Pet Month

Well that only took … how many months have we had toddlers?

Oh don’t get so excited. I still have to go through everything I have made and do the same thing for things that were affected.

BUT. I think I will be able to finally release this MCM set this weekend or next Monday (probably next Monday).

Me: doesnt remember a single human beings name ever
Also me: recognizes a dog on the street by name that I petted two months ago

spring aesthetics

it’s spring!! at least for me here in The South (lbh it’s nearly summer here) but i want to celebrate it!! so here’s the deal

month : march | april | may
animal : lamb | chick | | bunny | song bird
flower : tulips | daffodils | peonies | sweet peas
weather : spring showers | breezy & sunny | thunderstorms
activities : puddle splashing | garden | picnic | farmer’s market
colors : earthy greens, browns & blues | bright oranges, pinks, & yellows | pastel purples, greens, & pinks

[blacklist sa]

The feral cat that lives in my neighborhood had kittens!

wtf pepsi, share the names

like may i have the new zelda game, and i thought maybe i’ll make a fanpet on one of these npcs i find interesting. guess not… pepsi took all the dragon names, a champion, and one other mentionable character. ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE MORE NAMES? DO YOU PLAN TO DO ANYTHING WITH THESE PETS?

i’m ngl, i checked all your pets and wtf are you doing, squatting? i see that you adopted 2 pets from the forums recently and also you created plenty of others. what, 1 2 3, no FOUR other pets? in the last month or two. you’re just as bad as the other people who hoard pets and do nothing with them. 3 spotlight winners means nothing when you don’t do anything else with the pets you have.

if you ever go inactive i will be there to take as many names of yours as i can. i will be so happy to do so.

stop hogging nice names if you aren’t doing shit with them!

so there’s this feral black cat that’s been hanging around my house. i’ve tried being friendly and everything, but every time it sees a human it runs away.

the first time i saw her, she was HUGE. and then two days later she’s as skinny as can be. so i’ve been feeding her in order to get her to gain some weight and she still runs away from me, but i found out that if i stay still and calmly call out to her she’ll let me pet her.

about a month and half ago, we heard a baby kitten crying out. turns out the cat had kittens in our neighbor’s yard, just on the other side of the fence. 

so this black cat (i’ve actually named her Luna) has been hanging around, but there’s never any kitten so i figured they had died since we never head them crying again or seen them. BUT THEN TONIGHT, i look into my back yard and there goes Luna walking as calmly as can be with five little heads hopping after her.


three of them take after a stray gray striped boy cat that Luna’s constantly rubbing herself all over, but two of them take after momma. all black with either a white chest or white paws (which poppa cat has).