T’Challa: Shuri, what do you fear most?

Shuri: Your face!

Okoye: Ooh!

Dora Milaje: Ooh!

All of Wakanda: Ooh!

*In New York*

Peter P: Ooh!

Tony: What’d you do that for?

Peter: I don’t know, I just suddenly felt it.

Tony: Felt What?

Peter: The power of The Burn.

“Hot RA Tom”

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

Summary: You and Tom are RA’s in a freshmen residence hall. What happens when you two are on duty all night together?

Word Count: 2353

Warnings: None, complete fluff

You walked down the hallways, a sense of authority in your stride with a radio clasped to your jean pocket and a name tag clipped to your shirt. It was one of your weekly duty shifts as the RA in your hall. You were on duty with none other than the notorious “hot RA Tom”. At least that’s how he was referred to by all the female residents in your freshman dorm. You couldn’t lie though, you sort of agreed with them.

You and Tom had met at new RA training the year prior, and having been placed on the same staff for two years in a row, the two of you became close friends. There were many study nights, late duty nights, and just random movie/ gossip nights shared between the two of you. You two had such a good friendship going that you pushed your (inevitable) crush down into the depths of your mind; as far away as it could go.

However, this particular duty shift was proving to be a long one, and Tom insisted the two of you just hang out in your room until call-off. “Hey, guys, go find somewhere else to make-out, please.” He told a couple of freshmen as they stood sucking face in the middle of the hallway. “Really classy place to share such an intimate moment, huh?” he chuckled, turning to face you.

“Yeah, well these freshmen don’t care about anything it seems” you chuckled. So far tonight, you’d caught two people having sex in a shower, broken up a party, and dealt with many, many noise complaints. It was the first couple weeks of school, so the freshmen were taking their new-found freedom to every level possible.

“Alright, well the third-floor seems pretty quiet now, but we should go back to your room so we can write that incident report,” Tom remarked, checking his phone for the time. 10:30PM. It was so early in the night and yet the two of you had already dealt with so much bullshit.

Unlocking your door, you opened it and let Tom into your reasonably sized single dorm room. One of the perks of being an RA. Tom hopped up onto your bed, grabbing your laptop that was left there before your round. “Login?” he questioned, a smirk on his face.

“As if I’d tell you my password, Holland. You’d go through all of my personal shit.” You laughed, hopping up onto your bed next to him. You grabbed the computer and placed it on your lap, swiftly typing in your password before Tom could see. Pulling up the Incident Report page, Tom took the laptop back and placed it on his lap.

“Don’t worry, darling, I got this one. You can write the next one if you want.” Tom said with a wink. That was another thing that got him the title “Hot RA Tom”, his accent. Being an international student had its perks, especially for Tom. What with his good looks and all, adding a British accent on top just had all the girls swooning for him.

“I seriously can’t believe this kid thought he could get away with chugging a beer right in front of us!” The two of you laughed as you recounted the incident that happened not more than 30 minutes ago.

“He didn’t even do it properly!” You continued to laugh. Tom chuckled beside you, trying to hold his laugher a bit so he could finish typing the incident report.

“Well, whatever happens to him now is out of our hands.” Closing the laptop, Tom hopped off your bed and placed it on your desk. He grabbed the blanket that was resting on your futon and made his way back over to your bed. He completely wrapped himself in the blanket and made himself comfortable in the space between you and the wall. “Let’s watch a movie! It’ll help keep us awake for the next several hours.”

“Alright, well since it doesn’t look like you want to move to the couch, I guess I’ll just turn the tv so that it faces my bed?” you chuckled lightly to yourself. Tom had basically turned himself into a blanket burrito and looked almost too comfortable to move. Instead of verbally answering, Tom just shook his head like a maniac with a boyish grin on his face.

You hopped off of your bed and walked over to where your tv sat on a spare table, turning it just enough so that the two of you could watch it lying down. Then you made your way over to the futon to grab the remote that sat in the middle. As you were grabbing an extra blanket, you heard Tom whine in protest.

“No, no, no, darling. We can share. This one’s big enough for two.” He was now holding up one end of the blanket for you to crawl under, patting the spot next to him on the bed. Your heart skipped a beat in your chest. Sure, you and Tom were close friends, and yeah, you’d laid together when watching a movie. But you’d never watched a movie together while sharing a blanket, basically cuddled up. “C’mon love, it’s getting cold under here now.” Tom joked.

You nodded and slowly made your way over toward him, kicking your shoes off in the process. Climbing back up onto your bed, you slid your feet under the blanket, immediately feeling the heat radiating from Tom’s body. You clicked through Netflix to distract your mind a bit, trying to find a movie to watch. “What about that new one? ‘To all the Boys’…?” Tom trailed off.

“To All the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before? That’s definitely a movie I didn’t expect you to suggest, but alright.” You giggled, not fully expecting Tom to want to watch such a chick flick. But you were totally fine with it, having watched the movie about three times already. You had to admit, Peter Kavinsky was a heartthrob.

Hitting play, you finally allowed yourself to relax a bit and lean back into Tom. He immediately wrapped his arm around your shoulders as you snuggled into his side a bit. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad, you thought.

About halfway through the movie, at the point where Lara Jean and Peter are in the hot tub, you felt as if someone was watching you. Moving slightly, you tilted your head to look at Tom. He was looking down at you, his eyes completely focused on you. “You alright there, Tom?” you questioned, hoping you didn’t have anything on your face or something embarrassing like that.

“Yeah, I uh- I was just thinking about how badly I want to kiss you…” his voice was small and very quiet. But you were extremely close to him so you heard every word. Your heart began to beat a mile a minute, brain trying to process the words that just left his lips.

You glanced down at his lips, noticing his tongue slip out to wet them, then glanced back up to his eyes. They quickly went down to your lips as well, the cliché signal that someone wants to kiss you. But you wanted to kiss him as well, you’d wanted to kiss him for a while.

Leaning in slowly, your eyes fluttered closed and your hand rested gently on Tom’s chest. This was the moment you’d been dreaming of, the one you’d never thought would come. Suddenly, “Director to Caldwell RA’s” came through the two radios sitting on your desk.

Almost forgetting what you were doing, you jumped off your bed to grab one of the radios, “Go for Caldwell”. Tom hopped off the bed as well, throwing his shoes on and clipping his radio back on his belt. You both knew what this meant, there was a major situation you were going to have to deal with.

“Meet me in the office, we have a code 400 on floor 3” You sighed, knowing what this meant. Some dumb ass freshman got caught smoking and now you, Tom, the director, and Campus Security would have to search the entire room. You looked over at Tom who rolled his eyes, annoyed.

“Copy, we’re on our way.” You clipped the radio onto your pocket and you and Tom made your way down the hall to the office. Neither of you spoke about what the call interrupted and just focused on the task at hand. Your job came first, and this moment truly proved that.

You’d spent the next two hours searching a gross freshman dorm room for illegal contraband, which was inevitably found in various places. It was nearing 1:00AM and you wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed, but you were currently back in the office, writing an incident report with Tom and the director.

“Alright, well I think that’s all we need. Thanks for your help guys, hopefully, everyone will get called off in the next hour or so.” The director stood up, opening his door for you and Tom to leave. You were thankful because all you wanted to do was lay down.

Opening the door to your room, Tom followed you inside, closing the door softly behind him. You kicked your shoes off and sat on your bed, legs hanging over the side. Your brain flashed back to what was about to happen before the director called you. “So, do you want to-”

“You know, I meant what I said before…?” Tom interrupted, his voice quiet again. He’d placed his shoes by the door and was now slowly making his way over to you. He stood directly in front of you, between your dangling legs. “I really want to kiss you.” His voice came out a little stronger this time.

“What’s stopping you this time?” you whispered, suddenly noticing how close Tom was to you. He smirked slightly before gently placing his hand on your cheek, leaning you toward him. You leaned yourself up slightly and your eyes fluttered closed again. His lips met yours and before you knew it you were laying down on your bed. Tom had shifted so that he was on top of you, his forearms holding him up.

Pulling away, you regained your breathing and smiled up at Tom. He had the goofiest grin on his face and he plopped down beside you with a sigh. “I don’t know why I waited so long to do that!” You giggled and turned to face him, placing a hand on his chest and rubbing small circles.

“I don’t know either, but I’m glad you finally did.” You couldn’t wipe the grin off of your face. This was probably the happiest moment in your life. Tom wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. He placed a small kiss on your forehead and you nuzzled your head into the crook of his neck. “Maybe we should finish this movie while we wait to get called off.” Tom nodded and grabbed the remote next to him, hitting play. You grabbed the blanket from the foot of your bed and wrapped it around the two of you.

You spent the next hour or so finishing up the movie, waiting for the director to call off all the RA’s. Tom had fallen asleep beside you, so you just laid awake on your phone until you were finally allowed to go to sleep. “Director to all RA’s, you may turn your radio’s off and return them in the morning.” Tom groaned next to you and began to sit up.

“Hey, it’s fine I can turn them off.” You said, sliding out of your bed and making your way over to your desk. You clicked each radio off and then made your way over to your closet to grab your pajamas.

“Well, I still have to get up if I have any chance of making it upstairs to my room.” Tom chuckled, attempting to rub the sleep out of his eyes.

“Maybe you don’t have to go back upstairs?” you said, standing by the door with your clothes bunched in your hands. Tom looked at you completely puzzled. “You could just sleep here if you want?” He gave you a small smile, pulling the blanket closer around him.

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel like I’m invading your space or anything.” You nodded, you were sure. The two of you had spent almost the entire night together in your bed when you weren’t on rounds, what was the point of making Tom leave now?

“I’m sure, Tom. I’m just going to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and change. Feel free to get under the covers, I’ll be back in a bit.” You said, opening the door. Tom smiled and nodded, acknowledging that he heard you. You made your way down the hall to the communal bathroom, stomach doing flips. So much had happened between you and Tom tonight; so many good things. You just hoped that it wouldn’t change the dynamic you two had built over the past two years.

After finishing up in the bathroom, you quietly opened your door; not wanting to disturb Tom if he’d fallen asleep. Shutting it softly behind you, you threw your dirty clothes in the hamper and made your way over to your bed. Tom was still awake and sitting up in bed on his phone, shirtless.

Turning the lights off, you climbed into bed next to him. He put his phone away and allowed you to cuddle into his side. Pulling the comforter over the two of you, you were soon being lulled by the beat of his heart. “Hey, Y/N?” Tom whispered.

“Yeah?” you whispered back, eyes still closed. You were too comfortable and way too tired to move at the moment.

“I really like you. Like I like-like you.”

“I like-like you too, Tom,” you said, a small smile on your face. Tom leaned down and placed a kiss on the top of your head. Maybe this was the start of something amazing.

Worthy? Avengers AU

Inspired by: Worthy: An Avengers Drabble by @minaminokyoko

Requested by: @sataninsatin

Warnings: Like one curse word

 ​Requests are open!


Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

 “Come on, please Y/n lets try!?” asked Peter as he jumped up and down with his eyes lit up like fireflies.

“No thanks, I don’t need to know. You go ahead Peter.” you rolled eyes as you leaned back in the couch and went back to your book.

“Are you sure Mr. Thor? Am I allowed to try?” “It’s nothing Peter, it’s only fair every Avengers has had a chance and since you’re one of us now you get to try! Besides it’ll be great exercise for your big growing muscles.” said Thor as he rubbed Peter’s shoulder reassuring him.

“And no has lifted it besides you and Vision?” asked Peter as he nervously rubbed the back of his neck

“Aye. Only Nat and now Y/n have declined.” Peter and Thor both turn to look at you

You look up from your book and roll your eyes, “It’s not something I want answered, besides its obviously rigged since you can’t use simple physics to lift it.” Peter and Thor raise their eyebrows and look at each other, “Yeah, you are definitely Starks daughter.” Thor chuckles, you just stick your tongue out at them before going back to your book.

“Hey Y/n, can you record it so I can show Mr. Stark if I lift it?” asked Peter as he took out his phone and handed it to you, “Sure, Pete.” you grabbed the phone and pressed the record button and gave them a thumbs up, Thor grinned before patting Peter on the back almost causing him to tumble forwards. Thor stepped back giving him some space, “On three lad.”

“Ok, I got this.” said Peter as he rubbed his hands together before wrapping them around Mjolnir, Thor stood smirk with a broad stance as you sat on the couch leaning on your arm, “Oh boy.” you mumbled under your breath.

“One…Two…Three!” Peter wrapped his hand tightly around the handle as he leaned back pulling with all his might. The hammer came off the table light as a feather, which Peter definitely didn’t expect.


Peter hit himself straight in the head with the hammer before collapsing onto the floor with Mjolnir.

Thor stood still speechless with wide eyes, “Uhhhhhhh ohhhhh”

“Oh my God!” you screamed dropping the phone and quickly dropping next to Peter, you turned his body to face you, and patted his cheek gently “Peter!”

A small groan escaped from him along with a few incoherent mumbles, he still laid on the ground still motionless, you held his head up gently and placed it on your lap, your eyes still wide with fear, worry, and shock.

Thor ran a hand over his face, “Stark is going to kill me!”

“What about me?” asked Tony as he strutted into the room, he froze when he saw his daughter kneeling on the floor with a barely conscious Peter in her arms, his head slowly moved until his glare met Thor standing in the corner.

“What the fuck did you do!” he yelled pulling his hair

“He had a chance and he wanted to know!”

As Tony kept yelling at Thor you turned your attention back to Peter, you patted his cheek again and moved his hair out his face, “Pete?” he groaned again before slowly opening his eyes.

Tony looked at Peter who started to move a little bit, he walked over to him towering over him. “Kid you alright?”

Peter’s eyes snapped open as he jumped onto his feet.



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Steve: y/n! Is that a hickey?!

You: no,it’s a mosquito bite!

Peter, walking in: hey guys!

Steve: oh, hello Mr.Mosquito

dorky love notes ➵ t.h

authors note → hdjsjck i’ve never written for tom and i wrote this on mobile but i thought this idea was cute ya know tom makin u all shy while ur trying to wOrk and he’s cute so u can imagine why

wc → i might’ve gone overboard sjjckx 2147

warnings → tom being a complete dork, duh.

summary → during a long and tiring shift at your job, a cute and familiar face shows up and messes up your whole game. in a good way.

you had been at this cozy, warm cafe working since eight in the morning, and it was currently only three in the afternoon. although you enjoyed working here, you wanted to go home to your boyfriend more than anything; to run your hands through his brown curls, watching television for hours and hours on end.

as you’re wiping down the coffee machines with a sanitary rag, you quietly hum to yourself as you hear the familiar jazz instrumental play in the background. that’s what you adored about working here; it was never too crowded, the people were always nice, and the music they played was always so quiet and relaxing. you were so invested in cleaning the bar area; the angelic sound of sinatra playing in the background, that you didn’t even hear the bell sound the door made.

“hey, someone needs to get their order taken. i can take over here, hon.” your coworker stands beside you, holding out their hand for you to give them your washcloth to.

you give them a friendly smile back, thanking them in return as you quickly grab an apron hanging from the back wall and making your way to the register, having no idea who’s order you were just about to take.

“hi! what can i g-“ before you could finish your sentence, your face immediately grows warm as you come face to face with your boyfriend, tom. flushed face, the familiar butterflies growing in your stomach - you stare at him starry-eyed as you’re trying to form a coherent sentence.

the brown eyed cutie giggles as he tilts his head, his smile telling a story as always. “hi, can i get…one cute girlfriend of mine to go?” tom always knew how to make you incredibly bashful, but right now was not the time.

tommn,” you whined, fiddling with the sharpie laying on the counter. “what’re you doing here?” you question shyly as if it wasn’t obvious that he wanted to see you. had you known he was coming, you’d actually try to look your best; but, your hair was messy, the required uniform consisted of a boring colored shirt, khakis, and a ridiculous hat that made you look twelve years old; not to mention you had zero makeup to cover the bags under your eyes.

but tom still thought you were looking utterly adorable and pretty. he always did.

he shrugged cutely, brown eyes brighter than ever, and they were only bright when he saw you. he, on the other hand, looks adorable. he was dressed casually, in a basic hoodie, jeans, and his hair was all messy and curly due to the rain from earlier. so cute. “haven’t seen ya, all day, love. i missed your face. also, your humming was cute. was that our song? fly me to the moon?”

you scrunch your nose up, feeling your cheeks flare up and mess with the keyboard from the cash register in front of you, pressing random buttons as you avoid eye contact with tom. didn’t help, he knew you were shy. “it might’ve been. and are you just saying that because you want a free coffee?”

“i don’t even want a coffee, i just wanted to see you.” he laughs, swinging his arms back and forth as he gives you a wide, goofball grin. “what time are you off, babe? maybe we can go for a nice walk? oh! on my way here, i saw some flowers! peonies, your favorite. i thought of you.”

“don’t,” you try not to smile as you lift up your index finger, “don’t do that, tom. i’m working.” you shake your head as you blush profusely.

“aw don’t do what? all i’m doing is talking to my pretty girl!” tom spoke in a warm, angelic tone. but also slightly teasing. all he wanted to do was snuggle you and kiss you all over - and he couldn’t wait to do that later on. his girl.

“that! you cannot make me all…flustered while i’m trying to do my job.” before tom could answer, you hear someone behind you clear their throat. turning around, your eyes widen as your supervisor had their arms folded and a blank stare at you. never in your life had you been more embarrassed and mortified; surely it wasn’t toms fault, you’d never blame this on him. you just were embarrassed that she was about to scold you in front of your boyfriend.

“oh, hi. sorry, i was uh -“

“not taking the next customers order - there are two people behind him and you’re wasting their time.” they snapped, turning to the other to people in line and giving them an apology for you taking too long. luckily, none of them were impatient nor rude and just smiled back.

you rub your forearms, embarrassed, and turn back to tom as you see the soft, worried look on his face; the kind where you just wanted to hug him and tell him it was okay. kind of like when you scold your puppy for getting into the couch cushions and instantly feel bad for being rude because they’re so soft and warm - never would harm a thing in the world.

that’s how tom looked, his brown eyes with green and yellow specks - an utter dream. the last thing he wanted was for you to be upset with him. but you were far from it.

“gah..i’m sorry, y/n. if i had k-“ tom starts to ramble on about him being wrong for messing with you while you were on duty, but you shushed the cute boy.

“don’t apologize, it’s okay tom. my boss is just a jerk.” you giggle nervously. “uh, do you mind..waiting for me? i only have like… forty-five minutes left.” you question, bouncing on the balls of your feet.

“yeah of course! i’ll uh..just go wait at a table. go ahead, cutie.” tom gave you a warm smile as he stuffed his hands in his front pockets and waved at you, walking over to the nearest table.

“hi, im sorry about the wait.” you apologized to the customer and proceed to take their order.

as you’re writing down the customers name on the cup, you felt his pretty eyes on you; butterflies forming, shaky hands, red cheeks as you try to write the name but only for you to drop the stuff in your hand - causing a little scene.

 tom couldn’t help but snort at the scene in front of him, “dork.” he mumbled to himself as he doodled a little on the napkin in front of him.

 you glance over at him and attempt to glare, only to just simply wave shyly at him. no way you could be upset at him. he waves back at you, mouthing, “get to work, doofus.” you roll your eyes as a lame try to avoid blushing and smile wide as you get the customers coffee ready.

while making the customers drink, you look over at tom who is smiling at you. smiling back at him, you didn’t notice the countertop right in front of you - your body bumping right into it, making you drop the cup for the billionth time in the past five minutes. embarrassed, you tell the customer that you’re fine and adjust yourself quickly. you were a flustered, dorky mess around tom and there was no way to fix it.

tom pouted to himself as he saw you struggle, adoring how shy you had quickly become in the last half hour. he adored you.

see, tom admires the small things; the way you smile at the customers and how kind you were, even if they were being grumpy. you were always kind to everyone and that was something he adored so much about you. he noticed that you had a habit of not making eye contact with people, being very bashful and timid.. yet, you were also bubbly and happy. you did this quite often with him, but he adored the fact that it was with everyone too. well, it was more with him, in the end.

he also loved the cute conversations you made with people. asking them how their day was, giving them suggestions on what drink to get when normally baristas just take the order and go about with their life. tom adored you so much it was insane. every little soft, poetic thing about you.

as the next half hour goes by, the same thing happening; you being flustered by something tom does, such as giving you a dorky look or something cute, you finally finish your shift.

grabbing your belongings from the break room, you eagerly clock out and say a quick goodbye to your supervisor and other co-workers that were lingering in the back. you tried your best not to smile as much, but you just couldn’t help it. after five hours of being on your feet, and most importantly missing your boyfriend you were about to go to him and get all the hugs you wanted and needed.

you trudge your way, quite eagerly, over to tom; biting your lip as you try not to smile too much. you were rubbing your forearm as you nervously come up to him and wave shyly.

“hey. i’m off.” you spoke softly.

toms heart fluttered at your cute smile, and without hesitation, he pulled you into a warm embrace. “mm i’ve wanted to do this all day, cute stuff.” his lips were pressed against your hair, giving you tiny kisses. you weren’t very prone to pda, so this made you timid and tom loved it.

“tom, you know this stuff makes me nervous!” you groan into his chest. as much as you felt people’s eyes on you, nobody was paying attention.

he chuckles lightly as he brushes a few strands of hair out of your face, “you look famished. ready for our walk? i wanna get you those cute flowers.” he beamed.

you nod sweetly, bouncing on the balls of your feet. “sure!”

“cool! okay, wait i have something for you.” tom gives you a half smile as his slightly clammy hands reach into his back pocket. he pulls out a slightly crumpled up, brown napkin with the logo of the coffee shop name. “uh, it’s kinda lame..but i was getting a little bored and i wrote you something.”

you scrunch your face up in confusion as tom hands you the little napkin, sending butterflies into your stomach as his hand lightly brushed against yours - tom giggled slightly as he saw you blush at the small touch.

you hold the napkin and glance at the words written in green ink; nice touch. your lips slowly curve into a goofy grin as you see the dorky message:

hey. as i’m watching you dorkily mess up all these orders, (hmm i wonder why) i just wanna say that you look cute and i can’t wait for our walk later. :) - the boy that adores u


 that person, the one with the cool yoda shirt, asked for a mocha, not a hot chocolate. you’re the biggest dork i know.  

and on the bottom of the note, he attempted to draw a ton of hearts - they looked like butts and it made you giggle; and he also drew a stick figure of you and him holding hands.

tom often was the one that made you shy, but there was no point in lying that he was most definitely blushy right now. he felt so..dorky and lame; but he knew, in the end, you’d appreciate this small thing.

a tiny giggle escapes your mouth, your hand touching your warm cheek.tom runs his hands through his soft, brown curls, “uh…whaddya think?” he inquires shyly.

you made me shorter than i am,” you spoke quietly, giving him a playful glare.

tom scoffs, but also felt relieved, ”wow thanks for telling me whether it’s good or not, dork.”

“it is! i like it, i just…why did you make me shorter!”

“because you are shorter i don’t know why you insist you’re, like, 5’10.” tom laughs, grabbing your free hand and swinging it back and forth a little. “well, i know you’re blushing, sooo.. i take you do like it.” he smiles and rubs your hand with the pad of his thumb.

i am NOT.” you squeaked, only to grow even pinker.

tom ducks his head as he laughs, bringing his hand up to poke your cheek. he loved having this warm, shy effect on you. it was so sweet and cute. “you’re adorable. yes you are, cutie.”

“come on, my shy goofball, let’s go on our walk. i’ll hold onto your stuff for you. and, i believe there are some peonies with your name on them.” he says, holding his hand out for you to hold; something he always did, he never just grabbed it. he wanted to be polite and make sure you were okay. and you always were.

“of course, nothing is as cute as you, my nerd.”

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