borealisboy perguntou:

hi!! so i've been wanting to get rats for ages now, i have a huge cage ready and everything. i just wanted to ask, what are some things about owning rats i should know before i get them? if there's even anything? i plan on getting two boy rats :> thanks for reading!!

YES YES!!! get 2, they NEED to be together, rats get very sick, depressed, refuse to eat, get very very lonely if they dont have another rat with them. rats are used to being in LARGE families, and rats huddle together when they sleep, they also play ALL the time with each other. 

somethings to know is some times rat produce a liquid that LOOKS like blood but its not and its nothing to freak out about, it comes out of their eyes, nose and sometimes ears and gets on their fur. Also if your rat smell you can take a wash cloth with warm water only and wipe them down but its discouraged cause it removes their natural smell.

heres a list of things you’ll need for their cage:

a soft hammock

a wheel thats big enough that their back doesn’t curve

a house they can hide in and store food.

A LARGE CAGE!!! (like big enough to hold a ferret in)

LOTS of toys!! (rats are very smart and need lots of stimulation, bird toys work. get alot so you can switch the toys every other week so they dont get bored)

a litter box (filled with ferret litter, i use paper pellets.)

to litter box train them pick up their poos with toilet paper and put them into the liter box, they’ll eventually pick up that THATS where they’re suppose to go.

fleece to line the cage with office clips to clip them down. (its so much better than litter. its soft on their feet, they love it, you save money, if it smells all you do is unclip the clips take out the fleece, replace the fleece with a new sheet of fleece and wash the other.

this is a picture of my cage.

heres a pic of AN IDEAL cage