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More Stories. "Now we haven;t seen the rats because we weren;t allowed in, and we;ve used movie footage of rats in this story, but each of the workers told us about them," Campbell said. Like a mallrat except at the movies. Mandy Matthews Michelle Stewart Download Ratcatcher black sea of rats swarmed over the whole town.- Nollywood Gossip - Nigerian movie newsAN 80-year-old woman whose feet were gnawed by rats as she lay in her BED has died. Campbell Live rapped for rat story | Otago Daily Times Online News. - We Are Movie GeeksNetflix Nuggets: Breakfast Club, Rat Pack and Sexual Shenanigans. Netflix Nuggets: Breakfast Club, Rat Pack and. The act is a misdemeanor in Utah.. BUSTED: Man Eats Rat In Video Uploaded To FacebookA video posted on Facebook shows a man put a live baby rat in his mouth, take a drink, chew and swallow. The pensioner was attacked by the vermin after a stroke left her bedridden. What;s the most ridiculously awesome automotive viral video? Answers Of The Day 11:00 AM 170391. Rat Trap Vs Fat Kids ManBoobs | Watch Hot Secret Videos, Funny. Mediafire Movies High Quality Movies In Mediafire Link Get latest BRrip, HDrip, DVDrip in small size and high quality mkv and rmvb format in direct download mediafire links. Black Rat (2010) Kuronezumi. Title: Black Rat AKA: Year: 2010Original title: KuronezumiRuntime: 1 hour 16 minutesCountry: JapanLanguage: JapaneseSubtitles:Go-Kustom: Gray Baskerville coined Rat Rod?Later came the video game Kill Switch and then a movie with ummwho was that dud(e)- Steven Seagal. Netflix has revolutionized the home movie experience for fans of film with its instant streaming technology

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VENUS PETER : News 2007 “Venus Peter” Coming Again!! Grand Mint Fes 2007! CrystalizedHappy Robot Record . . Venus: Peter O'Toole, Leslie Phillips, Beatrice Savoretti, Philip Fox, Lolita Chakrabarti, Carolina Giammetta, Jodie Whittaker, Kellie Shirley, Ashley. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Venus Peter on Yahoo! Music Watch Venus Peter Movie Trailers, Reviews, Interviews, Quotes. Venus: Peter O'Toole, Leslie Phillips, Beatrice. The title character is transformed into. With George Anton, Louise Breslin, Juliet Cadzow, Peter Caffrey. Venus Peter: Information from Venus Peter . PETER VENUS//audio engineering music performance Peter Venus, Marian Weger, Cyrille Henry, Winfried Ritsch, Simon Veronegg. Venus Peter on Yahoo! Music Venus Peter music profile on Yahoo! Music. VENUS PETER : official site 2005VENUS PETER Venus Peter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Venus Peter is a 1989 British drama film directed by Ian Sellar and produced by Christopher Young for Young films. Venus Peter (1989) - IMDb Directed by Ian Sellar. The final blow to Peter’s idealism comes when his grandfather’s ship is repossessed.. This project was supported by IEM- Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics Venus Peter DVD Rental, Rent Venus Peter Movie Online Your source for Venus Peter reviews and trailers online.. The film is an adopation of. Plot: Produced for Scottish television, Venus Peter was financed by the Orkney Islands Council. Venus movie trailer - starring Peter O'Toole, Vanessa Redgrave, Jodie Whitta Hands by Venus Peter (reunion) taken from the album “Crystalized” (2006)

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Parallels: Suits - White Collar

I don’t know how many of you have seen or heard of both series. At least where I’m from a few people have heard about Suits, but nobody from my circle of friends does know White Collar.  But at least I’ve been able to watch both series recently. Right after finishing Suits I enclosed a session of White Collar. And I’ve noticed some special similarities between both series.  

Both series are broadcasted by USA Network at similar time. So White Collar, started in 2009, is just about two years older than Suits. By the way they’re also set in the same city, NYC to be precise. As you can see in the pictures, every series has two main characters and is presenting the relationship between them, but I’ll give more details about that later.

Just starting with the titels that represents in both cases some piece of cloth and somehow even the topic. “Suits” as a kind of formal appearence, mostly associated with high paid jobs and, I bet you know what I’m going to say, lawyers. It demonstrates the social class and job it is set in, defind by some typical dress code. It also can be interpret as a symbol of the change in Mike’s life, from nothing into suits. Same does “White Collar”, even if the association with FBI agents isn’t that obvious in my opinion. But the title is supported by the name of their division, namely ‘White Collar Divsion’. Even here it describes the change in Neal’s existence, from an orange jump suit into white collared suits.

Now let’s take a look at our two young main protoganists. At the first sight they seem to be very different and not very likely at all. Mike as the innocent, good hearted rationalist with his photographic memory and Neal as former imprisoned professional con artist. But if you see their life circumstances a bit more abstract, you’ll find more similarities than you think. Mike hasn’t, as well as Neal, a real family. They lost their family through external circumstances, at least the most part of it. Of course the reasons are different in each case. Mike’s parents died by an car accident and Neal’s father was a corrupt police officer, so he and his Mother were part of witness protection.

The lack of family was one reason both became a criminal, a fraud in one way or the other, later. Mike sold his memory so people would pass any kind of tests and then, that’s what the story is built of, he committed fraud through pretending that he’s a lawyer. But just because he never been in prison, he isn’t less criminal. Honestly, he wasn’t to far away from prison either. If Harvey called the police when he found Mike’s drugs instead of hiring him, he would have been in the same position as Neal started in. Otherwise as Mike, Neal’s cons were much greate, more obvious and way more well-paid. That’s why the FBI was even looking for him. As far as we know he’s able to counterfeit almost anything and is one of the best thieves New York as ever seen. So when the series started Mike and Neal got a second chance, but while Mike’s chance made him even more criminal, Neal’s could be a way of quitting with his old life. During the entire series both’ve had already one foot in prison, Mike because of his secret and Neal because of new cons.

Their carrier wouldn’t have been so successful if they hadn’t support from their dearest friends. Mike had Trevor who had a pretty bad influence. I think he was even one main reasons why Mike even became criminal. Causing terrible problems, Mike had almost no choice but doing illegal things to save his best friend. Not forget to mention, Trevors depts destroyed Mike’s possibility of going to law school at Harvard legally. On the other hand Neal meet his best Friend Mozzie when he already decided to be a con artist and was already very good in it. Mozzie was just support, the mind that planned everything. Contrary to Trevor, Mozzie is of more importance during the series. He’s very supportive to Neal, always having a perfect solution for everything.

Not only their life circumstances are very similar, but their characters are too. Each one of them is unbeatable in their very own subject. Mike is, because of his photgraphic memory, an unstopable lawyer, as already Loius had to find out in the first few episodes. Capable of finding solutions nobody else ever will he’s the best right hand Harvey could have ever imagined. And Neal is, yeah, Neal. Hard to describe what he’s not capable of. Stealing and counterfeiting paintings, sculptures, whisky, fossils and escaping from every situation are just a few of his speacialties. But at least both know how good they are and aren’t afraid of demonstrating. So they are very selfconfident when it comes to their own abilities. In the course of the series Mike, as well as Neal, develops a deep friendship towards the second protagonist. Every bromace has a deep conection and is based on trust and loyalty. Therefore they become best friends, no matter how often things didn’t go the way they’re supossed to be. Their friendships are to Mike and Neal the closest thing they have to a family.
If you asked me, I would say that no matter what they had or had’nt done, they’re still good-hearted people. I mean, looking at Mike it’s obvious. He’s caring about everyone, fighting for those who can’t themselves. Neal hides this side of him, but you see him caring about those people in his life. He’ve never killed anybody and later his biggest goal is getting freedom and living his normal life. 

After getting their second chance Mike and Neal are subject to new mentors. These are more or the less very respected people and the second protagonists. Together as a team they solves crime/cases effectivly in their very own way. Harvey and Peter are protective about their protégés and harsh to their self-proclaimed enemies, but I think that were already most similarities. Harvey is all about winnig, no matter the costs. He’s, as he describes himself, an egoistic asshole that doesn’t care about anyone else. Propably it’s his kind of self-protection after his troubled childhood, which would also explain why he isn’t able of having a stabile relationship. On the other hand Peter is a righteous man beliving in the system with a happy marriage. If he hadn’t trouble with Neal, he would have normal peoples’ problems, like not forgettig aniversarys day and working too much.

I guess you may’ve seen now what I’ve ment. There are propably even more parallels, but they’re hard to describe sometimes. Honestly, I was quite shocked when I realised how similar these series are, but so different though. If you know both, you’ll propably are able to relate.

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You know, I always think that a life without a little dancing is no life at all.

To dance is to enjoy life. Don’t take life too seriously. And even in my darkest moments, I try to find that one little light that makes me smile again and dance my socks off.

Come on and dance with me.

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