HOMELAND | CARRIE & QUINN | Homeland has paid a lot of attention to the way these two characters are growing, whatever dynamic Quinn and Carrie have and are developing is pretty different from what she had with Brody. […] they certainly know each other by now, way more than Brody and Carrie ever did. [x]


Director Michael Cuesta had originally considered actor Rupert Friend when casting the lead role of Sherlock Holmes for the pilot for CBS’s Elementary in the spring of 2012. “He would have been an edgier, darker Sherlock,” Cuesta recalls. The director was taken with the actor and told the casting director, “Sorry, but I’m gonna have to cast this guy in Homeland,” which would film just a few months later.


we both know the real explanation for all of this. [what’s that?] this isn’t about ptsd.

          it’s about  y o u r   f e e l i n g s  for carrie mathison . [x]

c: […] why you got more brawling to do?
q: maybe. who knows…
c: well if you do, feel free to call me again. 
honestly, this kind of  b r i g h t e n e d  my day.