Personal Project


This is the reason why I haven’t been very active as of late. I’m currently working on two animated films, one about foo dogs and another about a bear. This is the major project because this is my senior film, or the film I need to finish before I graduate. These are just concept work before I really get into the full development of the film before actual animation; I’m so excited!

So the idea is basically this: A baby bear goes fishing to feed its sick mother.

If you’re wondering about the style choice, I’m taking inspiration from the Haida artstyle and trying to implement some of it into my film. C:

I gotta pitch this badboy to the school’s animation professors, so wish me luck!

Universus is the Latin word for universe. It’s a word composed of unus (one) and versus (rotated or converted). That is, one and everything that surrounds it. The word unus expresses an integral whole that does not admit division. Thus, universe means the point where everything joins and spins.

‘For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.’ —Carl Sagan

Digitally painted with Wacom Intuos, using stock photos (and NASA’s) as reference and textures.

Another 3D piece that I just completed.  I decided to redo a piece I had done in 2015. Took me about a week worth of evenings. I needed something to distract me from my Starlord sculpt so that I could come back to it with a fresh perspective. 

Done in Zbrush, render comped in Photoshop.

You can see better resolution on my artstation :