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You know, I'm not one to promote violence but CAN YOU IMAGINE calum beating up some guy who won't stop being a perv with you and just like after knocking him out calums chest would be heaving and his hair would be a mess and face bright red and his fists would still be clenched until you place a hand on his arm he'd pull you into a tight hug and and keep asking if you're okay and fuck protective calum is what I live for God bless

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Rammstein as fruits

Till - A watermelon. One big, bulky and scary fruit it’s really sweet on the inside just like Tillie 

Richard - A cherry. Red, sweet and sour! And has extra sass, just like the big sass queen Reeshy. Plus, look at dem curves 

Paul - An apple. Sweet, simple and fun, a Paulie a day keeps the grumpiness away!

Schneider - An orange. Juicy and delicious, has extra vitamin C! A daily dose of Schneider is reccomended

Ollie - A banana. Tall and tasty (don’t be pervs), bananas are one of the forgotten holy grails of fruits. Just like our buddy Ollie over here

Flake - An ackee. Really exotic fruit, only a white brain looking portion of it is edible, the rest of it is toxic, beware of the mighty Flake you puny mortals!

I’m not a perv or anything but I like sitting next to ppl on the train and having our legs touch. The warmth exchange between myself and another person feels nice. I’ll fall asleep on anyone

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can we pls talk about people that skew the personalities of otherwise great & intricate characters so that they can ship them with anyone (e.g. kakashi, sakura) & satisfy their thirst. like, i get that it’s your blog & you`re entitled to do whatever you want to these beautiful characters but u gh it’s just gross seeing some people play temari as some thirsty af teen or ppl reducing kakashi to an old perv. like?? why?? ???