Dark Chambers

The young woman settled herself on the stairs in that moment, tentatively wrapping a swollen and red joint in white cloth. Her hand shook unevenly, slightly darker in complexion from the rest of her arm, as if bruised. Mr. Tromell had been kind enough to lend her the material– after-all, it was her fault for slamming her wrist in the door, right? Right.

Part of her felt incredibly small, the way he’d just stared at her like that. As if she’d done something wrong… no flicker of enjoyment whatsoever, a frigid glare that had captured her in an ice storm. How was she to react to that? Her stomach had sunk so far down into a pit that she barely even noticed the stinging of the wronged appendage. It was weird, how easily he was able to make her feel like garbage. Trash. Like everything she’d done was grotesque in some way, all with a single look. A gaze that cast the pseudo-monarch down in her confidence, leaving a quiet, pensive woman.

What on earth could he possibly want her to join him in his chambers for? No doubt the conversation could have taken place anywhere else, though he’d specifically invited her into the heart of his home– a place where he could even be considered his most vulnerable.

She’d redressed into something less torn, particularly one of the robes given to her for such things as casual day and night-living. Children’s sized, true, but able to hug her waist when tied correctly, even if it did allow her shins to show. Once at the doors that would open into his chambers, she braced herself for what she might see. He didn’t seem the type that would decorate humbly, nor did he seem the type to allow her into a space that wasn’t immaculately checked-over. However, her expression faltered as she knocked, a noise of discomfort sounding in the open hall.

“Maester Seymour.”

The voices within the gnarled tree spoke amongst themselves, they existed as many when they should be one, disorganized and chaotic. The shade of the great forest allowing various lights to flicker within its knotholes, ugly blemishes that one might mistake for a jagged maw and eyes.

One approaches, attuned to magic he is.”

“Could he free us?”

“Certainly! We must simply use the right lure…”

“And then we may be one again, yes?”


Unifying once more they called out to the stranger, using the voice of loved ones. Urging him deeper and deeper into the forest towards them, towards the void.

Uneasy Meeting [@personifiedsin]


“Rikku.. I want ya ta’ take care o’ the Al Bhed when I’m gone..”

Cid’s words echoed in her head as Brother took her to the destination. It was a dwelling that she had visited since the pilgrimage. 

That was over five years ago today.

It showed in the eyes of the new leader. She was revered now. Spoken highly of. She was the new hope for the Al Bhed.

It was a monumental responsibility. She was forced into adulthood too soon. Although it didn’t show. She couldn’t show it. She was to be the light and guidance of her clan.Especially since their new hope was just in front of her.

Baaj temple. A place no-one dared enter anymore. Not only was it sacred, but there was a tale circulating that it was haunted. By what or whom, Rikku was unsure of, but wherever there were rumors, there was normally treasure. 

Treasure that could be used to rebuild the Al Bhed from the ground up. They were still suffering after the Guado attack. They may have had the new isle, new leader, new optimism, but it didn’t change that she was young, needed help. Grasping to the last piece of her father and mother she had, she took in a sigh, feeling the airship land. She didn’t want to go in. 

Fear was set in her heart, not only of the temple, but of her new found subjection. She was ruling alone. She didn’t worry about having a spouse, it was moreso she wanted a friend. Someone who had been in her shoes before. Though there was no-one around. Yuna was too busy leading as the high summoner now. Paine was off being a mercenary.All of them had grown. Their roots momentarily growing together. And for those few moments, she adored it. They were friends. Although now they were grown apart, completely separate destinations for each of them. 

Stepping into the temple, she had hoped that the work Tidus had done in the chamber of trials was not undone. It would be a nuisance to redo all of the sphere’s and put them together once again.

The Way of the Woods

It was just before noon when Braska finally arrived at the doors to the Macalania temple. Most of the morning had been spent recuperating from the previous days’ travel and the Guado who had escorted him on the remainder of the path had been in no hurry to finish the trip. It hadn’t bothered him, though. To tell the truth, Braska had almost been relieved to be moving at someone else’s pace for a change as the Guado led him along. The journey through the woods had been quite a challenge and, though he and his companions had made good time, they had all been more than a little tired when they had finally reached the inn.

The inn had been cleverly situated on the edge of the lake ice, providing a rather memorable scene; however, Braska’s time to enjoy it had been cut shorter than his companions. As was the custom, he had gone ahead to the temple alone. The lake ice, it turned out, was nothing compared to the beauty of the temple itself.

He had heard that all the temples of Yevon were beautiful, each in its own way. But, this one…As he appraoched it, Braska found it almost hard to believe he was really there. Its gilded doors had opened up to a room with an ornately crafted high ceiling, lit by both lanterns and the natural light that filtered in from glass window panes. Large porcelain braziers shot flecks of ice and snow up high into the air instead of their usual flames. Everything seemed so elegant and pristine. He couldn’t help but feel almost like a fish out of water as he stood in the entryway. The trip from the inn to the temple hadn’t been far, but he still felt disheveled from the walk. And, as he looked around, he found that he was surrounded by Guado- many of which were just as elegant and beautiful as the architecture that surrounded them. They seemed to blend in, almost like paintings instead of people, as the went about their daily chores.

After he had taken in the room, he finally stepped forward. He took a deep breath as he moved, watching it as it hung in the air. It’s cold here. He had been told to wait in one of the chambers for his guardians to arrive, but instead decided to remain where he was, in the main chamber, where he could watch the people- perhaps other summoners- come and go.

??? || chuami&seymour


Cold bit through Chuami’s dress the second she left the airship. Rain fell in a light drizzle that began to soak her hair immediately. The sky was obscured by solid black and grey cloud and there was a stillness in the air that made her cautious, somehow, as if something were watching her. A faint echo of distant thunder hinted at a storm on the way, but Chuami had a more pressing problem.

The closest the airship could drop her was on a piece of what she assumed was once a pathway through the upper levels of Baaj Temple. It was barely a few feet long - only just enough for the teleporter to aim for - and she was surrounded by water on all sides. 

Gripping her staff as tightly as she could, she swung it forward, almost hesitantly. She felt an indescribable pull from within that she wasn’t sure she’d ever get used to; the water in front of her moved, surged, seemed to gather itself, then it fell still once again.
I wonder… if…
There wasn’t a choice. If she wanted to make a path for the centre of the ruins, this was the only way. The ship couldn’t get closer, and she couldn’t swim. So…
She repeated the water spell, and this time, before it could die, she took a half-step forward and let her foot rest on the surface of the water. It seemed like… it might hold. 
It would have to. 

Though her heart was beating like a hummingbird’s wings against all her orders for it to stop, she cast again; and this time, she took a deep breath and moved
Once she was over the water, there was no going back or she’d drown. One cast, two, three, every staff-swing creating the path forward as the one behind dissolved. 
As she reached the other side, she almost thought she wouldn’t make it. Her staff flashed, reflecting a bolt of silent lightning overhead and she lost her footing and instinctively threw herself forward toward the rock ledge ahead. She fell just within its reach, scraping her arm on the mossy stone and clawing at it with both hands to keep from falling back into the depths - both hands?!
She turned back to the water on her hands and knees just in time to snatch her staff back as it drifted downwards. It seemed to resist - was something caught on it? She yanked it hard and a sahagin’s fin cut the water’s surface, its angry little face seeming even more affronted than usual. She gave it a brisk tap on the head with the end of her staff and sent it darting away. 

Swimming through the submerged corridors was beyond her capability, so Chuami’s only option was to climb through a hole in the wall that was already slippery with rain. A few of the bricks felt precarious; but she made it inside and came out on a circular walkway around the edge of a dome-shaped interior. More of these walkways were above and below, and far below her position, the tiled floor was covered in water, debris and the remains of long-dead camp fires. She was soaking wet, freezing and exhausted. It had taken her a grand total of twenty minutes to break the promise she’d made to herself to get home unscathed, for once. 

Out of the frying pan... she smiled to herself, absently shaking her grazed arm. 

The not-alone feeling was far stronger now. It was less a feeling of being watched and more of a prickle under the surface of her skin. She’d felt a similar sensation last time she’d been close to another unsent… 

It’s true. He’s here.

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✾ - What do you look for in other people’s writing?

At the most basic, I look for coherency. Which in itself is any number of things - a decent grasp of grammar and spelling, for one, but also ‘can I understand this without having a dictionary constantly open’. I get that some people feel as if it makes their replies fancier or more sophisticated to abuse the thesaurus, and if it works for them, cool. But it throws me out of the flow of reading if I have to look up the meaning of every other word.

For an RP-er, I look for a solid knowledge about their character’s canon, but also, a passion for that character, an eagerness to get inside that character’s mind, their heart. Everyone’s interpretation of a character is going to vary, and the deeper they delve into what makes their character tick, the more you feel it in their writing. Some RPers are so convincing you just stare and think ‘wait, what do you mean you weren’t writing this person’s canon. liar.’ An RPer’s passion and enthusiasm for the character they write can make all the difference in the world.

(Seymour|Rydia) Power In the Shadow of the Trees

The intriguing world of Guadosalam was not one Rydia had ever been familiar with before. They did not live as the people of her village did, instead making their homes from the trunks of old trees. Leaves bowed and hung about the ground from ancient willows, dipping into stagnant pools of clear rain-water that had filled the valleys of roots. But what was to be sure was that the people of this place were very different indeed. There weren’t many children Guado as she’d seen, but those she was able to communicate with she tried to pull out into the open. How on earth were they able to be children if they didn’t get out and play every once in a while?

But she’d taken to studying as well, but not from books. No. Instead, Rydia had made her way around the forest, unbothered by the fiends that entered her path. She often took Fat Chocobo with her when she could manage a summon, walking along the massive roots that seemed to tangle in and out of the forest. The village had many people that didn’t seem to want here there– maybe she was an oddity to them, as well. She looked nothing like them, nor was she a Summoner of their world. But Rydia was perfectly at home wandering through the leaf-covered grounds and around the ponds she would find scattered about. But here she rested before the Moonflow, overlooking the river in glee. She never thought that water would make her come to feel so at home– so at peace, and yet seeing nature at its purest form had done just that.

The Maester’s servants were very nice, but they practically smothered her until she was able to get away. The food she was given was primarily fruit, not that she had a problem with it, and the beds were softer than those in Kaipo by far. Though the city itself was more of a cavern made from the twisted roots of the tree above, and it consisted of three levels that lead out either to the Farplane or back toward the Thunder Plains, neither of which she was particularly happy to go out and visit.

Now that the sun was beginning to set in the middle of the sky, Rydia had made her way back to the palace where the Maester lived, unable to find excuse for the dirt that smeared over her nose or the twigs that pierced through strands of emerald hair. She was quite the spectacle, not that she cared. Dirt washed off, twigs brushed out. But what she saw would last for a lifetime in her memories!

“Maester Seymourrr?” Rydia called, tilting her head inward. She was shocked to not be practically knocked over by fussing servants, though happily entered un-chided. “I had a question about your Eido– Er, Aeons. Right. About how they work. Could you show me– or does it hurt??” Oh, and she had another question, too– “Also, what’s a Sin?”

RP with Personifiedsin

Waiting for the witching hours of the early morning, Riku had stealthily made his way past all the guards and now he had reached the inner chambers of the maester’s manor. It wasn’t too hard, but it was kind of a shock seeing their faces for the first time. 

Being new to Spira, Riku had never seen a Guado up close. When he’d had to knock out the one guard that had spotted him earlier, he almost wondered whether his Guado body would respond like a human’s. Hopefully, the “Ronsos” he’d heard about would be less jarring to meet.

This he pondered while searching for his target: Maester Seymour Guado. He located the bedroom–how obvious, it was up the stairs. Riku smacked his forehead for thinking it would be in the more secure area behind the dining room.

Well, it didn’t matter now, He climbed the stairs, took care of two guards just a little noisily–he couldn’t help that–and crept silently into the room.

What?! He’s…not here?

Reverance / personifiedsin

                              ❝ Maester Seymour’s aeon…
                                                  it was so powerful… ❞

Thinking about it sent a chill down her spine. Yuna was unsure when she’d encounter the temple that held that aeon, but she felt almost afraid to reach it, if she ever did. Watching the scene happen before her eyes and the immense power of the aeon… it struck fear in her. But not just fear – the aeon had left her in a state of awe. Witnessing the strength of Valefor and Ifrit was thing, but that was on another level.

                 She walked beside Lulu, wringing her hands together as the events at Luca replayed over and over in her mind – from being taken by the Al Bhed to the Aurochs’ win to Sir Auron becoming one of her guardians and lastly, to the purge of emotions that she and Tidus experienced, just before taking on Mi’hen Highroad. So much had already happened to her and her party since leaving Besaid. Yuna could only wonder what the rest of her pilgrimage had in store for them.

                 ❝ … Lulu, do you know the name of Maester Seymour’s aeon?
                                                 I can’t seem to recall… ❞

                  The black mage shook her head.             ❝ I don’t. ❞

❝ That thing was powerful, ya? The Maester’s really strong! ❞ Wakka exclaimed, jumping into the conversation. ❝ Did you see the way it took out all those fiends? ❞

Yuna nodded, her eyes wandering over to Sir Auron and Tidus, both lagging behind the group. She noticed how Tidus continued to sulk, even after their strange exchange of hysterical laughter. She could only imagine what was making him seem this way. Still, there was something else on her mind at the moment.      

                         ❝ Sir Auron? ❞

                         ❝ Hm. No idea. ❞

                         ❝ Let’s not worry about it right now, Yuna.
                                               There are fiends on this road – stay focused. ❞ 

Lulu’s stern advice reached Yuna’s ears – she was right, there was no time to be thinking about the aeon in Luca. If she wasn’t focused, her pilgrimage could very well end before they even set foot on the dirt of the highroad. 

personifiedsin asked:

"You never listen, do you?"

        She is not happy about this.

She would have never found joy, in her failure of sending an unsent. It is but the simplest duty of a summoner, yet this one is has eluded her for so long. Emotional ties to the person in question is what has caused her delay; after all, he was her husband. Despite his legal title, he is one who has caused so much suffering. Many have died at the hands of the unsent Maester, and many more will continue to do so if he is not stopped.

        Hands grip her rod so tightly, her knuckles begin to grow red in color. He is finally weak enough, that he will not be able to resist her, or the Farplanes pull. A frown is set on her lips, and a her heart strings feel as though they are being torn downwards.

She had to do this.
She needed to.

“I won’t listen.. not this time.” These are her words of liberation; freeing herself from the hopeless teaching of Yevons. She has discarded them. It is her story to share with Spira now, and it is she who will take care of Sin once, and for all.

She must perform her elegant dance, to remove his madness from the world. She has no choice. There is no other way.

It is with the spin of her body, and the whirl of her kimono that pyreflies are summoned. The wave of her staff, and the bleeding of her heart draws more of them to form around him. He soon dissolves; nothing more than a mere apparition of the man he formerly was.

She soon stops, the air is silent. He’s gone, and this time, he wont be coming back.
“Good bye.. Maester Seymour..”

Despite his wicked deeds, he is still her husband. She wont send him off bitterly.
“— Rest peacefully now.”

alteringmemories asked:

Affection. Hah. Auron doesn’t really do affection very well. Sometimes a physical gesture here and there - like when he rapped Kimahri on the chest before his Sending - which is a hell of a lot more than other people get. He’ll even ruffle Tidus’ hair on occasion, which probably annoys Tidus to no end. It’s all little gestures, like letting someone he’s fond of into his personal space, or playful snarky banter.


The summoner stood completely still, green tresses shimmering in the morning’s light. The sun was much hotter than usual, much harsher on the reflecting strands an feathers that she wore upon her head. The gemstones that attached to her headdress twinkled and glinted, coral piece surprisingly dull in the comparison of lambent skin.

She’d never seen such a big river before, especially not so early in the morning when the pyreflies had begun to settle. But she’d been standing there for some time, since before dawn, just watching the little orbs of light stay afloat. A fire in the center of the night sky… she wondered if it would be visible from the moon. It was beautiful… and something of it reminded her desperately of the Feymarch she missed so earnestly.

She held tightly onto the staff she’d bought off the innkeep back in Guadosalam. It was a golden rod with a large, decorateive top piece. Made of what she assumed was lapis lazuli, it shown a deep blue, yet translucent in the sun. Not for fighting, no, but the showy quality would be ’good’ for a summoner’s ‘flashiness’, as she was told. She did not need it to cause damage, after-all; she had other means.

But the faerie-like woman was interrupted by this sight as it paused before them. It had come across the river while her eyes were pre-occupied, nearly dropping the ornate staff in hand. A giant beast of an animal that appeared larger than life. Gentle from how the strange, blue-skinned people were treating it, and reminding her much of the Eidolons from the Feymarch. The summoner journeyed over once it’d been brought on land, eyes lit up like pyres of their own. A shoopuf. That’s what they’d called it.

“Hiiii, Shoopuf!” Her voice called outward, a few confused noises coming from its tenders nearby. The groan that came from the wide chest of the beast was enough to appease her, despite it simply being an impatient noise from the change in temperature. She cared little. She spun backward, excitement on pale features, and called. “Maester Seymour~! You never told me they were this bi–”


From the large, hose-like function came a flood of water. A long nose that appeared to have odd, lip-like folds at the end of it. It now dripped happily… much more so than the soaking wet Caller that stood, hair bent over her face, feathers drooping, body weight at least ten pounds heavier.

                                          Please tell me no one saw that.

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✖ Topic: Seymour Guado huehue

Mun: Are you gonna be okay…? I feel like I’ve really thrown you into it this time. 

Chu: I’ve dealt with worse… 


Chu:Marginally… well, anyway. This job’s gonna be a close one, but whatever happens, happens. And besides, getting to talk to him is fascinating. I don’t know what it is, but I want to hear what he has to say. 

Mun: You’re just a sucker for the charismatic ones, nothing new. Try to remember that, it’s not him, it’s just a quality he has that’s drawing you in.

Chu: So, you don’t like him?

Mun: I didn’t say that! It’s a tough one, though. You’re not supposed to like him, but all the best villains are convinced they aren’t villains at all. He’s insane. But you could argue he doesn’t know that, so… 

Chu: So… you find him as intriguing as I do, you’re just uncomfortable with your own level of interest while I’m over here being chill about it. Heh. Mighta known… 

Mun: … Quiet, you.

Chu: Heheheh…