If you are a lone female driver, please be careful picking up the most well dressed hitchhiker. My mother’s second husband used to beat her so she moved cross country from Arizona to Florida in 1980. Vincent, her husband, hitch hiked across the country to find her. He looked like a nice, well meaning man, and he was handsome as well. A 19 year old college student picked him up. He raped her and then slit her throat, then made off with her car. Luckily she was able to literally crawl to the highway where she was found and then hospitalized. Unfortunately, even though he had rape charges, attempted murder charges, and conspiracy to commit murder charges (he was planning on killing my mother), the thing that landed him in prison the longest was grand theft auto. When the police did their investigation they found out he had married my mother under a fake name even.My mom was always terrified of him finding her so she had to cover her internet tracks and make sure he never made the connection, she divorced him while he was in prison in a different state so all she had to do was post a newspaper notice. My mom’s been through a lot of things, and a lot of abusive men but I know he’s the thing that scraes her the most.

I think it is important we work towards actively helping those who are homeless, I really do. But I saw a text post saying to help out the homeless to pick up hitchhikers who looked nice and that is SO dangerous, and terrifying that some women might do this. The killer hitchhiker is not some bogey man from a cheesy horror movie. He’s real. So please be careful, if you’re a woman or someone who otherwise could not defend themselves from such an attack, don’t pick up hitchhikers. 


Siyempre hindi naman mawawala ang groupie kahit na sobrang pagod at haggard na. Hahahahaha. Injured pa si Abby diyan pero nakuha pang ngumiti, oh di ba. Hahahaha.

mistystarbright asked:

What's your religion? I've been wondering this since you made an entire film that's sort of dedicated to it.

You know?  I don’t really have an exact answer. 

I was raised in what I call “Sitcom Family Christianity”.  Like, you went to church as a kid, and you wore your “sunday best” on Easter, but you get the feeling that it’s really more about looking good in the community and instilling Christian Values™ in your kids than it is about worship or personal belief.  The Flanders family lives across the street, and they’re devout, upstanding citizens who look forward to going to church every week.  But you’re the Simpson family. 

You might’ve gone to some VBS sessions or a bible camp, and yeah, maybe you could quote John 3:16 if you really had to, but your heart’s not in it.  That’s the sort of thing I’m kinda basing W2H off of; is this super midwestern, almost folk-religion version of Christianity.  It’s this presence that’s always there, beneath the surface, but it’s hard to define.  It’s just part of the culture.  You have these ideas about God and the Devil and Hell, but it’s nothing you’ve read or studied extensively, it’s just something you’ve heard somewhere.

Maybe once every few years, late at night, you’re at the end of your rope and you don’t know where else to turn, so you kind of uncomfortably get down on both knees and pray by your bedside, opening with “I’m not normally a religious man, but…” and closing by stuttering over the “amen”. 

I don’t know.  I think religion is a very personal thing for people, and maybe some people dig the organized religion thing, and they get something out of a community worshiping service, but I think, like… really, religion isn’t something you can teach or force on people; it’s something you need to come to your own conclusions about.  (Shout out to Eastern religions for nailing this on the head.  That’s why I’m not bringing you up, you’re all about self reflection as it stands anyway.  You dudes seem to get it.) 

I don’t think about religion a lot, actually.  But I think if there is some divine being who created life and the universe as we know it, they’re prooooobably not up there fussing over us and trying to regulate our lives; looking down at us–these tiny little specks–and saying “okay, but you guys with the matching dirty bits, you’re not allowed to file joint tax returns.”.  Like… I just don’t see that being likely.  If we were designed intelligently, it was by a being that was enlightened enough to give us free will, haha. 

I’m not sure if that answers your question.  I guess “agnostic” would be the appropriate response here, but I’m not exactly jumping at the chance to label it that either. 

Some things you may not know about me

1. I’m practically a nudist. When I’m home, I’m either in undies or nothing. I like the feeling of my freed flesh

2. I know I’ve said this before but it’s not something I often mention: my tongue and both my nipples are pierced. 6 years for my tongue as of this year and 4 years for my nipples on my birthday

3. I’m still as mermaid/ocean obsessed as ever. I’ve just been inland for too long

4. Sleeping is one of my favorite hobbies

5. I have a lot of scars and freckles

6. My ears are different to each other

i have this ‘friend’ that kinda keeps bragging about how skinny she is and stuff and i think she thinks it affects me but it really doesnt bc i’M CHUBBY AND I’M PROUD BC MY BODY IS HELLA CUTE

Sobrang pagod ng training kanina. From 9am to 12nn. Hahahahaha. Hindi naman namin alam na magkaka serious training kami kanina. Eh naglalaro lang naman talaga kami ng MWF, tapos yun na yung training namin. Eh bigla kaming nagkaron ng mga coaches kanina. Yung dalawang knights sa church. Biglang nagkaron ng stretching and all. Mejo nabigla katawan namin, pero keri. Hahahaha. Nag enjoy naman ako kahit na sinapo ng noo ko yung bola kanina. Hahahahahahaha. Sa Friday ulit niyan, hay.


Nothing stays in the end
This life, my eyes
My heart
Has withered away

I can’t see the world the same at all
Could you really love
Someone who can’t feel it anymore

I’m consumed by hate
If you looked into me
It would burn you empty

And there’s a sadness
I can’t reconcile
Can’t quell or sate
It pulls in everything

It’s all slipping away
Like the chair beneath me
Third time might just be the charm
Because I can never seem to sleep
The devil is smiling I can tell
He knows my soul is his to keep

Help me
I don’t want to see the world
In shades of grey and indifference

I’m not ready
To die
But if it’s my only way out
I’ll step up, step off
Cleared mind of all doubt

Can’t seem to be loved
So what’s the point
Can’t seem to speak
So I scream in silence and lines