Peter Sheppard



had this random idea of making SPN into a GOTG 2 style trailer and I’m actually really happy with how it turned out

Hope you guys check it out!

This is a Thing, I Guess

Apparently there’s a weird animated sequel to War of the Worlds from Malaysia (made in 2012) that’s basically voiced by the core cast of Highlander

Jim Byrnes (Joe Dawson) as Teddy Roosevelt 

Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod himself)

Peter Wingfield (Methos)

Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda)

Also, Mark Sheppard (most well known as Crowley now) is randomly there

This is so bizarre I kind of want to track it down now.

"reverse the polarity"

from Doctor Who, then Legends of Tomorrow and now… Supernatural



Doctor Who:

And then there’s SHERLOCK


favorite Stargate Atlantis episodes : *Hide and seek*
Elizabeth: We may be settling in here but this place is still pretty intimidating. I mean, a giant abandoned city full of things way beyond our level of understanding; impending threat of attack from the Wraith …
Carson: No question, it gets bloody creepy here at night

Leverage / Doctor Who References appreciation Post