etsyfindoftheday | HBD grizzy and roger! | 4.19.17

custom cat embroidery hoops by stitchingsabbatical // 1 | 2

what better way to commemorate your furry pal than with a custom embroidered portrait?! LOVE stitchingsabbatical’s aesthetic — they really capture the personality of your pet(s), and i’d love to get a hoop with my two guys on there <3

I’m kinda tight on money right now, so I wanted to try opening commissions in the style of my Dungeons & Doggies illustrations! They can be pet protraits, OCs, character designs, etc.

They’ll be traditional inks with some gold finishes, 5″x7″ on bristol. Each slot is $50, and I’ll send you the original in the mail as well. 

If you’re interested, email me at with: 

  • What you want (pet portrait, character, etc) and breed (canines and cats only for now) + photo/image reference if it’s a pet or if you think it’ll help
  • Class/character type– this can be as vague as “cleric”, but you can also definitely ask for “high-born rogue with a golden dagger who’s really nervous all the time”, etc.
  • Your Paypal email so I can send an invoice

I might open up more general commissions in the future, but I think this could be fun for the moment! Thanks for reading ♥