A Kurdish Peshmerga Soldier gets ready to fight against the ISIS and says goodbye to his mother.

{After several reports he died as a martyr.} So heartbreaking :’(


”On the early morning hours of July 6th, ISIS made a full out assault on the village we hold in an attempt to overrun and capture it. This is the first assault of it’s type in an attempt to overrun us since we took this village from them in march of this year - putting us on the defensive. It was blasted all over the news and radio locally throughout Kirkuk also as a warning in case the lines collapsed.

It was well orchestrated on their part taking us by surprise along the entire line and had numerous companies of ISIS infantry with artillery, armor (two T62’s), mortar and MG support reaching within 100m of our first berm/line of defense - the sky completely lit up by thousands of tracers at times with the constant whizzing and cracking of rounds around us. At first it happened so fast it almost didn’t seem real as we were in shock literally watching through NVG’s what appeared to be hundreds of ISIS troops advance out of the darkness along with shells simultaneously exploding around us. Then reality kicked in and action was taken. They were using Violence of Action quite well with non stop firing as they advanced to prevent the peshmerga from firing on them or even looking and were sprinting to get to us and the 1st berm as quickly as possible.

Where I was at the time I was only armed with a WWII D.A.K. German K98, 12ga sawn off and WWII Red Army PPSh41 - with the 8mm performing exceptionally well against their 7.62x39mm & 5.56x45mm given it was hitting consistently while I was still out of effective range of the latter given they were passing by my head and not hitting their target. I’d also like to mention ISIS was firing at us with a large number of American weapons, M16A4s. It was only after the arrival of coalition aircraft did they break off the assault.

It was a real possibility of us being overran without air support. It was the first time I actually prepared one of the grenades I have for myself at the ready. Also dumped a few boxes of buckshot next to shotgun set on berm next to me for when they started storming over the first berm. This sinks in as reality as you see ISIS troops advancing all along the line as far as you can see both ways outnumbering us by a considerable margin - another first time thing. I would like to add that the peshmerga I serve with are some of the bravest and most discipline men I know. They were all prepared to die on the line not giving one inch - without any knowledge of possible air support.

I also want to mention how determined and ferocious ISIS troops are - due to drugs, warped religious beliefs or just insanity. However once the sound of mechanical angels became audible it put the fear of God into them quicklike and they ceased all firing and stopped advancing. Numerous ISIS vehicles and heavy weapons were destroyed with airstrikes. The assault was broken off as airstrikes were imminent. They conducted a silent retreat not a fighting one - in order to not draw air power.”  —American volunteer Scott Wolf

Peshmerga stop 600-strong attack south of Kirkuk


ISIS are about as Islamic as Richard Dawkins. They only represent greed and tyranny. The majority of their victims are Muslims. Of those they kill and enslave more women than men. Their misogyny is typical of a power hungy group spurred by the ideals of riches and power. This is not an attempt to say some Muslims are not part of ISIS because they are. This is me saying that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with hate and greed and the lust for power and dominance.



Reuters photographer Asmaa Waguih spent time with women fighters at a Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) military base on Mount Sinjar in northwest Iraq. Islamic State (Isis) militants overpowered Kurdish forces in the Sinjar area of Iraq last August and proceeded to purge its Yazidi population – an ancient, predominantly Kurdish people who follow their own religion – killing hundreds and taking thousands captive.

Ever since the Islamic State took over Mount Sinjar and declared its cross-border caliphate last year, many Yazidis have joined forces with PKK fighters and Kurdish peshmerga fighters from Iraq to fight Islamic State and free the rest of Sinjar.

Male and women fighters work together, side by side, though they live separately. Most are aged between 18 and 25. Relationships are forbidden; male and females alike choose to sacrifice their personal lives for the cause they believe in.