Warr remembers the Spanish Grand Prix where Senna put the Lotus on pole early in the session and nobody got near the time. With about 15 minutes to go, Senna said he wanted to go out again, Warr told him, “No, no, no, don’t be silly. You’re 1.7 seconds quicker than everybody.” Senna insisted and Warr asked why. “I Can do a 1.16.9.” Warr expressed astonishment. “I’ve been thinking about it-I can do a 1.16.9.” Warr found this “mind-blowing in the context of what he’s already done. He got in the car with his helmet on his chest and his eyes closed. He was thinking his way around the lap. It got to 5 minutes left. Senna went out and did a 1.16.9. It bears repeating: mentally Senna could see a whole circuit and watch himself doing an imaginary lap around it, meter by meter, corner by corner, in testing, he was able to gauge exactly where he could gain fractions of a second, and simply incorporate them into the imaginary lap. That came from his ability to drive a lap quickly while thinking slowly, and to remember what everything on the car was doing. Thus, it was based on simple, logical calculations. The Lotus team were witness to the feat, the 1.16.9, because Warr, sensing something utterly exceptional was about to happen, had instructed them to gather around the TV monitor and watch. They found their credibility stretched and they had made that car. 

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team Lotus on pit wall at Brands Hatch, 1983 European Grand Prix, Brands Hatch with drivers Nigel Mansell & Elio de Angelis (JPS Lotus-Renault 94T) together with team manager Peter Warr & designer Gérard Ducarouge

‘83 was the first season without Colin Chapman, Ducarouge was hired by Peter Warr in the middle of the season & he immediately started designing the new 94T which was first used by de Angelis & Mansell at Silverstone
this culminated in a 3rd position finish for de Angelis at Brands
in '84 the evolution 95T was good enough for Lotus to take a 3rd position in the Constructors Championship, its best result since '78