I found this incredible antique store in Brooklyn and there was this fucking EPIC massive glitter-globe music box that played Fly Me To The Moon with a rotating glittering Dragon battling a Wizard that I literally cried over 

Today's Adventure.
  • Me:Jacob, I just found out there is going to be two Snow White films coming out next year!
  • Jacob:What?? How?? Is there any trailers?
  • Me:No, not yet. But Kristen Stewart is going to be Snow White in one of the films. She is going to ruin it!! Although, Chris Hemsworth is going to be in it too and he is super sexy. Maybe that will make up for Kristen Stewart.
  • Jacob:Haha. Well he is OKAY..
  • Me:No. He is super freakin gorgeous man!! I want to drool every time I look at his face.
  • Jacob:Haha. He looks like me...except I'm a bit better
  • Me:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that is the biggest lie I've ever heard!
Today's Adventure.
  • Joe:How could you hate Rise of the Planet of the Apes?
  • Me:I said I loved AND hated it at the same time.
  • Joe:How does that even work?
  • Me:Joe, what are my two most favorite things in the entire world?
  • Joe:Uhh...animals and old people?
  • Me:ANIMALS AND OLD PEOPLE! That movie had animal cruelty and the adorable little old man had Alzheimers and died. That movie made me sad and want to cry! BUTTTTTT it was really well done and I thought it was very intense. So I loved it AND hated it at the same time.

I won’t have internet for a little while so that sucks. I’m not exactly sure when I’ll get it back. So until I do, I’ll probably be a little absent from tumblr.

I am very upset with the awards yesterday!! Tangled should have won best original song, not Toy Story 3!! Yes that was a great movie and all, but Tangled had the better songs! I stopped watching after that because of how upset I was about it! Way to ruin my Sunday night T.V.!

~On another note. I love playing Naruto Ultimate Ninja. It’s very addicting.

Today's Adventure.
  • -playing pokemon stadium with cousins and sister-
  • Me:Well grass is effective against water right? I'm 99.9 percent positive, because water helps grass grow so it can't be effective against grass.
  • Alex:THAT IS STUPID LOGIC, but yes you're right.
  • Me:I knew I was. And ice is good against grass, yes? Because in winter grass dies...
  • Alex:Oh my god please stop while you're ahead.
Today's Adventure
  • Joe:Hey do you still plan on getting a fohawk?
  • Me:Yeah, why?
  • Joe:Because I came up with a brilliant idea!!
  • Joe:You could dye the sides of your hair as close to your skin color as possible and the middle could be red
  • Joe:And since you plan on keeping it long you would look like Ponyta :)