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Snuggly pre fire hales?

I went with pre-hale fire fics. Snuggly or not. - Anastasia

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Choosing Family by Katsuko

(2/2 I 1,346 I General I Peter/Sheriff)

Peter has been happy for the past five years that the Stilinski witches have lived in Beacon Hills. Now he wants to take the next step.

Burning House by witchgrassi

(1/1 I 4,6281 I Not Rated I Sterek)

For as long as he can remember, Stiles has been dreaming of the burning house in the woods. At first he thought that they were just nightmares, but as he grew up he realized that they were actually visions of the future for the Hale family and that he was the only one who would be able to save them.

Time Warp by friend9810

(4/? I 5,680 I general I Steter)

“Because if time traveling is real, I’m done, I’m out.” Well Stiles didn’t think time travel was possible but when he has a run in with some witches he reconsiders.

Watch the Stars Fall Down by Fornever_Eden

(6/? I 18,703 I Teen I Sterek)

One day Laura decides that she rather got out with the “hottie” in her English class, so Derek is left babysitting the new Deputy’s ADHD son. That simple decision was the catalyst that sets off a chain reaction where no one was going to escape unscathed. How was anyone supposed to know it was going to change everything? All Derek wanted was peace and quiet.

Or the story about how Derek realized Stiles was his mate and just wanted to keep him happy and safe.

Stiles is 10 and Derek is 15.

All But The Brightest Stars by useyrwordsderek

(6/? I 24,658 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek Hale met Stiles Stilinski when Stiles was six years old and Derek was sixteen, when Derek’s mother babysat Stiles after Stiles’ mom died. They didn’t see each other again until Scott McCall was turned, ten years later.

In which Derek and Stiles both have to become a little less broken before they can help each other and themselves.

Fortune’s Fool by we_remain_together

(12/41 I 47,646 I Explicit I Petopher)

Something was drawing the supernatural to Beacon Hills. Or rather, someone. Talia Hale. Peter’s sister. The Hale family’s new alpha.

So now, somehow, in between juggling his inquisitive spit-fire little sister, the monster of the week trying to eviscerate him, Peter Hale’s quirky redheaded best friend, and his confusing, persistent, and so-very-real-it-scares-the-hell-out-of-him feelings for Peter, Chris is stuck doing all he can to keep his father from the Hale’s front door step. Because, above everything else, there is one absolute truth that Chris has always known: Gerard has no mercy in his heart.

Or: the story of how Chris Argent met Peter Hale and how they proceeded to fall in love and inadvertently ruin each other’s lives.


by starblackwood

About a year into their relationship, Peter took up a teaching job at Beacon Hills High. When Stiles found out, it was safe to say he was rather thrilled by it.

Words: 1244, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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