This year’s theme at school is trailblazers. I had to write something ready for our assembly on Thursday so here it is.

I am a trailblazer because I refuse to accept the opinions of others as my own and the traditional values of society. Instead, I always think about my actions and they reflect a set of moral values on which I base my life. My strong beliefs in justice, sustainability and compassion have led me in many directions, from starting a vegetarian initiative and blog called Vegoctober, to volunteering at a homework club run by Save the Children, to catching public transport almost everywhere I go. I believe that there is always hope, and that it is always possible to make a difference, whether the action you take is big or small.

A trail blazer who inspires me is Peter Singer. As a philosopher, Peter Singer has been highly influential in the field of ethics, on the issues of animal rights, poverty and climate change. Labelled ‘the most dangerous man on earth’, Singer is both revered and despised. He does not accept societal norms, but instead investigates the reasons for and principles behind our behavior. Singer is incredibly adept at highlighting the void between what we say we believe, and what we are willing to stand up for. His exploration of ethical principles inspires me because it often leads to startling conclusions, which challenge us to think in new ways.