Para mí eres como mi antiguo hogar. Me explico: hace tiempo que me fui, sin embargo, a veces, me dan muchas ganas de volver, y que al hacerlo todo sea exactamente como antes, como cuando era niña. Pero no. No importa cuánto lo quiera o desee, nada será igual jamás… Lo mismo me pasa contigo, pero, aún sin importar qué tan lejos vaya o cuán lejos estemos, siempre voy a querer regresar a ti. Ahora es cuando eso de que ¨casa también es una persona¨ tiene sentido. Tú eres casa. De algún modo eres mi otro domicilio.
—  Karina Montero.

Meet my new oc, Shauna Cadash! 100% super orginal, free-range inquisitor, didn’t take any inspiration from anywhe…

It’s me. I made me into an Inquisitor. Inquisime if you will. I blame @halfblood-fiend

for comparison:

I tried going human and elf but I just couldn’t get my face right. And then DAI confirmed what I knew all along, I am a dwarf.

Also the fucking angles are killing me, I feel you inquisime

(at least varric is still smaller)

My Katsucon cosplay list! 

Durarara/Izaya: Friday  
Idolish: Friday  
Utapri: Friday  
Owari no Seraph: Saturday 
Magi: Saturday  

I’ll be on hiatus this weekend. (also next weekend for magfest) 
Hope to see you guys there~

it’s not even 9:30pm and i just want to get into bed and fall asleep. i feel so fucking miserable and this day has been shit. i feel like ripping my skin off and banging my head on the wall and downing a bottle of pills. everything fucking sucks and i’m so fucking SICK of feeling so goddamn miserable and anxious and pathetic all the time. i just want to cry and sleep and never wake up because i’m just so tired of going through this every single day. i give up.

pixel art is making me so happy right now i love that i am teaching myself a new creative thing that has such a low barrier to entry (i’m using dotpict, which is free on my phone) and is an area i’ve always had a hard time with in traditional art (using color), and tumblr is constantly suggesting pixel art to me and just. oh man. being genuinely interested in something makes me feel more like a person instead of a vague cloud in a meat vessel, yanno?