Check out these CATS

they belong to a friend of mine, and that’s good and everything but this commission was against me from the start– Apparently, cats are rather difficult to draw and I was unprepared.  Skip a few months and more than a few style changes, and here we are with a final picture of two kitties I’ve met a few times.  They’re great.


This is Bentley and I had the privilege of pet sitting him for a day this week. He’s a golden retriever and as you can tell, he’s an older soul. He has a harder time than most getting around, his eyes are a bit cloudier, and his face has a bit more white than gold, yet all of these things are milestones of a life filled with love. They help illustrate a story of a dog who has spent his life in the company of a family who love him more than the world. I can’t wait to spend more time with this soulful boy in the future!

I was commissioned to do a portrait of Dinky the Great Dane by his dad Ron.
Don’t know who Dinky is? He’s the Great Dane throwing an adorable tantrum at Ron for not getting “lovies” ;]
See it ~here~  totally worth the watch! 

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Here is what I’ve been up to lately:  painting pet portraits! 

And I solemnly promise (paw over heart) that no matter how busy I get, I will always post a cat on caturday <3

P.S. Is everyone getting ready for the 7 days of Catmas?  It’s that magical time of year when you celebrate cats starting on Dec. 24th and ending on Dec. 30th (my birthday ;-)


It’s the two-year anniversary of Dee Dee Del Fuego joining our family. And while she’s likely somewhere between three to five years old, and her true birthdate is unknown, we treat this day as her birthday around here. 

It’s always difficult to look at photos from her first few days with us, but they provide an insight into how far she’s come. For those of you who don’t know how we came upon a dying Dee Dee on a street corner two years ago, you can read the full story here. It’s a doozy. 

What’s certain is how much joy she’s brought us and how fun it has been to share her life with you. We appreciate your support. 

On this day I like to remind people interested in getting a pet to please consider adopting from a shelter or taking in a troubled animal from the street. The amount of love Dee Dee has given us in return is unparalleled and priceless. 

So, to many more years, Dee Dee!