Peter Kirk

Who is this bitch Y/N? 

And how are they getting all these hot men to fall in love with them?

Have you seen that space movie?

You know, the one where Chris plays the reckless, cocky leader who grew up without a dad

And Zoe Saldana is the smart, sassy badass

There’s that one alien whose family was murdered by the villain–he takes things too literally, and you don’t want to piss him off!

Then there’s the fast talking smartass and his quiet alien buddy

Don’t forget about the villain who has black markings on his face

He has this really powerful material that can bring great destruction (but it’s okay, the good guys get control of it in the end)

Oh, and there’s also a sequel where the good guys are saved from an overwhelming force by a mysterious, powerful man who is older than he looks and probably can’t be trusted… or can he? No, wait, no no no, definitely not!!!

His only weakness is forced sleep

Also the mentor dies :’(

I finally decorated my CHRIS-mas tree

I always kind of laugh when people get into the “Susan’s treatment is proof that C.S. Lewis was a misogynist” thing, because:

Polly and Digory. Peter and Susan. Edmund and Lucy. Eustace and Jill. 

Out of the eight “Friends of Narnia” who enter from our world, the male-to-female character ratio is exactly 1/1. Not one of these female characters serves as a love interest at any time. 

The Horse and His Boy, the only book set entirely in Narnia, maintains this ratio with Shasta and Aravis, who, we are told in a postscript, eventually marry. Yet even here, the story itself is concerned only with the friendship between them. Lewis focuses on Aravis’ value as a brave friend and a worthy ally rather than as a potential girlfriend–and ultimately, we realize that it’s these qualities that make her a good companion for Shasta. They are worthy of each other, equals. 

In the 1950s, there was no particularly loud cry for female representation in children’s literature. As far as pure plot goes, there’s no pressing need for all these girls. A little boy could have opened the wardrobe (and in the fragmentary initial draft, did). Given that we already know Eustace well by The Silver Chair, it would not seem strictly necessary for a patently ordinary schoolgirl to follow him on his return trip to Narnia, yet follow she does–and her role in the story is pivotal. Why does the humble cab-driver whom Aslan crowns the first King of Narnia immediately ask for his equally humble wife, who is promptly spirited over, her hands full of washing, and crowned queen by his side? Well, because nothing could be more natural than to have her there. 

None of these women are here to fill a quota. They’re here because Lewis wanted them there. 

Show me the contemporary fantasy series with this level of equality. It doesn’t exist. 

things we tend to forget about narnia

  • edmund likes to read detective stories
  • lucy is afraid of insects
  • susan is a great swimmer, she won prizes at school
  • edmund loves food
  • lucy was a fierce warrior and actually fought wars
  • jill hates being in the dark
  • she’s a good archer and horse rider and she’s very good at tracking things
  • m. pevensie disliked telephones
  • he became a professor in america
  • caspian spent five minutes of earth
  • peter was tutored by professor kirke 
  • caspian died at 66
  • eustace called his parents by their first names
  • he is a vegetarian and he’s afraid of heights
  • aravis tried to commit suicide
  • she’s an amazing storyteller
  • rilian has some star’s blood in his veins
  • helen pevensie could have been related to professor kirke (according to an old draft)
  • peter died at 22, edmund died at 19 and lucy died at 17
  • jill and eustace were 16 when the train accident happened
  • polly died at 60 and digory died at 61
  • helen pevensie and her husband were permitted to stay in aslan’s country 

The difference between the Narnia fandom and other fandoms

I just spent a little time going through all of my fandoms posts in social media and i just realized something which is actually really ironic.

I noticed that there is a specific area in which narnia fans stand out in comparison to fans of other fandoms.

Books such as the Divergent trilogy, the Hunger games trilogy, the Maze Runner, City of Bones and even Harry Potter are known for their saddening deaths of beloved fictional characters. All over the internet you can find posts where people get upset about Sirius Black’s death or about Finnicks and Prim Everdeen’s death (they also really terrify me) for example. People are complaining that their favourite characters in books always face a tragic end but this is exactly the point where Narnia fans react so differently:

In terms of characters that die throughout the book, the chronicles of narnia definitely takes the lead. The characters from all the seven books die except for only one person, Susan Pevensie. Some characters have died of old age while others face a tragic death. Peter, Edmund, Lucy, Jill and Eustace were young when they died in a train wreck. Outsiders may think that this is the controverse spot of our fandom but in truth we are not frustrated about everyone dying in the series.

We are only sad when we talk about Susan’s fate in the Chronicles of Narnia. It sounds really ironic but we are literally sad and terrified that Susan Pevensie got to live because now she is left alone by herself, living without her family. This is what truly makes everyone of the narnian fandom frustrated. We all wish that Susan would have died alongside her siblings but instead she had to cope with losing her whole family.

The Chronicles of Narnia is a series that doesn’t associate death with a saddening event. The last book shows us that living can be worse than being dead.



Fic Rec 2017

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, there are so many great works of art out there! These are just some that I’ve reblogged this year. If I haven’t mentioned you, it’s nothing against you or your work personally. I’ll try to make these more often, instead of waiting so long. And without further ado, let’s get into it!


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These are so cute! I love Ben and Hikaru so much!


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I know that most that are in these fandoms have probably already read these, but I love them and would love to show appreciation to you lovely authors! Also, sorry that I tagged some of you multiple times but I love your work so much. I hope all of you have amazing years!


(P.S. this got very long very quick slowly. Seriously, those who do this every week, are you wizards?)