cockjournaler asked:

First , you are absolutely so cool beyond words. My question is , How do you like the Wolftea's products ? Because I'm interested in buying some myself , but never seen a guy share til I saw your picture.

You’re too kind, my friend! Thank you. 

As to your question: I highly recommend wolftea’s products, and I’ll say why. For one everything is crafted carefully and ethically, so you’re not getting some simple pedantic piece of jewelry; you’re getting a work of art and a product of passion. Secondly, WolfTea is high quality. I own several pieces myself and each one has such a solid form it really feels like it has a presence. If that makes sense? Haha 

I could go on and on; I love WolfTea’s work. The whole reason I got Tumblr to begin with was to follow WolfTea, and I think much of my inspiration in life has come from watching the development of the art over the years. So let no doubt rest in your mind of the matter. Thank you again! 

When she tells you to “shut up” look in her eyes and decide if you should keep talking. If her eyes are happy, keep talking as loud as you can so she could have the chance to kiss you on the lips in order to make you stop. Pretend to be surprised and kiss her back-don’t even dare to let go of her for more than one second. Make sure to turn such kiss into the best you could offer, because, who knows-you two might not be together the next day. Care to make it perfect so even though you may break up, she’d smile whenever she gets reminded by those times she made you “shut up”…
—  Personal quote…