‘Inside Out’ Flips Box Office Records Inside Out!
Pete Docter's latest smashes opening weekend box office record for an original film.

“Pete Docter and Pixar entered the record books this weekend with a massive opening for Inside Out. The film connected with audiences in a big way, grossing $91.1 million, an all-time record for both an original animated and live-action movie.

Let’s put it into perspective: the previous record-holder for a completely original concept (in other words, not a sequel, remake, or adaptation) was James Cameron’s Avatar, which opened with $77M in 2009. In animation, the record holder was Brad Bird’s The Incredibles, which chalked up $70.4M during its first weekend in 2004.”


Auto-Multiscopic Projector Array for Interactive Digital Humans

Visual system from the University of Southern California [uscict​] lets users see video playback from any horizontal perspective, recording or projecting video from 30 surrounding angles, without the need for additional wearable tech:

Automultiscopic 3D displays allow a large number of viewers to experience 3D content simultaneously without the hassle of special glasses or head gear. This display uses a dense array of 216 video projectors to generate images with high angular density over a wide field of view. As users move around the display, their eyes smoothly transition from one view to the next. The display is ideal for displaying life-size human subjects, as it allows for natural personal interactions with 3D cues such as eye-gaze and spatial hand gestures.

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A Strength With | Live It Or Leave It

Currently on their Australian tour with guests Reactions // Event

This morning heralded the arrival of a parcel of Belgian origin - to my delight it contained two copies (one white vinyl, one black) of the latest 7" by A STRENGTH WITHIN (for which I did the illustration). You can pick up a copy from the PERSPECTIVE RECORDS site. It was an absolute pleasure working with these guys, and I’m looking forward to working on a shirt design for them over the next couple of weeks.

A STRENGTH WITHIN - UK/Europe/Russia dates 2012

A Strength Within released their album “Still Searching” on Perspective in November 2011. Since then the band has toured in 24 countries to spread their music. They are currently gearing up for a new tour with some selected dates inside the Russian Federation. Spanning from July 27th untill August 12th. The only Belgium show will be on Ieperfest. The entire tour routing can be found below.

21.07.2012 - Stoke on Trent (UK)
22.07.2012 - Brighton (UK)
28.07.2012 - Zvera Fest (Latvia)
29.07.2012 - Pskov (Russia)
30.07.2012 - Saint-Petersburg (Russia)
31.07.2012 - day off Moscow (Russia)
01.08.2012 - Moscow (Russia)
02.08.2012 - day off Moscow (Russia)
03.08.2012 - Kursk (Russia)
04.08.2012 - Tambov (Russia)
05.08.2012 - Unity Fest - Volzhsky (Russia)
06.08.2012 - Kharkiv (Ukraine)
07.08.2012 - Kyiv (Urkaine)
09.08.2012 - Bydgoszcz (Poland)
10.08.2012 - Prague (Czech Republic)
12.08.2012 - Ieperfest (Belgium)

Winding roads...

We can’t wait to be on the road again!

Sa - 14.01.2012 - Affligem (Belgium)
Tu - 02.02.2012 - Antwerp (Belgium) w/ Dead Swans
Sa - 11.02.2012 - Köper (Slovenia)
Su - 12.02.2012 - Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Mo - 13.02.2012 - Sibenik (Croatia)
Tu - 14.02.2012 - Skopje (FYR Macedonia)
We - 15.02.2012 - Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
Th - 16.02.2012 - Krusevac (Serbia)
Fr - 17.02.2012 - Novi Sad (Serbia)
Sa - 18.02.2012 - Eger (Hungary)
Su - 19.02.2012 - Wien (Austria)
Sa - 25.02.2012 - Roosendaal (Holland)
Sa - 17.06.2012 - Villain Fest - Genk (Belgium)

Europe/Russia tour in July/August 2012. 

So I am really psyched for this box set. How could I not be given the breadth of music encompassed within. There are of course many shows that I already have in various quality and condition… 14 of 30 to be exact but I always feel the obligation to purchase the official releases since the band has always made so much free music available. If you can afford it I hope you all feel the same.

Also in this release is a special show for me personally. I attended two of these shows (83 Worcester & 84 Augusta) and while both were outstanding the Augusta show was the one in a thousand that had that x-factor band/audience energy flow.

I have been bugging Dave L. at the vault and the guys at rhino for 20 years to release the show and the initial answers were that it was not in great shape from a recording perspective. But this show is too good to give up on and the community spoke and the vault listened! Awesome when that happens.

I can’t wait! The Cold Rain & Snow and Morning Dew alone on this show make it worth it for me… and yeah the other 29 shows kick ass as well.

New shirts + limited release show 7"!

Boys & girls? We have some new stuff coming out the next weeks.

This is the limited release show vinyl, with silkscreened artwork and handnumbered to max #25.
For sale at our release show on 19.11.2011 in Leuven, Belgium. First come, first served. More info: Perspective Records webshop 


Wolf in Sheep Clothes shirt. Design by Richey Beckett.
Available in S, M, L & XL (Fruit Of The Loom)
Detail: “Every step we take is being watched by the prying eyes…”
Order here: Perspective Records webshop

Ashes "Hold On MMXII" demorelease show 31/08/12

Our boys in Ashes will do a small demorelease show in Leuven on friday August 31st. This show takes place in Room66 (Oude Markt 32). Spread the word! More info can be found below.

Midnight souls - (Belgium, Reflections Records) [22u40 - 23u20]

Abyss AD (Germany) [21u45 - 22u15]

Ashes - (Belgium, Perspective Records) [20u50 - 21u20] - demo release HOLD ON MMXII

When Lambs Become Lions (Belgium) [20u - 20u25]

Facebook event: 

Damage: 4€
Doors: 19u30


Mark your calendar!

Saturday november 19th 2011 will be the day of the ‘Still Searching’ 7" releaseshow in Leuven. Come out and show your support!

The Setup [be, GSR]
A Strength Within [be, Perspective/Holding On]
Countdown [be, Power Sludge/Shock Survival]
Homer [be, Funtime]
The Ignored [be, Funtime]
Dead End Sin [be]

Doors: 18u00
Dead End Sin: 18u15-18u45
The Ignored: 19u00-19u30
Homer: 19u45-20u15
Countdown: 20u30-21u00
A Strength Within: 21u15-21u45
The Setup: 22u00-22u40

DES rehearsal room
Engels Plein 5 (Vaartkom)
3000 Leuven

[By foot] From Leuven station (10-15min), take the Diestsevest until you cross the “Joanna Maria Artoisplein” (next to Novotel and Inbev). Take the cyclist/pedestrial bridge to cross the “Vaartkom” and you will see the “Engels Plein” in front of you. The venue is located next to the climbing hall “Hungaria”. The show ends on time, so you are able to catch the last train home.

[By car] From E314: you take exit 18 (Leuven/Mechelen). Follow the “Nieuwe Mechelsesteenweg” and follow the singel to the center of Leuven. You will see the Novotel and Inbev in front of you at the “Joanna Maria Artoisplein”. Follow the route under the singel to enter the “Vaartkom” area. The venue is located behind the “Sleepy Leuven” shop, next to the climbing hall “Hungaria”. Free parking space is available at the “Engels Plein”.

Other directions: Drive towards the “Vaartkom” area. The venue is located behind the “Sleepy Leuven” shop, next to the climbing hall “Hungaria”. Free parking space is available at the “Engels Plein”.

last trains to:
Antwerpen-Centraal [23:07]*
Gent [23:07]*
Brussel-Zuid [23:07, 00:08]
Luik [23:30, 00:30]
*first to Brussel-Zuid

Join us!


EL James's new released' Grey' breaks sales record within week

London, June 23 (ANI): EL James’s sequel to ‘Fifty Shades’ series, 'Grey’ has sold over 1.1 million copies within a week of its release in the US, breaking adult book sales record.
The book, which retells the erotic story from the lead Christian Grey’s point of view, has become a hit despite facing criticism, the Guardian has reported.
The 52-year-old British author James has mentioned in her dedication that fans had “asked . and asked . and asked . and asked” for the SandM businessman’s perspective.
The record for a first-week sale for an adult title is currently held by Dan Brown’s 'The Lost Symbol,’ which was published in October 2009 and had sold 551,000 copies in its first week. (ANI)

A STRENGTH WITHIN confirmed for Ieperfest 2012!!!

A Strength Within will be performing on the 20th anniversary edition of Ieperfest (10, 11 and 12 August 2012)! This will be the last date of their European Summer tour. They’ll be sharing the stage with hardcore heavyweights like Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Converge, Terror, Trapped Under Ice, Congress, Cruel Hand and many more…

Here you can find the official Ieperfest statement: 

A STRENGTH WITHIN (BE) // Hard working Belgian hardcore band formed 3 years ago in Leuven. This band is living proof that you don’t need a fancy booking agent to tour the world. A STRENGTH WITHIN was the first Belgian hardcore band to play shows in South-East-Asia. For fans of NO TURNING BACK, GUNS UP, NO WARNING and TERROR.

If you are already convinced by the line-up so far, don’t hesitate to pick up an early bird weekend ticket. These tickets cost €69 and are sold for a limited amount of time only. You can buy these tickets online or in your local Free Record Shop. Fnac will be selling these tickets shortly as well.

More info: