yaszong  asked:

I've been thinking about some random questions these days , and I saw your post of Slytherin! Jimmy and Pete dueling , so... I'm wondering which Hogwarts house do you think Keith Richards belongs to? Or what about Macca (everyone seems to put him in Gryffindor but I'm not as sure)?

Haha the Hogwarts rockers 😂 glad that it’s thought provoking haha
Hmmmm keef keef keef… I could kinda see him in all houses? 
Like I feel he’s got the astuteness of a Ravenclaw, like in regards to mastering guitar and how he loves to read and shit. 
He’s def a little shit and fool hardy I think too, getting into trouble via fights and climbing palm trees which I feel is a bit Gryffindor. 
He’s def loyal as fuck which is textbook Hufflepuff, I mean who else could put up with Mick for 50 years? (Also very Hufflepuff is his sleeping habits 😂 just passing out for like a day and a half) 
As for Slytherin idk I feel like that’s mostly the bad boy rebel thing he’s been sporting since 1943 (also maybe low key drugs) cause like the man isn’t gonna tell Keith Richards what to do, he’s above it all man.
This might come as a shock 
But I’m thinking Keef is a edgy Hufflepuff 😂
I am prepared to stand by that ruling
And I think pol might low key Slytherin, just because he’s kinda manipulative about Certain things and def controlling. Also I’m sure being in the best writing duo behind the world’s greatest bad has probably gone to his head (as it should) so there’s maybe a little elitism like a Slytherin. But I think he’s a Gryffindor first and foremost
Thanks for asking my dude