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You know, just because harry thought about malfoy does not mean that he likes him, he thought about every one, Sirius, dumbles, Ron, Neville and almost every character in the series, so Drarry is not real because he married Ginny

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I’m busy laughing at this weak ass argument, so I won’t even try reasoning with you. I wrote a huge thingy, but after a lot of thought *sarcasm* I decided it’s not worth it.

Just know that Draco is the 9th most mentioned character in the series (behind Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Hagrid, Snape, Voldemort and Sirius) and Ginny is not even the most mentioned Weasley (Ron, Fred, George and Arthur are before here), but whatever.

Drarry is real and nothing will change that. Bye.

dave malloy will be in europe in august

karen olivo will be in europe in august

lin-manuel will be in europe in august

i will be in europe in august

dear europe, please shrink so much i won’t have to regret not meeting the loves of my life


So the absolutely amazing @ptxtmblr created this thing called “Beauty Positivity Day” and I am going to participate because it is amazing and I really like it!

I’m really insecure about myself and my body, but some things I like are my hands cause they’re kind of pretty and make nice music, my eyes cause they’re kinda blue idk and my hair cause it’s… pretty?

I chose these pictures because I feel the best about myself when I’m on stage and singing/performing and I think it shows in photos.

ter-jaiden replied to your photoset “My current favorite settler is called Crandon and he’s a guard in…”

Where do we find him?

He was randomly generated! I am using the Don’t Call Me Settler! mod which gives names to all settlers and you can rename them, too. The mod has a lot more functions that help out with running your settlements better + make the game more immersive.
The only thing I changed on Crandon was giving him an Atom Cats jacket instead of the greaser outfit he had on when he arrived to Sanctuary.


А ещё есть у меня привычка летом менять заставку телефона обязательно на фото, сделанные мной и которые связаны с какими-то запоминающимися моментами.✨✨✨

Know that the failures that hit us – even the jagged, monumental, awful, destruction-ridden failures – aren’t defining moments within our lives. They’re aren’t enemies, or even little bits of brazen trouble to feel powerless over. The unique failures that make up our lives are apart of our unique story. They’re meant to guide us, enlighten us, push us to try again in a way that works better for our mind, body, and soul. Consider them to be important catalysts for the next steps we must take. Consider them makers instead of takers, because that’s exactly what they can be with the right perspective.