Mummy on the Orient Express.

Okay, so, after the train blows up and the survivors are rescued, we catch up with the Doctor and Clara on some kind of rocky beach.

The TARDIS is off in the distance. 

This means the Doctor took the time to pick Clara up, put her in the TARDIS, drop the other train survivors off, wrap Clara in blankets, pick her up again, carry her out to the rocks and waited for her to wake up on her own. All because he thought she looked happy while asleep.

I can’t stop talking about Doctor Who, Jenna Coleman, or Peter Capaldi. Everyone is sick of me because that’s all I talk about I know I’m being annoying but I can’t help it. I love Peter and Jenna and Doctor Who so much. People can be talking about any subject and I will find a way to tie it back to Doctor Who or the cast. I know there are more important things in the world and there are times when I’m having a conversation and I vow not to mention anyone involved with Doctor Who but it just pops out of my mouth anyway.