You guys. When I go to South Africa on Sunday I fly in to Johannesburg then on to Phalaborwa airport. This is Phalaborwa airport. Like, that’s the whole thing. The bottom right is the departure lounge. I can’t wait :D

My first aviation experience as a child...

Hence this is my blog… Well, the first question everyone wants to ask me is, who I am? Here I go, this is my life story. I was born in a small mining town called Phalaborwa, in the North, Eastern Provence of the old regime, in South Africa. I was the youngest of two sons, my father was a computer engineer and my mother, a lady of the house. As a so called privilege minority in an Apartheid South Africa, we as kids could live our lives without worry or fear. With that in mind, my brother and I could ride our bikes all over the place, including the airport.

I can recollect the first time I saw an aircraft, an old DC3 of the South African Airways, my word, what a beautiful sight. I guess I was about five years old, I still could hear those big radial engines popping away. That was my world view of aviation, Dakota DC3 and DC4 Skymasters. I can recollect my first flight in those aircraft, what an experience. My dad was on a course in Johannesburg and the company he worked for gave my mom and us air tickets to visit my dad. We were thus excited, our first flight. To our horror we saw that the DC3 had made its name well known, the “vomit comet”. Flying in summer turbulent, my first thought was, “I want to die, now!” It was terrible, that formed my view of air travel in the 70’s.

What I have never known was that in Johannesburg had all the nice aircraft. The first time I saw a Boeing aircraft, that still was the 707 and 727 examples. I have never seen such beautiful aircraft in my lifetime. Phalaborwa had a too small runway to accommodate such large aircraft, the reason why I was so amazing to experience them for the first time. But that is all for now, read the next chapter of my life tomorrow.

The Lookbook: Tues 01.12.15 - Sun 06.12.15

The Lookbook: Tues 01.12.15 – Sun 06.12.15

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Tues 01.12.15: This was a meeting look I did, and I do realise that it may seem very casual, but it was a meeting over drinks for an up and coming project. The look here is a charcoal skirt a white crop along with a hat to give it more of an edgy vibe. You can’t see it in the picture, but I had white flats on. Thurs 03.12.15: this was a look that was designed to beat the heat of Phalaborwa. I…

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Rangers arrest poachers in Kruger National Park

Rangers arrest poachers in Kruger National Park

There has been a rise in the number of arrests of suspected poachers in the Kruger National Park (KNP) since the beginning of April of this year. Since the beginning of this month there have been 22 arrests for suspected poaching activities inside the KNP. This brings to 56 the total number of arrests in the Park since the start of 2015.

KNP rangers, bolstered by additional aerial and canine…

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Trip to ATKV Eiland

Last month my husband and I were asked to go to ATKV Eiland to deliver a few things and were able to stay for the weekend. I only have a few pics with me at the moment. It was hot with no wind and the whole area where we were were just orange farms. There’s no denying the fact that it’s beautiful when you drive up north.

This is the Mall of the North in Polokwane.

Some of the shops that are inside.

This is one of the nicer petrol stations in Tzaneen. The town itself is small but very pretty.

We were just passing through so this was all I could get in the little daylight I had left.

The kitchen and living space of the rondavel that we were staying in.

I liked this place. There’s 3 swimming pools. One indoor, one outdoor and one hot water. There’s a small lake for fishing and camping/caravan stands as well. You can take horse rides and hold conferences. This place is extremely popular with families.

And don’t forget the monkeys. One had the audacity to poop on the roof of my car!

We then went on to Phalaborwa and just before you reach the town you will arrive here….. heaven….

I now realise it’s a funny pic :)

The Amarula coffee was just wonderful!


Kruger National Park

From Phalaborwa via Letaba up to Olifants River

Settling In
As you all know I am now in Phalaborwa. I have been here a week now and loving it. I will be honest, I haven’t done much, but it’s all part of the settling in process. I took a couple of pics of the house I am staying at. Margie and Rodney’s to be precise. I love this place!
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External image
We went out last night with the TKT lot, it was nice to see old faces and also meet some new ones. Heard loads of old stories, which made me think, boy I have a lot to come.