I’m not a fucking pet. I’m a human being who deserves respect and I’m not gonna feel guilty for demanding that respect and I’m not gonna feel guilty for distancing myself from people who don’t respect me

hey writers I just want u to know
if you want some of your characters to speak a language that you yourself do not speak, you can just indicate that they are speaking that language

hell even if u do speak it, if your audience doesn’t it can be more annoying for them than if u just used some brackets and reminded them every now and then

E o tio Felipe sempre pergunta se eu quero ficar na escolinha, mas a mami sempre traz um petisco, deve ser pra ele não me convencer hihihi 🤓😍🐶 #cacalovestiofelipe #crechecanina #odiadacacao #pet #pets #petstagram #petsofinstagram #petsagram #dog #dogs #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #dogoftheday #mutt #muttsofinstagram #adote #viralata #doglover #dogs_of_instagram #petoftheday #minhaminitoscana #instapuppy #petamigo #ginger #mamilovescaca (em Day Care Dog World)

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We know that it’s hard to find the apartment complex that’s right for you. When landlords shake their no pet’s policy at the shedding in your bedroom, and neighbors file noise complaints on the full moon, where else is a Being to go? Here, we welcome you with a flexible magic policy and the perfect pool for stretching out your fins.

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Rose Gardens is an OC Supernatural Apartment RP that is brand new and open to any FC and all ages. We’re interested in development within our little world and look to having you!

Thank you, Teresa H., Glendale, CA, for your review of The Anne Frank House, in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Oh boy, where to begin.

You’ve described The Anne Frank House as “very disappointing” and your reason being that “there is nothing to see.”

This makes me genuinely worried about you. And me, quite honestly (I was going to say frankly but I thought that would be in poor taste). I’ve just called my therapist to see if she could fit me in for an extra session this afternoon. Reviews like this tend to spiral me into an existential crisis.

Surprisingly, I am not a psychologist, but I would like to try a Rorschach test to see if that gives us any clues as to what’s going on with you:

Do you see,

A. Krumm from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

B. Nothing?

C. The body of your adventurous pet Guinea Pig, Hank, after he darted outside just as the ice cream truck rounded the corner.

Might seem transparent but by giving you option C, I’m trying to determine if you’ve experienced any trauma in your past that might make the gravity of the events that occurred in that home less jarring to you.

Since I can’t actually get an answer from you, I’m going to have to do some research on some of the other places you have reviewed.

Now, let’s see here…

Oooooooo!! It is clear to me now! You are not a psychopath with a complete lack of empathy! Phew! You just didn’t realize that The Anne Frank House is not Amsterdam’s most popular rooftop bar and lounge! Oh thank god! It all makes sense! 

Well, in that case, you know that I’m going to have to give your review a one out of five stars for the HUGE misunderstanding here. You should really be more careful next time.


Dinosaur or dragon toy? #comfortretriever #goldenretriever #FancyTailsDogWalking #southbaysbestdogwalker #dogsofvine #cutedogs #pets #animal

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dunno if we’re still sending cat pictures or if this is spam and whatnot but here is my majestic Norwegian forest cat, Natchez Tiberius.

The upcomin pet pics are queued for now so no not rlly <:’D

but w/ the recent undertale cringe submitted i’m sure a cute kitty would b soothing

~Mod Wolfrun

anonymous asked:

When you get this, answer with 5 things that make you happy. Then send it to the last 10 people in your notifications anonymously.

:D I haven’t had an or a question like this in forever!

1. My immediate family. I’m meeting up with my mom and brothers for dinner tonight, actually.

2. My boyfriend. We have a lot of fun together every weekend.

3. My pets and pretty much every animal I see :P I love all animals so much, especially when I get to pet dogs on my way to and from work.

4. Craft projects. I love seeing what I can make. I’m making steampunk wings right now for a party on Saturday.

5. Las Vegas. It’s become a second home at this point. I can’t wait to go back in December.

Thanks, anon!

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anonymous asked:

how did you get your dog to look at you so much in the agility video you posted? i just started to do an agility class with my dog and he's done group classes before but he won't look at me enough during the agility class and i can't figure out how to guide him around the course. help!

Eye contact is literally the first thing I start reinforcing with every puppy I’ve ever had. It’s easy to do because they look at you all the time anyway when they’re wee babs and you can reinforce it with food, talking in a happy voice, pets, inviting them to play with you, etc etc. Now they both (and Samson too) actively seek out eye contact pretty much all the time because it’s been so heavily reinforced for so long. Eye contact is on a cue too, but with Scarlett I don’t have to use the cue as much. I don’t think I’ve ever actually had to cue eye contact during agility, she just offers it by default because A) she loves her people over pretty much anything else and B) it’s a behavior that’s been so heavily conditioned and reinforced at this point that she offers it by default. 

Wasn’t sure where to go. Almost stayed but it was all too good.

Watched antique mall nearly-departeds, misremembering under quaint shrieks and bubbling laughter-cries, pet strangers’ momentoes that meant nothing at the time, but now something, too long ago.

Wanted a solid, but noted the afflicted and settled on liquid instead. Asked for an official receptacle. Advised to use an old-fashioned alternate.

Adjoining-room sorority saucers arrived at dusk in cackling disarray threatening in loose intonations that later on there would be either fighting or fucking. They scattered like Daddy’s-girl cockroaches to spread the debris, but with no mute button on the door, a premeditative decision was made to sauce on this side as well.

Local news highlighted a galleria talent show featuring militant open-carry infant patriots in Pentagon pre-payment admissions of future ignorance.

Scrolled past Daystar skits of devotion and athletic proxy war-pride-pledges trolled by farmer dating services and hair-loss sales forces.

Eventually, the sorority reconvened in the adjoining room with yell-slurred “fuck you"s and muffled responses in men’s voices. Turned the TV volume up to mask the outcome that no one will remember.

A long time ago, I walked past a pet store,and saw beautiful chinchillas. I held one and it was so soft and gentle. The employee told me how they were killed to make fur coats and it made me so angry. From that day on,I promised I would never wear fur from innocent animals,and i despise anyone who wears fur. #fuckfurfashion #stopanimalcruelty #stopanimaltesting #stopanimalabuse #nofurcoats #freedomandloveforanimals

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