Peter Jurasik


I was overcome by the sweetness that is Claudia Christian and Peter Jurasik and decided to do the redraw screencap challenge with them. 

Also I’m fandom trash, please move along :) 

I decided that while Claudia would love to give hugs to Peter, Susan is a very proud and professional character and wouldn’t look for hugs from Londo unless she needs a little emotional support. Perhaps there was booze, too. I am firmly in the headcanon that the two of them were drinking buddies during the purple coat years, and I’d like to think when she refers to friends she’s lost, Londo’s counted among them. 

From the 2013 Pheonix Comic Con reunion


Look into his eyes sometime. He can see how fast things are moving. For Londo, it’s like being stuck on a wild horse. You don’t wanna get thrown, so you hang on even harder. He’s trapped. You know half the time I’m so furious with the guy I could break his neck. The other half, I feel sorry for him.