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Queer as Folk (All 83 Episodes)

I’ve seen some comments and asks on various qaf blogs about where to download/stream Queer as Folk. In an effort to be helpful and make this series available to people who have not yet found a way to experience the life ruining beauty of this show, I have compiled a list of streaming links for all 83 episodes of Queer as Folk. These videos are available for mobile viewing as well as downloading. Enjoy.


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{5x01 & 5x02} {5x03} {5x04} {5x05} {5x06} {5x07} {5x08} {5x09} {5x10} {5x11} {5x12} {5x13}


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I love Hayden and Gavin so much, they are 15/16 year old professional heterosexual male actors, and they do their job, they execute every emotion perfectly, and they are specifically and genuinely out here to make change for peoples lives and bring awareness and love and understanding and then there’s fucking 30 year old men who are “professional” actors that refuse roles with a storyline where their character acknowledges a man romantically like can we just take note on underage actors playing queer youth roles and their maturity levels as actual people pls like give these two boys of the year awards pls

the fosters +

the fosters talked about 13 year olds wanting to lose their virginity. the fosters talked about being young and experimenting with their sexuality & also nothing being wrong with that. the fosters talked about kids sneaking out and drinking alcohol. the fosters talked about 13 year olds getting shot and shot at. the fosters addressed PTSD from a 13 year old boys point of view. the fosters addressed bullying and how sometimes you stay quiet when someone is being bullied. the fosters addressed gender stereotypes within a teenage spectrum. the fosters addressed that a boy can be shy, but be loud when necessary. the fosters show that its okay for boys to cry. the fosters show that boys can be kissed by their father. the fosters showed whats its like to be a teenager looking after an alcoholic parent. the fosters addressed a boy who paints his nails and it not having anything to do with sexuality. the fosters addressed being 13 years old and hit by your father because “thats what happens in my household” mentality. the fosters brought up having a homophobic parent and their struggle to “accept” their child but also their subtle progress. the fosters addressed that two boys can be boyfriends and still have minds of their own, and still be functioning regular boys, that nothing changes. the fosters addressed that “playing a video game” is nothing like actual real life. theres so many more but the fosters keeps humanizing children and making them realistic and thats what im here for because so many shows don’t give any credit to kids as if they cant handle it or just make kids seem like complete imbeciles who are innocent and perfect and have no thoughts at all because those thoughts are considered “not kid like” or “they’re too young for that!”  bottom line the fosters recognizes all types of children as actual human beings and gives them real plots and that’s what im here for.
Watch the Entire 'Queer as Folk' ATX Festival Reunion Panel (Exclusive Video)
Creators Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman were joined by Gale Harold, Peter Paige, Robert Gant and Randy Harrison for a look back at the ground-breaking LGBT drama.

“We were flushed out of our lives, most of us. I mean Thea was the only one living in Canada at the time and the rest of us were all sort of grabbed from New York or L.A and given a week or two to pack up our lives and clocked into Toronto to shoot this series. So we were really dependent on each other that first season. We needed each other to survive. And I think that paid into extraordinary dividends.” – Peter.
“I remember when I got my first apartment–I got it the year after you guys did–and Peter took me around to buy my furniture and that was a bonding. And then you guys came over and played cards.” – Sharon.
“And we helped Gale buy his bed.” – Scott.