Tour Report by Claire

Date of the show: 29th June 2015

Section: block 214 row A seat 9 (my view was way better than expected, the pic doesn’t really do it justice)

Name & blog url: Claire aka mikemoji :)

Favorite performance of the set: omg at the moment i’m leaning towards Amnesia purely because of how the crowd was but tbh every song was just as amazing as the other

Describe the audience: wow okay we were all so pumped up so we screamed so loud, we ended up being the loudest crowd on the Aus/NZ tour! The energy was so positive and you could tell everyone was having a great time even the mums and dads! We all sung together and it sounded beautiful every time

Favorite Ashton-moments: So Ashton told us to get all our phones out and to record what he was going to say, he sent a message out to all the Aus/NZ fans about how thankful the whole band is that we all came out to see them perform and it was just so sweet and you could tell he really was thankful. After that he said that if we didn’t put our phones away he would fight us so i thought that was funny lmao, and every time he spoke he would get the arena to scream and every time without fail we would all scream so loud and Ash would have this massive smile on his face and it just made me so happy that he was happy!

Favorite Calum-moments: Okay so Calum wore his Nike sneakers on stage and he talked about how the boys didn’t want him to and it was just so cute, and while he was telling his story Michael and Luke kept interrupting him so Calum said “oi who is the one fucking speaking” and it was really funny, holy shit he sounds so kiwi when he swears!!! Also his bass solo for Everything I Didn’t Say was so amazing it gave me chills tbh

Favorite Luke-moments: First things first Luke is so fucking tall and broad like holy shit he’s like a damn skyscraper! I can’t remember when he said this but he was saying how he didn’t want to leave Perth and everyone was like “don’t leave!!!!” and then he said how he liked our Arena name lmao hes so lame oH and during Amensia the whole crowd sung Calum’s verse and it was so clear and amazing and Luke’s face just lit up and he looked so proud and I almost cried

Favorite Michael-moments: oh lordy so being a Michael girl i obviously screamed the loudest when I saw Michael come out (i screamed so loud my voice broke lmao) and at the start he had a lil trip it was cute! Honestly tho that boy has some wicked guitar skills like holy shit his solos were so amazing!!!! I loved how at the start of Wrapped Around Your Finger it was purely just him and his voice it was so beautiful ugh!!!! And of course he farted on stage again and announced it to the whole world and he is actually really funny and good with puns bc our arena is blue he was like “I was gonna ask if you guys were feeling bLUE ahahahah” and i was just like wow that was a good one good job Michael lmao

Honestly overall the show was so amazing, I’ve never been to a show with that much energy coming from both the band and the crowd! ofc Malum were at their best doing little booty dances at the front of the runway lmao, during Amnesia we all sung Calum’s verse and it was only the whole arena singing and it sounded so amazing and the boys looked so happy when that happened! The night was so amazing and i had such a great time, i felt feelings i had never felt before and honestly i felt like i really belonged there! I can’t put into words how amazing last night was tbh!! 5 Seconds Of Summer are such amazing performers and never fail to put on a great show, after last night i’ve lost my voice and most probably some hearing lmao i can’t wait to see them again (hopefully sometime soon) and sing along with them many more times! I didn’t take many pics or vids (i prefer to just be in the moment yknow) but this is probably the best one i took of the night, once again thanks to 5sos-official for such an amazing night i hope you guys and everyone else in the crowd had an amazing time like i did!


Waiting for love - Avicii (Acoustic Cover) 

Annick Phan