Come on, everyone! It’s Friday!

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Looking to adopt a shelter animal? Here’s your chance! Apply to adopt an ASPCA animal during the first ever National Pet Day Google Hangout. Watch today from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and help save shelter animals!

MNN wishes you a wonderful weekend!

Join us Friday to celebrate National Pet Day with a Google Hangout powered by the ASPCA, Google and Yahoo.

MNN’s Laura Moss will be there, as well as animal celebrities like Lil Bub and Randall, the voice of the honey badger.

We’ll be featuring adoptable cats and dogs from shelters across the country — and you can adopt one! If you’re interested in participating in the hangout and adopting a shelter pet, fill out this form.

Learn more about the event here.

30 Day Domestic OTP Sketch Challenge

Day 1)
Milkshake drinking competition

Day 2)
Aggressively feeding ducks

Day 3)

Day 4)
Secretly shopping for the other

Day 5)
Buying a Pet

Day 6)
New Pet regrets

Day 7)
Sudden rainstorm

Day 8)
Watching terrible television

Day 9)
Sleepy kissing

Day 10)
Starbucks AU

Day 11)
Fighting over fridge space

Day 12)
Sharing a shower

Day 13)
Sexy day dreams

Day 14)
Unfortunate public boner

Day 15)
DIY project

Day 16)
Tickle fight

Day 17)
Spontaneous Musical

Day 18)
Costume party

Day 19)
Walking home drunk

Day 20)
Sex interrupted by phone

Day 21)
Trying a new sport.

Day 22)
Home cooking!

Day 23)
Fell in a river

Day 24)
Minor Phobias

Day 25)

Day 26)
Magical AU

Day 28)
Can’t sleep

Day 27)
Night time confessions

Day 28)
Getting lost

Day 29)
Awkward dinner party

Day 30)
Holiday (vacation)!