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Everybody thinks Cora is like the Grinch on Xmas, but she bullies everybody to bake cookies and decorating the house. At which not Peter bc he has no eyes for sparkles and is banned from the kitchen, but derek is an good assistant.

I want to tie this into the earlier baker!Peter headcanon. Peter is a fantastic baker, but Cora refuses to let him into he kitchen because nobody wants Christmas treats that look like this: 

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Total deviation from everyone else's headcanons, buuuut . . . Peter? Peter would LOVE Christmas. It's the one time of year no one gets to bitch about his excesses or his flair for the dramatic or his tendency to spend outrageous amounts of money on other people. Plus, he gets to sate pack instincts by feeding people--a form of nurturing he can do w/o being super-obvious. He was CLEARLY just trying to make decent food for himself, but made too much by mistake.

Oh, now I love this one because I think that Peter, being the left hand, gets very few opportunities to be seen as warm and loving. Dramatic and sharp, yes! But not warm and loving. So every Christmas he goes all out. Let the kids think it’s an eccentricity. Late the adults be suspicious. This is the one time of the year Peter gets the chance to provide for the pack… you know, in more than a bodycount. 

The excessive decorations around the place? That’s so if any rival packs come, they’ll know the Hales are wealthy, Talia. 

All those extra baked goods? Well, the instructions in the recipe book should be clearer. 

And that time Talia caught him dressed up as Santa, sneaking into the kids’ rooms to fill their stockings? 

Well, shit. Peter’s got no explanation for that at all. 

Scott McCall is no longer a teen wolf he is now an adult. So i present to you, jeff davis’ last fuck you to the teen wolf fandom, Adult Wolf… a teen wolf spin off starring the same exact characters. except now they’re too old to be called teens so we had to upgrade. See you next season fucks.

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I love the idea of Peter as a baker who loves baking things, but hates the people who buy them. - That's Peter's whole approach; people love it. His bakery is called "Misanthropic Desserts" and at first, people wonder if it's just a gimmick until they meet him and are like, "nope, this is for real." It's the place to go for cakes frosted with black flower designs, sugar cookies that spell out "I hate you" or "Leave me alone," and super garlicky rolls so no one wants to talk to you after you eat.

My image search led me to The Bold Bakery. I think Peter would take his cue from cakes like these: 

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Sometimes a to-be-wed-pair wanders in Peter's bakery and wanting some classic lovely cake with roses and bride&groom on top. Peter can spot them a mile away, so either he closes the shop or Derek has to turn them town. But one in million a pair slips through his "radar" and he has to listen to them fawn over cake. And that is worse than the holidays.

But he manages to ruin the experience for them by giving them both cards at the end of the session promising them a discount on their respective divorce cakes. 

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Peter hates all holidays! All the pies and cakes people want from his bakery, don't they have own oven? \sarcasm

I love the idea of Peter as a baker who loves baking things, but hates the people who buy them. And holidays are the worst! Alia actually has to send the kids to work behind the counter, because Peter can’t be trusted not to burn down his own bakery just to stop people coming inside to buy things.