I don’t normally make posts like this, but please pray for my grandma. She’s been in the hospital for almost a week now and has gotten progressively worse. Went from having a heart attack, to almost being overdosed on the meds she’s been given, then losing the ability to walk, won’t eat or drink anything so she’s at the risk of kidney failure and now she can’t do catheter surgery because of her blood pressure and kidneys. Not sure how long she’s gonna still be with us, so any good wishes would be greatly appreciated

does anyone else experience going to reblog something you like, finding you’re blocked by that user, checking out their blog to see if there’s an obvious reason, seeing that they actually reblogged from you a few times and are cool or even friends with your friends, and kind of immediately knowing that someone must have privately contacted them to tell them why they think you’re shitty, and now you know someone cool and nice has been possibly lied to but there’s no non-creepy way to talk to them about it and they’ll probably never believe you so all you can do is blacklist or block them back and try not to think about it again? Is that just me?

me: i’m so excited to move out !!! it will be fun

also me: *can’t live alone or be alone for long periods of time, cries randomly throughout the day, constantly paranoid i’m being watched, terrified of basic human interaction*