreams since childhood (takes place before and during TATINOF)
Word Count: 1,330
Author’s Note: This is a brief Dan POV of my multi-chapter fic “Imaginary Friends,” since some readers had requested it. If the basic concepts in this little one-shot intrigue you, I would encourage you to read the longer story (which is written in a much different style) from Phil’s POV, because it is a much more detailed and, in my opinion, more beautiful telling of the story told so briefly here from Dan’s POV.
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The Flower Boy

Dan knew from a very young age whom he was going to marry. He didn’t know the boy’s name, or where he lived, but he knew the boy’s heart as well as he knew his own, and he knew one day they would find each other and stay together forever. He didn’t really understand the concept of marriage very well at that age, but he knew it meant being with your very best friend forever, and he knew that was what they were going to do.

They’d been in each other’s dreams his entire life, as long as he could remember, and he loved the flower boy more than he loved his parents, more than he thought he could ever love anyone else in the world. They were meant for each other. They were part of each other. They were one.

That was why Dan was so confused when he first met Phil Lester, because he immediately felt that same kind of connection, and he found himself falling in love for the second time in his life.

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crossing lines

rating: ga

word count: 8.7k

series: pff bingo

summary: They’ve been fake married for four years, and as their contract is coming to an end, Dan wonders if now might be the best time to tell Phil he’s been in love with him since 09.

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written for the fake married, bedsharing, unrequited love, and 2012 squares of my @phandomficfests bingo card

tonight at interactive introverts, dan said he and phil were soulmates, he called himself phil trash #1 again, and he said that if one day human souls could be implemented into technology, he would want to live in the sims world with phil so they could be “proper sim dads together”. my heart is full.


Dan’s Diss Track is officially 2 years old today!!! 2 whole years and I’m still not over this. What a masterpiece.

Sophie: I’m a little cold

Pj: here have my jacket

Phil: I’m cold too.

Dan: I told you it was going to be cold *takes off jacket and wraps it around Phil* You should have wrapped up in lots of layers *Takes PJs hat off him and puts on Phil’s head* You could catch a cold or something *pulls off random strangers scarf and wraps Phil up* How long have you been cold? You should have told me sooner

Soulmate au summaries kill me sometimes they’ll be like “when your soulmate is within five hundred miles your dick will tingle. One day, dan, who’s dick had been tingleless for years, suddenly tingles when he was just about to give up hope. Now he must find the person within five hundred miles who also has a dick tingle and he hopes that persons dick is tingling for him. Enter phil, with a giant monster tingle dick. Things will never be the same.”

Look in the Mirror

Summary: As soon as Dan saw the mirrored ceiling in the back lounge of the tour bus, he knew he was in trouble.
Word Count: 3378
Warnings: smut, barebacking
A/N: Thanks to tumblr user, @7randomwords for the prompt! I suddenly got the urge to write this fic and ended up writing it in two hours which is a miracle considering I’ve been having writer’s block! This is literally just an excuse to write shameless smut.

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As soon as Dan saw the mirrored ceiling in the back lounge of the tour bus, he knew he was in trouble.

He couldn’t stop thinking about it. Couldn’t stop thinking about lying on his back, head thrown back, eyes cast to the ceiling as Phil pounded him to oblivion into the seat cushions. There was something wrong with him. Phil was going to judge him so hard when he found out, would probably tease him for the rest of their lives.

But that wouldn’t stop him from trying, of course. The one thing that he’s learnt from being in a relationship with Phil was that hiding his ideas would get him nowhere, and would most likely upset Phil if he found out Dan was hiding information. On rare occasions, Phil may even have the same idea as he did.

He waited until they were on the road, the stars twinkling in the night sky from outside the windows. Phil was sat beside him, a notebook opened in front of him. He was writing something, his glasses perched on his nose, eyebrows cocked adorably. Dan always loved when Phil wore his glasses, giving him a sophisticated look that made Dan weak at the knees.

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