Youtube tutorial by Andrea Gerstmann on digital painting showing some techniques used background painting for TV animation.

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What your expensive post secondary education will not teach you

The best advice I can give to anyone going through the college/university experience is to enjoy it for what it is and to keep a fair balance between school and the rest of your life. It’s easy to get lost in the stress of it all, between classes and readings and assignments and midterms and papers and finals. But at the end of it, one day it will all stop and you’ll realize that all that worrying and stress don’t really accumulate to much.

You’ll have your piece of paper and some superficial designation, maybe some or no debt, a handful of good friends and a shit load of bad ones. But once you cross that threshold you’re in the real world with real world problems. You’re joining a pool of people with the same credentials as you and you’ll soon realize that “doing well” in school doesn’t account for much when you’re pitted against peers who pretty much look the same as you on paper.

So that’s what I mean when I say to keep a balance between school and life. The other parts of your life will mark you different in a world where so many of us look the exact same to potential employers. Nurture your hobbies and talents and don’t sacrifice them because you don’t have time. The fact that you do something else besides your chosen field of study, whether it’s music or film or whatever, will make you stand out of the crowd.

We’re each coming into the same mess and inheriting a world of issues and conflicts that we have little choice but to shoulder. Nurture and embrace all the factors that make you who you are and encourage others to do the same for themselves. In a world that requires experience for everything but refuses to provide any, you must be confident in presenting and defending any and every talent and skill you posses. This is something our expensive education fails to teach us completely.

ode to a chair; homework assignment #3

she looked at me
with a sparkle in her eye
her smile climbing up her cheeks
and whispered
“that chair
over there
is where i sit my derriere.”
and i begun to think
what is my ode to the chair?
where has the chair taken me
encouraged me
seen me through my days
and nights?
my ode to the chair is simple
moving in and out of each other
to weave something greater.
the chair-
amongst its sisters and brothers-
sits at the end of the table
me to sit
and take part in communion
with my community.
the chair
calls me to rest
to take time and climb the 
mountain of my thoughts
and to swim amongst all that it
unravels in me.
the chair 
pushes me 
to aim higher
in life.
to work hard
so that one day
i can sit
on a chair of power
of respect
of great confidence and honesty.
and through all of this-
the joke of a friend,
the truth of a chairs stability,
and even thoreau’s words
“i had three chairs in my house;
one for solitude,
two for friendship,
three for society”
stick in my mind
as I sit on the chair
and type out an ode
a song
to the very object
i find myself using

I’ve been off the radar for quite a while now on Tumblr. I moved away from landscape photography and started taking a lot more portraits. Looking back at my old photos it’s interesting to see how my work has grown since I picked up a camera; taking a break from what was more routine and changing things up has given me a different perspective on how I take a photo, and what a photo is. Since I’ve been gone for a while I’m looking forward to sharing my more recent work with you! 

I hope one day, you will find sunshine in the darkness of your void. By then, you will realize that the sun was always right behind your back. You just need to shift your focus.
—  Lukas W. // Perspectives

Hey friends!

It’s Meg for this week’s TUTOR TUESDAY! I’ve been wanting to cover perspective again for awhile because my old tutorial is…well…let’s just say I’ve gotten better at formatting these. Plus there’s so much more to learn! If you have any recommendations send ‘em in here or my personal! Have fun, keep practicing, and I’ll see you next week!


How to Draw Circles and Ovals in Perspective by Mink