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abt the pete wentz eboy post! the “eboy/egirl” subculture is heavily based out of bands that were classically emo! the style got popularized with tik tok but really started to make itself known in 2016 with the rise of Lil peep (who has said he was heavily influenced by Fall Out Boy, the music he listened to growing up!) in short without pete wentz being emo we might not have this newer subculture today! you don’t have to answer but i’m big on social history so i thought i’d share anyway!

i thought this was really cool, thanks for the info fam


I will… do Andy Hurley, y’know, because I’ve heard things. He’s also single… nobody’s going to get mad at me

I will marry Joe, he just seems like he’s got, like, kind of, some domestic qualities that I would want

And I guess I would kill Patrick cos I just feel like he would be too jealous, he would be too jealous of the whole other situation, my other relationships

Pete, seriously overthinking a game of FMK and, given his comments about Patrick, considering the risks of a polyamory sitch with all three of his bandmates (timestamp 15:13) Thank you to @boundaryrider for the gif suggestion <3 


⚪️ Single

⚪️ Taken

🔘 Dying to tell you anything you want to hear, cause thats just who I am this week

Parents who have alternative kids that don’t silently brood about or just deal with their kids desicions are fucking awesome. Like parents that help their kids pick out their clothes at Hot Topic or compliments their dark outfits or crazy makeup. Parents that don’t complain about their kids music and will take them to concerts if they don’t have a ride. Parents that help their kids bleach and dye their hair and let them cut their hair however they want. Parents that let their children freely express themselves so that they are comfortable with themselves as adults are fucking amazing.