From Beacon Press, a charming history of devotion: Outlaw Marriages: The Hidden History of Fifteen Extraordinary Same-Sex Couples, by Rodger Streitmatter.   Among the couples featured: Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, Walt Whitman and Peter Doyle, Jane Addams and Mary Rozet Smith, and James Ivory and Ismail Merchant.



“In the 1920s Sydney police began quietly assembling a gallery of the city’s most light-fingered, fleet-footed, silver-tongued rogues and con artists, magsmen, housebreakers, thugs, gunmen, shoplifters, drug dealers, pickpockets and hooligans. These extraordinary images resurfaced in the 1980s, long after the original paperwork had been lost and the crooks, the cops and all who remembered them had passed on. Based on years of research into police files, court records, newspapers and other sources, Crooks like us offers a glimpse into the difficult lives of these fugitive souls and what they did, who they hurt, who hurt them, where they came from and, sometimes, where they ended up. Illustrated with rich, emotionally charged police Special Photography from the Justice & Police Museum, Sydney, Crooks like us opens a secret door onto Sydney’s hidden histories.”

Dealing with Peaky Blinders withdrawal symptoms by searching stuff like this. I like how most of these criminals were impeccably dressed.

Signal Boosting this! Peter Doyle is an American Dub Voice Actor who needs help raising money during his cancer fight. Peter has voiced numerous anime characters including my favorite! Eureka Seven’s Dominic Sorrel. If you can donate to this cause that would be great! If you can’t? just sharing and signal boosting as much as possible would be great!! There are only 28 days left to donate and I feel as though not enough people know about this. Thanks everyone!!

*mind blown*

I was looking at Peter Doyle’s wikipedia page, and saw it listed Ultra Maniac, I was amused by this because I have a volume of that manga but I either never got around to reading it or it’s been so long I forget what it’s about mostly. I skipped my way through an episode on youtube. He doesn’t sound exactly like Dominic but at some points it’s pretty similar. To my surprise, at the end of the video I hear the character, Yuta, talking to this butler guy, IT WAS CAPTAIN JURGENS. Hearing the two of them having a conversation in a totally different anime messed me up a little. XD 

and this is after seeing a pic of Joe Shimamura, thinking he resembled Dominic kinda, after a little googling I saw this may not be a coincidence. While googling, I thought the art looked very familiar, I had to go look at a stack of my bf’s dvds he has over here, and found WE HAVE A CYBORG 009 DVD, but I don’t think either of us have watched it or even remember where it came from, lmao.

there’s the case and an insert that was inside, I am so pleased because I noticed there is an ad for a DVD of Metropolis on here, I was just thinking about that movie earlier :’)

I am just so pleased by all of this, omfg ♥

EDIT: I watched some Cyborg 009 and Peter Doyle is Cyborg 004! *laughing forever*