Peter Lipton


“Hawk… I’m dying… You know about death, that it’s just a change, not an end. Hawk… it’s time. There’s some fear, some fear in letting go. Remember what I told you. I can’t say more over the phone. But you know what I mean, from our talks, when we were able to speak face to face. Watch for that one, the one I told you about, the one under the moon on Blue Pine Mountain. Hawk… my log is turning gold… The wind is moaning… I’m dying… Good night, Hawk.” 

Twin Peaks: The Return / “Part 15” / dir. David Lynch


Band of Brothers - Part 7 - The breaking point

“It’s called ‘wounded’, Peanut. ‘Injured’ is when you fall out of a tree or something”

Thomas Stanley Tea-Holland

imagining the whole Spiderman movie with Tom’s accent is funny af just saying

especially that one scene where he where he would *cry in English* he’d cry TEArs 


TBH that movie should be called the lost city of tea ☕️ 🍵 OKAY IM OUT - Darcy