Pet peeves

Today’s pet peeve: that thing where it’s clear from the dialogue and interactions and such that a female cartoon character is meant to read as conspicuously overweight, but she’s drawn with exactly the same build as everybody else.

Things I don’t like:

Non black people suddenly “slipping” into AAVE or slang, trying to talk “black” when they get around me. Phrases like
Adding “ah” to every word they say (I.e dollah, numbah, holla)
Annoying slipping in the “proud black woman who don’t need no man” when talking about independence (yes, it has actually happened)
Let’s not forget “ghetto”

Stop. You look silly. Stop acting like you have to switch up from how you regularly talk to converse with me, as if I can only understand you if you “talk black” 🙄 trust me, all black people automatically know when you do it, we all thinks it’s corny, and afterwards we really don’t want to talk to you anymore. Especially if you’re going to act “hood” or “black” every time you come into contact with us. Act accordingly and speak to us like you do everyone else. We. Are. People. Just. Like. You 🙃

“Patient defies doctors and walks again/survives/etc...”

No, that’s not how it is.

You have no idea how amazing it is to see someone walk out of your ward when only recently you were having ‘bad news’ conversations with their weeping family. You have no idea how many team members; paramedics, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, SALT, healthcare assistants, radiographers, pharmacists etc worked together as a team to help each patient get better.

Nobody wants to tell someone that they have a serious or life-limiting illness. Nobody wants to answer the question ‘will I ever walk again?’ or ‘How long have I got?’ These are amongst the fundamentally hardest questions to answer because there are so many unknowns. All we can do is be truthful if the odds aren’t great, with as much tact and support as we can muster. And then try our best, as a team which includes the patient and their family, to do what we can with whatever circumstances allow.

Sometimes, that leads to amazing things happening. But, let’s get this straight, our patient miraculously walking again or beating cancer etc is not defying us, and the weird way that our language always sets it up as if doctors are ordering you not to succeed in getting better is really bizarre. Acknowledging that an illness may have permanent effects or claim someone’s life isn’t betting against them.  Language matters, and setting health up as a battle in which we are opposing health is problematic, because it encourages interpretations of doctor-patient roles which aren’t particularly helpful to either side. We’re meant to be a team, not a power struggle. We are not betting against patients, we are actively rooting for them and working pretty hard to make sure the best possible outcome is more likely to happen.

And we do that for the love of what we do, and because there’s nothing like seeing someone really sick, who you feared wouldn’t make it, turn the corner.

The signs pet-peeves
  • The signs pet peeves
  • Pisces- when people interrupt you
  • Aries- being ditched
  • Taurus- when people rush you
  • Gemini- when people don't take you seriously
  • Cancer- people who don't think before they speak
  • Leo- being ignored
  • Virgo- people who are insensitive
  • Libra- when they feel like they aren't getting attention
  • Scorpio- people who pretend to be dumb
  • Sagittarius- when people take things way too seriously
  • Capricorn- when they don't have control of the situation
  • Aquarius- when things don't go the way you planned
Plush maker's pet peeves

-When the fur fabric gets stuck in the seams or under eyeballs etc. and you have to spend ages brushing it out.

-When you’ve run out of thread on the bobbin but don’t notice for at least 5cm

-That cheep icky “fun” fur fabric that goes awful after about 2 seconds, and seeing other people use it to make otherwise amazing plushies just because they don’t know any better.

-I personally hate leaving any unfinished fur fabric edges exposed on finished plushies, and it makes me cringe when I see other artists do this because I just know it’s gonna shed or fray.

-When you cut pieces out and the fur is going the wrong direction because you messed up. You checked so many times but still got it wrong.

-Fur sheddings everywhere. Up your nose. In your bed. In your PC.

-Threads breaking. Sewing machine chewing things up. AAAAH.

-When the stuffing doesn’t go where you want it to, or when it clumps.

-When it comes out wonky for no reason despite pinning, tacking, making sure the fabric is perfectly mirrored, all pieces cut out neatly and evenly. Still, it twists to the right.

-Glue+fur fabric. Just no.

Today’s pet peeve: dudes who reblog feminist discourse with comments to the effect of “as a man, I endorse this message”. Like, way to miss the point, dude; the whole idea behind signal-boosting is to avoid making it about you. If you have nothing substantive to add beyond calling attention to your endorsement, you’d be better-served to reblog with no comment at all - unless, of course, your objective is really just to score brownie points.

My biggest pet peeve has been, and always will be, the portrayal of sirens as mermaids. They are bird women. I don’t know where the concept that they are mermaids came from, cuz it didn’t come from Greek legends, that’s for sure. It bothered the hell out of me as a child, and I guess it still kind of does now. Idk. This is stupid.

Can we stop spreading the bullshit conspiracy theories about how the government isn’t curing X disease because it’s not profitable? That’s just insanely disrespectful to all of the scientists spending their entire lives putting their blood and sweat and tears into solving these types of problems. No, we don’t know exactly how HIV infects our cells so successfully, or how to prevent it from doing so. No, we don’t have a secret homeopathic bullshit cure for all cancers because every single cancer is different and the mechanisms are still poorly understood for most of them. Senators and presidents and leaders of all types die from these diseases too, and I can guarantee you that if such cures existed, they would fucking share it with all of us (at a price that is still insanely profitable).

Today’s pet peeve: when Western fantasy and sci-fi media takes the sola scriptura literalism that’s idiosyncratic to certain (predominantly American) stripes of Evangelical Christianity, and acts like this worldview is characteristic of every religion everywhere.

So you get stories with, like, practitioners of… oh, let’s say Mahayana Buddhism, for example, acting like they believe that their etiological stories represent a complete and literal history of the cosmos, and further acting like they believe that the spiritual value of those stories is wholly contingent upon their being literally and provably true.

It’s just bizarre.

Today’s pet peeve: that thing where a movie or TV show tries to establish a woman’s credibility by having her make fun of a man for displaying emotional vulnerability and/or articulating some totally reasonable concern about his personal bodily safety.

life lessons from a bowl of ramen

happiness is an egg–
soft boiled.

broth is best after a long simmer.

to relieve stress:
punch people in the face
more often.

talking to a bowl of ramen
may be a sign of mental illness.
seek professional help.

both existence and nonexistence
are valued equally by the universe.

do not bother someone
eating a bowl of ramen.
they may punch you
in the face.

sadness is tofu.

Spider Ball Python Morphs are not the only ones with neurological issues

Champagne, Woma, HGW, Super sable, and Powerball have all shown to have wobbles associated with the morph as well.

We can’t go around “hating” on one morph while praising and purchasing the others.

Okay things like this drive me crazy in comicbooks and movies because they do it all the time and literally five minutes of research would tell you why this sequence makes no sense. 

  1. Where are their masks? Thats literally the most important piece of equipment 
  2. You only wear a glove on one hand
  3. Knocking someones blade out of their hand is a foul 
  4. Knocking someone over is a foul and someone who is teaching students  should have good enough footwork that that would never happen unless he is completely incompetent. 
  5. You look like you are using foils but big sweeping movements like that don’t exist in foil or epee fencing. 
  6. Why is your weapon behind you??????????? 

This is supposed to illustrate how competent Kate is at fighting but if she doesn’t even know the rules to a sport I am getting the opposite message here. 

If you tell a short guy to kill himself/die, or that he isn’t a real man, or that he’s a waste of life, etc, then you are A SCUMBAG. You are horrible. Words can’t describe how much I hate you, and how infuriated you make me. If it were my choice, there’d be a special place in hell just for you. How would you like it if you were told to kill yourself, that you weren’t a real woman, that you’re a waste of life, etc because you’re a short girl? Short guys are awesome, ok? Fuck off. 

Vet Practice Pet Peeves

While I always endeavour to be smiley and cheerful when working, there are a few pet peeves I have about the general public that are exacerbated by consulting all Saturday morning. Most people mean well, and I always remind myself that other people probably have a lot going on in their lives too, but this morning I definitely needed more chocolate. 

In no particular order, my small animal consulting pet peeves:

  • Showing up 20 minutes before we open with a non-sick animal and banging on the door for the nurse to let you in. 
  • One client showing up 5 minutes late to their 15 minute appointment and the next client showing up 10 minutes early. 
  • Someone showing up 30 minutes early to their appointment and then complaining that they were kept waiting 20 minutes. 
  • Doing a home visit for two dogs, only to be told when you get there that it’s actually 3 dogs, and the third one has a completely unrelated problem.
  • An appointment booked for a vaccination… that has also been vomiting for a week, not eating for two days, scratching its ears all the time and urinates in the house. 
  • Ringing the bell for attention when you’ve just seen the staff take a critical animal to the treatment room. We’ve got our hands full!
  • Calling at 5 minutes to close because you want to know when we close is acceptable, but wanting to bring in a HBC instead of going to an emergency centre that is closer to you is not. 
  • Not apologising for being late. One client running late will make me continue to run that late for the rest of the day, unless somebody…
  • Doesn’t show up at all! But I have to wait before starting the next task, because once I scrub into surgery it’s too late.
  • People who pretend their dog totally didn’t urinate in reception. 
  • People who say ‘good dog’ when it’s trying to bite you. 
  • Booking one pet in for something minor (eg suture removal) and bringing the other pet along for a ‘quick question’. (It was thyroid cancer and anything but a quick question.)
  • Showing up with no appointment for a non-emergency and complaining about the wait. 
  • Sending the person who knows least about the animal to the appointment (apparently only the wife knows what it eats, whether it has any diarrhoea, whether it drinks much, what flea/worm/heartworm control its on, etc)
  • Ordering a massive bag of special food and not picking it up for nearly a month.
  • Saying “I’ll be in next Tuesday” when you mean Tuesday in 6 weeks. 
  • People who wont even try to stop their animal jumping off the table.

I don’t do wine, but please feel free to send chocolate.

One of my goals in life is to teach everyone in the world why tit cups on female armor are dumb and dangerous. 

Like, are you trying to get your breastbone shattered or what. 

Engrave “Look no tit cups’ on my grave.