GUYS IVE REACHED 1K IM SO HAPPY I LOVE YOU ALL! SPEACIAL THANKS to bo0seungkwan(absolute bae), 96jww(<3 ily stay strong), vernonshit(youre awesome!), w-0nwoo(ily *^*), seokmins-angel(ily kait!!!), ty-dk(thank you senpai *^*), the17ness(awesome author guys!!!), dongjinja(bae <3), awoozing(ure so amazig <3), scoupsz(thanks so much!!!), minghaozz (<3 <3), whywonwoo (<3 ;) ), holyvernon (ure so cool!), je-onwonwoo(ily thanks!), jeon-wonwoo(ly thanks so much!!!)

i also wanna thank michael-hyung, wenjunoui and jhorsearmy, senpai mutuals who gave me encouragement and most importantly, everyone who followed me! 

As I promised before, I will make a follow forever cause this is my second goal and I thought I’d never make it OTL