The signs based on people I know
  • Aries:The kindest, most loving person you'll meet. They're always there for you, and won't ever hold what you tell them against you. Everybody loves them, and is great with children. Is always the first to message and will always tell you what you need to hear.
  • Taurus:Is always cracking jokes in hopes of making you laugh. Calls you cute pet names like 'babycakes' or 'sweetie pie'. Isn't looking for a relationship, but a good friendship. They'll take multiple week-long breaks of speaking to you, but will always message you back.
  • Gemini:A best friend. They'll be the ones to get you in (or out) to trouble. A friend you should keep. Will always find a way to talk to you, even if you haven't spoken in a while. Always the ones to be kept up with technology, has the newest update or phone.
  • Cancer:A funny, and caring person. They might act as if they don't like anyone, but they care a lot for you. They'll always pay for your lunch, and give you hugs. Always radiant and gives off a good feeling, they're always accepting of new friends/relationships.
  • Leo:The tricksters. They'll act like everything's fine, right before they fool you. The class clown, or all around funny person. They're great with children and are always smiling. They'll try their best to cheer you up if you're feeling down.
  • Virgo:Very independent people, probably won't talk to you unless you engage first. They generally like to have a small group of friends, and if you're one of those friends, you're lucky. One of your most trusting friends who you can rely on for help whenever, but they can't keep a secret to save a life.
  • Libra:Probably the group of friends classified as 'Hipsters'. They're always wearing the new clothes, brand names and always looking their best. They may come off as fake or unreliable friends, but they're always going to have your back.
  • Scorpio:The 'smart' group of kids. They're the quiet ones who work their hardest for A's on their essays. Will probably be the one to get the last word in during a fight. The band geeks. Generally a good person, but if they're angry at you, they'll make sure you know it.
  • Sagittarius:A loyal friend. Can be annoying at times, but they're there to listen to your feelings. Is over protective of their friends, doesn't like to share. Is awkward at first, but opens up after they get comfortable. Gets cranky when they're tired/hungry.
  • Capricorn:The flamboyant one. They don't care of what others think of them, they do things to make themselves happy. They'll call others out for looking at them weird, or if they mutter something under their breath. They'll try their best to stay in touch when you're not near eachother anymore. Always funny and smiling.
  • Aquarius:The popular ones (or so they think). They're friends with everybody, and they keep in touch with them all. All over social media, facebook, twitter, instagram, they're all for those likes. They don't have many close friends, but if they choose you, you're special. They don't like to vent a lot, but they love to listen.
  • Pisces:The go-getter. Tries to be nice to everyone, even if the person isn't nice back. They do things to make others happy, and in result sometimes hurting themselves. A good friend whose there to help when they can. Everybody loves them, (that's what they've been told). They look 'bitchy' but mean well.
  • Written by a pisces.
Layered + Long Necklace

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I wanted to share a special item that I’ve been wearing for the past couple of months that means a lot to me!  When I was pregnant with Brielle, I was searching Etsy for an artisan who could make a personalized necklace for me with the initials of our family.  I came across an Etsy shop called “Layered and Long” run by Chrissy Lavdovsky that has beautifully delicate necklaces that can not only be personalized, but also layered in gorgeous ways.  

After browsing through all her items, I settled upon the “Personalized Skinny Bar Necklace” in 14k gold fill and had it customized with the letters “rsmb” (Ryan, Stephanie, Myla, Brielle) and a heart.  You get to choose your chain length, what letter style or symbols you want, and where you want the letters to be positioned.  

I was so excited to receive my necklace in the mail and was very impressed by the beautiful packaging that included a tiny cloth and instructions on how to keep it clean!  My necklace arrived in November, but I didn’t start wearing it till after Brielle was born in December as we were keeping her name a surprise, and I didn’t want people asking what the “b” stood for :)  And if the ultrasound had been wrong and we were surprised with a son, then we would’ve had to scramble and quickly think of a boy name starting with a “b” (haha just kidding :P)…

This personalized, handmade necklace is such a dainty and beautiful piece that I wear all the time.  It has an understated elegance and is so versatile, and I love how it carries the initial of our family members who are dear to my heart!  For the time being, I just ordered one necklace, but I absolutely love how Chrissy layers her pieces with different chain lengths and shapes and how she has paired some of her necklaces together with her various layered necklace sets (for example, see HERE).

As you know, I love accessorizing, and I proudly wore some of my other favourite handmade pieces over the weekend and during this photoshoot: my earrings are by Dorian of CoutuKitsch from Calgary and my cream chained watch is by Jessie and Emily of Berg & Betts from Edmonton (don’t forget that you get free worldwide shipping when you purchase their watches till the end of April with code “ALLABOUTAMI”- see my blog post HERE for further details)!

I wanted to share my beautiful necklace with you all in case you want to have one made for someone special in your life or you want to have one personalized for yourself too!  Chrissy has a large selection of pieces available, and I’ve seen people gift these necklaces to their bridesmaids or personalize them with their wedding anniversary, a phrase they love, or even the geographic coordinates of a special location!  Check out Chrissy’s store HERE and also follow her on Instagram and Facebook!

Alright, Story time

So while going through my book shelf yesterday I found this little beauty,

(going to apologize now for the poor camera quality) This was my kindergarten graduation gift from my school, we had a choice between power rangers and something else(but that’s not important), now before we got these we had to write down our full names, and the names of 3 friends, and me being the 5 year old I was couldn’t even spell my last name properly.

Aww yeah, now what 5 year old avid power rangers fan wouldn’t just be absolutely stoked reading that

Oh jesus it reads like a terrible fanfic

A REALLY terrible fanfic

Awww fuck yeah, just soak in that awesomeness

my god that was so hilariously terrible, anyway I thought I’d share that little blast from the past with you all, cheers.

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Sixty one inches from the ground is where this girl’s peak sits
Her ideologies are of those society says cannot fit
The thought of black excellence, power and independence are prevalent
Strikes fear of violence in white hearts though it’s quite benevolent
Misconceptions arise seconds after she gives her answer
“Yes” to the question “you one of those Black Panthers?”
Love at the core of this teenager is what drives being
Hatred for those not of her race are what outsiders are seeing
But appreciation in people who share her melanin is at get core
Though the media and politicians view them as being lower than the floor
Her Brown eyes were receptors to horrible things seen
Dead bodies accompanied with headlines on her phone and tv screens
Disgust for things preventable are obvious in her heart
Hoping for a day that occurrences like these refuse to start
The girl with so much hope and wonder, so much still and so much might
With skin like the earth and a pair of eyes as deep as night
At seventeen years old, her future is a shining sun
Living a life that of greatness unforetold that’s barely even begun