Have you ever seen something completely baffling but also technically excellent? I can’t believe how well this person edited Jane into Treasure Planet so she and Captain Amelia could fight the bad guy from Osmosis Jones. “Man,” I say to myself, “I could never make this bizarre music video about beloved animated characters becoming ghosts.”

a list of untranslatable words ☕️

cafuné - brazilian portuguese: the act of running one’s fingers, gently but deeply, through someone else’s hair
積ん読 (tsundoku) - japanese: the act of leaving a book unread after buying it, typically piled up together with other such unread books
木漏れ日 (komorebi) - japanese: sunlight filtering through the trees
mångata - swedish: the roadlike reflection of moonlight on water
verklempt - yiddish: a person who is too emotional to speak
liefdesverdriet - dutch: the heartache caused from an unrequited love and the mental pains one endures; the physical pain of depression
fika - swedish/finnish: gathering together to talk and take a break from everyday routines, usually drinking coffee and eating pastries
幽玄 (yūgen) - japanese: an indescribable sentiment, can only be described as a painful awareness of the mysterious beauty and human suffering
l'esprit de l'escalier - french: the moment one finally thinks of a witty remark, far too late, after the opportunity has passed
kilig - tagalog: the feeling of butterflies in your stomach, usually when something romantic or cute takes place
いるす (irusu) - japanese: pretending to be absent from home when someone is at the door
habseligkeiten - german: personal belongings, small treasures and property, which define our happiness and sentiments
nefelibata - portuguese: cloud walker; name given to the quixotic dreamers, they appear spacey, otherworldly, but intelligent
σοφρωσύνη (sophrosyne) - greek: self-control, balance, wisdom & grace;virtue that follows the aphorisms “nothing in excess” & “know thyself"
hiraeth - welsh: homesickness for a place which never even existed. Connotations of sadness, yearning, profound nostalgia and wistfulness
torpe - tagalog: being too shy to pursue amorous desires
waldeinsamkeit - german: the feeling of being alone in the woods
litost - czech: the humiliated despair we feel when someone accidentally reminds us, trough their accomplishment, of our inadequacies
dustsceawung - old english: contemplation of the fact that dust used to be other things - the walls of a city, a book, a great tree…
duende - spanish: the spirit of evocation; the mysterious power a work of art has to deeply move a person
gattara - italian: a woman, often old and lonely, who devotes herself to stray cats
tоска - russian: a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause, a longing with nothing to long for, nostalgia
φιλότιμο (philotimo) - greek: a complex array of virtues; expressed through acts of generosity & sacrifice w/o expecting anything in return 
gezellig - dutch: abstract sensation of individual well-being that one shares with others;cozy ambience, anything pleasant, homely, friendly

list no.2

Anna Kendrick: Sassy, sarcastic smartass constantly on social media and interviews. We get new projects and personal anecdotes all the time

Alycia Debnam Carey: Slightly shy but still has presence on social media and regularly appears on interviews. We have a steady presence and some minor personal anecdotes

Katie McGrath:Wild and funny she lives in the shadows. Appears once in a Blue Moon to pet your dog before she retreats back to the Land of the Fae. Interviews are rare and treasured and personal anecdotes even more so. Who is she? When was she was born? Is she an Ancient Goddess? Nobody knows

DC Character Asks 👓

Poison Ivy:What is your favourite flower/Plant?

Harley Quinn:Have you ever dyed your hair? And if so, What colour?

Catwoman:Are you more of a cat or dog person?

Batman:What do you treasure most?

Superman:Are you in love at the moment?

Lois Lane:What countries would you like to vist?

Aquaman:What is your favourite sea creature?

Red Hood:Have you ever gotten into a physical fight?

Lena Luthor:What is your sexuality?

Robin:Who is your role model?

Batgirl:Do you have/want glasses?

Black Canary:Favourite clothing item?

The Flash:Do you play any sports?

Wonderwoman:Favourite time era?

Red Robin: Tea or coffee?

Supergirl:Favourite book(s)?

The arrow:Do you work better in a team or on your own?

Joker:What’s your worst fear?

El Diablo:Do you want tattoos? ,If so what tattoo(s) would you like?

Scarecrow:What is the worst nightmare you’ve ever had?

Mr. Freeze:What is your favourite season?

The Riddler:Do you consider yourself as smart?

Zatanna Zatara:Do you have a hidden talent? ,If so what is it?

Iris West:What is your dream job/profession?

Bluebird:What hairstyle have you always wanted?

Killer Frost:Do you have a nickname?

Kid Flash:What is your all-time favourite food?

Beast Boy:If you could transform into anything what would you be?

Cassandra Cain:Do you Enjoy Cuddling?

Imagine your OTP

The perfect recipe for a Pirate AU! It’s a long post (please credit me if you use)

-person A is an infamous pirate and person B is a young soldier in the British military. (Bonus if Person A is a serious/tsundere person whereas Person B is a precious cinnamon Roll)

-Person B’s ship was attacked by Person A’s crew, and Person B gets kidnapped.

-Person B is forced to work for Person A, much to Person B’s dismay

-of course over time the two grow close (slow burn yiss)

-Possible scenes-

~Person A teaching Person B to swim after an accident and “holy crap you can’t swim??? Well we can’t lose our precious cargo now can we”

~Person B getting really seasick and Person A kinda pats their back awkwardly

~Person B being a surprisingly good cook and the whole crew worships Person B’s meals and Person A just grunts “not bad”.

~Person B finding a massive treasure and the whole crew is shocked and Person A is just like “well I guess we got lucky finding you”

~Person B insisting that they can’t kill anyone when they go plundering and Person A just goes “Ok” and they whole crew stares at Person A like “??????????”

~Person A teaching Person B how to use a sword and becoming sparring buddies

~Person B saving Person A’s life from sirens/mermaids/kraken 

~Person A getting drunk being really flirty and Person B gets really flustered because “the captain is saying such nice things about me?? Do I really smell good or is he just saying that because he’s drunk???”

~Person A and Person B getting stuck on an island together and sharing body warmth because “we need to survive”

~Person A opening up and telling Person B stories about their adventures

~Person A piercing Person B’s ears because “we need you to look like a real pirate”

~Person A starts calling Person B their “treasure” and gets upset whenever somebody points it out because “it’s just a platonic nickname geez guys”

-after they’ve grown close-

-Person B getting kidnapped by a rival captain and Person A goes into a rampage killing anyone to get Person B back.

-They find Person B tied up and covered in bruises. Person A tries to carry Person B back.

-The Rival Captain is not letting Person B go without a fight. During their dual with Person A, Person B takes a rapier through the stomach trying to save Person A.

-Person A kills the rival captain in rage

-Person A’s crew can’t believe what they’re seeing. Is Person A really crying??

-Person A takes Person B back to their ship, and starts yelling at all the surgeons because “what do you mean you can’t fix this?? Save Person B or I’ll throw you off the deck!

-Person A sitting by Person B’s side until they wake up (if you’d like the story to be longer have Person A need to find something magical in order to save them. Bonus if they have to give up their treasure in order to get it.)

-Person A kissing Person B when they wake up and immediately leaving without saying a word.

-Person B is so conflicted because “???? I can’t like Person A!! They’re a pirate!”

-“This is Stockholm syndrome that’s what this is there is no other explanation for this.”

-Person B finally plucks up the courage to talk to Person A and before they can say anything Person A apologizes for kissing them and says that they shouldn’t have done that

-“I can’t be in any romantic entanglements as a captain” “Yeah and I’m your prisoner so that would just be stockholm syndrome haha”

-Both people being severely hurt by what the other said and they don’t speak to each other for a while. Person A keeps thinking about what Person B said over and over

-One day when they’re on land Person A gives Person B their freedom. Person B leaves without hesitation

-Person A is heartbroken. They start to retreat and become mean to anyone in the crew that tries to talk to them.

-Person A distracts themselves by taking on really dangerous adventures. It gets worse and worse until one day they’re in over their heads fighting a skeleton crew

-There’s no way that they can make it through. Suddenly, a third ship crashes into the skeleton ship.

-The third ship’s crew jumps into battle, with Person B leading them

-After the battle Person A asks Person B what they’ve been doing all this time. Person B says that if they were going to be together it had to be “as equals.”

-Person B tells the story about how they “borrowed” their ship and became captain of a crew

-Person B gives Person A a contract that they wrote that makes them partners of the sea, with a 50-50 split of the plunder

-“60-40.” “really? Greedy much?” “fine I’ll allow 50-50, but only if you buy me a drink”

(don’t forget your cliché ending kiss ya big nerds)

The Houses Searching For Treasure

Gryffindor: *Buys a boat, hat, eyepatch, and parrot and becomes a pirate. Forgets the map*

Slytherin: *Finds the person that hid the treasure* Now you tell me where the treasure is or I will kill you.

Ravenclaw: *States all the possible places the treasure could be, ends up in someone’s basement eating chocolate icecream*

Hufflepuff: *The only one who actually find the treasure*

Nemira Bright
Class & level: Warlock lvl 3
Race: Tiefling
Background: Sage, researcher
Allignment: Chaotic neutral
Otherworldly patron: Hermaeus Mora (the great old one)
Arcane focus: A Black Book of Hermaeus Mora
Personal treasure: A well worn but well kept diary (belonged her dead friend Aisha)

Age: 23
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 122 lbs

Pact of the Tomb (Oghma Infinium (Skyrim))
Hellish resistance
Infernal legacy
Awakened mind

Known languages: Common, infernal, primordial, draconic
Weapon profidencies: Simple

Saving throws: Wisdom, charisma
Skill proficiency: Arcana, history, investigation, nature

Weapons: Light crossbow, daggers (3), rapier

STR: 9 (-1)
DEX: 14 (+2)
CON: 13 (+1)
INT: 16 (+3)
WIS: 10 (0)
CHA: 17 (+3)

Hitpoints: 26
AC: 13
Hit dice: 3d8

Spellcasting ability: Charisma
Spell save DC: 13
Spell attack bonus: +5

Eldritch blast
Minor Thaumaturgy (Infernal legacy)
Light (pact of the tomb)
Spare the dying (pact of the tomb)
Mage hand (pact of the tomb)

Lvl 1 spells
Arms of Hadar
Comprehend languages

Lvl 2 spells (2 spell slots)
Crown of madness
Misty step
Hellish rebuke (infernal legacy)

Personality traits
There is nothing I like more then a good mystery.
I ask a lot of questions.

Nothing should fetter the infinite possibility inherent in all existence.

I’ve been searching my whole life for the answer to a certain question.

Unlocking an ancient mystery is worth the price of a civilization.
I’m easily distracted by the promise of information.

Abandonned at birth, Nemira Bright was raised by scholars at one of the southern lands most
prestigious library’s.
From young age she was taught how to assist the sages in research and how to find and take in knowledge. Nemira loved to read and learn and therefor felt satisfied with staying at the library and learning and researching for her whole life.

At the age of 17 through an horrible accident happened, there was a earthquake that caused parts of the building to collapse and unfortunately Nemira and her two closes friends happened to be in the area when it collapsed.
Nemira came out of it with minor injuries but her two friends not so much. The youngest of the three, a half elf names Aisha was immediately killed due to a falling pillar and the oldest of them, a human named Menma was struck in the head by a falling stone and ended in critical condition.

When the other sages reached them they just barely managed to somewhat stabilize Menma but she was still tethering on the edge of death and the healers was uncertain if she would survive for much longer. In desperation to save her only surviving friend Nemira turned to an ancient ritual she had read about in passing, a ritual that was said to allow the user access to immense knowledge.
Wanting to save Menma’s life she quickly assembled and went through with the ritual.

Through the ritual she came in to contact with one of the old ones.
An daedra by the name of Hermaeus Mora, in exchange for knowledge, Nemira agreed to give him his soul and become his servant.
He granted her a boon one of his Black Books to learn from and use to cast magic. With this boon she managed to heal Menma and stabilize her.
But the tragedy still wasn’t over, through Menma now was alive and well, she had lost any
personal memory of friends or family. She retained most general knowledge of the world around her, but any memories of people precious to her was gone.
A couple of weeks after Menma was healed, Nemira couldn’t bear in anymore. She had lost one friend to death and her second friend couldn’t remember her anymore.
The became to much for her and after packing her things and saying goodbye to everyone she
headed of into the world. To seek knowledge and the ability to make sure that she never have to suffer such a loss again.

Now 23 years old, Nemira has become more and more obsessed with knowledge, she wants to know anything there is to learn of this world.
During her travels she has left her home land and made her way to [insert name of the country in the campaign here]

Through her patreon she has learned magic and the challenge of learning new spells is something she relishes.
Hermaeus Mora is for most part passive to her but if she finds any trails for new of forgotten
knowledge he tends to send her pointers and at times help on how to find them.
(Hermaeus Mora is taken from the elder scrolls lore, if you want to know more about that specific daedra go read up on him on the skyrim wiki)

Nemira is obsessed with knowledge and books, she travels the land searching for knowledge and rumours of hidden mysteries.
Nemira follows the ten chaotic commandments to an extent. She usually tries to follow them but she can make exceptions for treasured people, knowledge or extreme boredom.
She also prefers to avoid doing any of the ten chaotic natural sins

drew911d  asked:

JNINUNIJDNIUUFIN I LOVE THIS BLOG??? Literally instantly followed when I first saw your AU god it's so well done- Anyways;; I was wondering how Ouma and Amami would interact in the AU without Saihara around them? Hooh boy-

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RFA+Saeran, V, Vanderwood, & Rika as Kpop Songs

(Listening to the songs then reading the translated lyrics is recommended) 


  • Hello by SHINee
  • Worried about what to say
  • A little self conscious but trying to work up the courage to talk to you 
  • He’s a faithful angel who will stay by your side 


  • Just Right by GOT7
  • The song talks about self confidence and image issues which I feel Zen feels strongly about helping others with since he has had his own doubts
  • He loves you the way you are and not who people want you to be 
  • He finds your flaws beautiful and wants you to be comfortable with him 


  • I Like You by GOT7
  • A mix of soft voices and harsher upbeat tones that I think show off her personality 
  • You’re the treasure she doesn’t want anyone else to find 
  • She loves you and does’t want you to ever doubt “why”


  • Blood Sweat & Tears by BTS
  • Darker tones with sinful lyrics 
  • The fashion suits Jumin pretty well *pun intended* 
  • Even if the love is painful he’ll gladly take suffer through as long as he can be with you 


OMGT by Madtown 

  • Watch the music video, you’ll understand… 
  • The lyrics are cute yet threatening 
  • The comedy is evident 
  • I can see him liking the dance to the chorus 


  • Boy In Luv by BTS
  • Angsty boy who doesn’t know how to show his feelings 
  • His actions and words rarely match from sweet words to giving you the cold shoulder and vice versa 
  • Loud in your face music that expresses emotion suits Saeran well and makes a good cover for when he occasionally, secretly listens to soft melodies 


  • Beautiful by Monsta X 
  • He knows he should stay away but he’s drawn to your light
  • Everyday he wants to tell you how beautiful you are
  • If you’ll help him work through the pain he wants to open his heart to you 


  • SPY by B.A.P
  • It sounds cliche but it’s true
  • He keeps his distance while trying to figure out his feelings 
  • He’s slowly falling for you but won’t act on his emotions, choosing to only protect you instead


  • Overdose by EXO
  • A dangerous love
  • No matter how much you want to quit you struggle
  • You can’t stay away
Reasons to live, BNHA edition

- Iida Tenya waving around his arms
- Emo birb
- Kirishima with his hair down
- The adorable level over 9000 that is elf Sasuke (aka Amajiki)
- Uraraka cheerleading to calm her nerves
- Asui Tsuyu, just all of her
- Kirishima and Bakugou’s dynamic
- Tetsutetsutetsutetsutetsutetsutetsutetsu
- Monoma’s masterful smug faces
- The millions of smug faces in the series
- Hagakure and Ojiro’s friendship
- Deku’s adorableness
- Bakugou’s hero names (King of Explodokills is still my fav)
- Nicknames given by Bakguou (Shitty hair, hair for brains, soy sauce face…)
- Sero’s plainness
- Kaminari overcircuiting
- Satou baking
- Todoroki and Deku being friends
- Shinsou Hitoshi, enough said
- Kendo taking Monoma with her as a perverse person for the treasure hunt
- Bakusquad
- Mina Ashido being way stronger than everyone initially thinks
- Class 1B
- Class 1A
- Mei Hatsume’s enthousiasm
- Overhaul and Dabi being awesomely designed villains
- The awesomeness that is Aizawa

(these are just a few, feel free to add your own :) )

Ancient Egyptians say you only really die if you are forgotten.

It’s amazing, the stories of people we know and their names that have still managed to survive, despite attempts to strike their existence from history…

In YGO’s Ancient Egypt, however, every trace of Pharaoh Atem’s name was stricken from existence – out of love and duty. How hard that must have been for the NEW Pharaoh Seto, who loved and worshipped his cousin, to decree his name be destroyed, for HIM to be destroyed. I wonder if he held the chisel himself. I wonder how hard the last one had to be to bring himself to do. And then maybe that wasn’t even the last one; if another turned up, he must steel his heart to destroy that one as well. Did he hope he missed one? And he did successfully destroy every trace of his name, but he left the tablet of their battle otherwise intact. What other personal treasures did he leave in his tomb? Was it not filled with gold and food and skiffs and statue servants, since he would not need them if he was truly forgotten? His body was still mummified. Was that publicly known, or did he have to carry that out in secret? We do know the obvious ray of hope he left: the promise of a wish for whoever solved the puzzle, and brought him back.

…I think about this a lot, whenever things come up about people trying to eradicate traces of history, especially Pharaohs. I also think about this whenever Kaiba says he will “destroy” Yugi, but then never actually finishes the job…