(Avengers End Game Edition)



Stucky Avengers + Breaking News Meme

Not marvel related or anything but PLEASE LISTEN.

i am fucking shaking right now because it has been confirmed that the Anti Terror Bill is now a law. if you are accused of violating this law and are being arrested for this accusation, PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME TO READ THIS.

the anti terror bill essentially takes away our rights to speak and any thing you post on the internet can and will be taken out of context if it hints that you sound like a terrorist.

it is possible for you to be sent to jail for 14-30 days and your captors are given the rights to torture you even though you have done nothing wrong against the Philippines.

here are tips in case you get captured


Peter: *makes a mistake*

Tony: don’t worry, it’s not a big deal, we can fix this, we’ll figure this out

Tony: *makes a mistake*

Tony: i am a irredeemable piece of worthless garbage and i want to die