This is Bentley and I had the privilege of pet sitting him for a day this week. He’s a golden retriever and as you can tell, he’s an older soul. He has a harder time than most getting around, his eyes are a bit cloudier, and his face has a bit more white than gold, yet all of these things are milestones of a life filled with love. They help illustrate a story of a dog who has spent his life in the company of a family who love him more than the world. I can’t wait to spend more time with this soulful boy in the future!

I was commissioned to do a portrait of Dinky the Great Dane by his dad Ron.
Don’t know who Dinky is? He’s the Great Dane throwing an adorable tantrum at Ron for not getting “lovies” ;]
See it ~here~  totally worth the watch! 

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Here is what I’ve been up to lately:  painting pet portraits! 

And I solemnly promise (paw over heart) that no matter how busy I get, I will always post a cat on caturday <3

P.S. Is everyone getting ready for the 7 days of Catmas?  It’s that magical time of year when you celebrate cats starting on Dec. 24th and ending on Dec. 30th (my birthday ;-)