We could argue for the rest of our lives about who’s the best Doctor -and lets be honest we will - but for me, the best single performance in the role is settled forever. You can only ask a solo of a virtuoso, so thank God and Scotland for Peter Capaldi.
—  Steven Moffat on Peter as the Doctor with regards to Heaven Sent (DWM 503)

Of course it makes perfect sense that Caecilius has no trouble learning new words since as we know he already speaks

completely fluent Celtic!

(I think my favorite thing about this is that the Doctor and Caecilius are REALLY two Gallifreyans Scottish guys –  one with extra Italian flavoring obvs – using English accents while speaking “Latin” that is “Celtic” that is actually Wenglish.)

I watched a few episodes of Matt Smith, a few episodes from David Tennant, and then the stuff with Peter - just looking at the differences, really, and how it’s evolved. I liked them all for different reasons. My favourite is going to be Peter because I know him, I’ve worked with him, so as a person you connect, and I feel like Peter brings something very different to the Doctor… his experience. The way he carries himself is very different.
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