Live video cr@p...

Thank you all, girls and boys, children of all ages for your lovely comments. It really makes me happy that you enjoyed this silliness.

It almost hurts a bit to say that of course doing this all also serves a bit of a serious purpose. There are some bigger, less nonsensical reasons behind that - yes, I know: booooring. I don’t want to give away too much (yet), but I have been testing various ways to indeed go live on Tumblr.
It seems that the service I was using so far (”Upclose”) didn`t work for everyone. In particular there seem to be issues with Firefox (no playing at all), and Chrome (stopping at a certain point in time) on Windows. Playing via apps seemed to have worked on both, iOS and Android.

So… the testing will contiune, and until I have found a reliable way to ensure a smooth streaming experience (haha) prepare for more cr@p ;) I have enough suggestions for future readings from all of you, so thank you for that as well! And no, Paul @babalou71! No!

(I’m gravitating towards YouTube btw and already enabled the streaming feature which would allow me to do a live stream together with one or more of YOU out there - ha! How about that?!)