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You might be surprised to learn that Xenomorphs are very conscientious pet owners. Just because they’re deadly predators themselves doesn’t mean they don’t want to keep their beloved animal friends safe from harm at all times. That’s why they walk their dogs using Facehuggers as a harness and leash. And now you can do the same for your canine friends.

This awesomely geeky Alien Facehugger Dog Leash was designed and created by Orlando, FL-based FX shop Gotham City FX. It’s design to fit small to medium-sized dogs ranging from 15 to 35 pounds.

This leash connects with velcro around the neck and chest of the dog securing the Face Hugger to your pets back. The alien is made of foam and airbrush painted, the harness is a light weight but durable mesh. The leash is hidden within the tail of the alien and ends with a loops for easy walking.

Currently available here.

Visit the Gotham City FX Storenvy shop to check out more of their fantastic creations.

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I have encountered numerous issues with this pet supply chain, and enough is enough. Pet Goods located at 1125 Central Park Ave
Scarsdale, NY 10583 is unsanitary, and treats their small animals terribly. 

I have personally witnessed the following over the course of a year:

  • A sickly rabbit: Sides sucked in, loose droppings, lethargic and not alert.  I told a manager, who was EXTREMELY rude and could barely be bothered to stop cursing and acting out with another employee to speak to me. Rabbit was not there when I returned a week later.
  • An employee tossing a box of live rat pups into a plastic bag like they were objects. Ignored me when I expressed he shouldn’t throw live animals.
  • Many, many dead fish floating in tanks.
  • Betta fish in tiny cups, with dirty water. 
  • Parakeets being kept in dirty cages, without enough ventilation, species inappropriate toys (or no toys at all), and being fed an improper seed diet, along with VERY dirty water. 
  • Most recently (April 2015) EXTREMELY overcrowded mice and rat tanks. All the tanks had very stressed out animals, and the substrate was filthy. One tank have THREE DEAD RAT PUPS (and multiple dying ones) who had been there for hours. Dead baby rats, ROTTING, alongside their litter mates and mothers. I told an associate, who was friendly, but clearly not at all concerned about the animals. 

What can you do?

  • Boycott all Pet Goods locations. 
  • Give this location a call at: (914) 472-6050 OR complain in person at 1125 Central Park Ave,Scarsdale, NY 10583. Please, be civil. Threatening will NOT help the animals or get this store to listen to us. 
  • Complain on their Facebook page HERE
  • Contact them via their website HERE
  • Reblog, and share on FB, Twitter etc, and signal boost where you can.

Birds, rodents and fish deserve better than this. All sentient beings deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. 

Pet Store Secrets

A customer comes in to purchase a replacement battery for an invisible fence collar (shock collar).

Customer: “Hurting him is the only kind of training that works.”

What I wanted to say: You should be shot.
What I said: “What kind of dog do you have?”

Customer: “A Maltese.”

What I wanted to say: You should be shot, you lazy abusive fuck.
What I said: “Have a nice day.”


And my fury about using baby animals in cage advertisements continues.

Seriously the one in the cage can’t be more than a week or two old. That is not even close to a suitable sized cage for an adult pig. Grumble grumble.

And it’s kinda cool looking so I bet a ton of people will buy it. Fun.

Black Owned PetShops

So someone asked about black owned online pet shops and I couldn’t fine anything. If you guys know of something please submit it.

However I did find a few stores that I wanted to share just incase anyone was curious. See below:

Pet Groove - If you live in NJ, is the first and only African-American owned and African-American operated pet store in Jersey City and one of the few African-American owned and operated pet stores in the country. Check out this article on them here.

McFaith Feed & Pet Supplies - This store is located in New Orleans, check out this article on them here.

Pet Supply stores & Veterinary Care in Atlanta


“Our handmade totes are stylish and sturdy! Made of quality materials and offered in multiple sizes and colors.”

(Visit Etsy here)

Hey, my uncle uploaded a few more things on his Etsy shop! He’ll probably be adding a few more things later on, but for now I’m sure he’d really appreciate it if you checked out his store, or at least reblogged in case other people are interested. :)