im just gonna say, some of you guys are super lucky to have your family actually support your hobbies and interests, drawing has always been my parent’s way to keep me busy while they’re at work and they’ve never took my art seriously. 

Today my mom just told me I should delete my illustrations from my design portfolio site as I’m not caught up for illustration. It really sucked to hear your own mom saying you’re not good at what you love doing most and thought you are getting better at. 

I draw to make myself and others happy, I feel like drawing has always been my way to escape and till today not one of my real life friends or family actually know about this blog or that I upload artworks on the internet. It’s still surreal sometimes how much I have to hide ..drawing? 

Anyways, I encourage anyone to draw even if they think they’re bad. I never had the full support for it, and even my current tablet was bought by my highschool friends. To see that so many of you here actually appreciate my stupid doodles really make me feel like I’m actually worth and it makes me want to keep drawing even though I’ve been told its a waste of time and it’s not productive. 

I am still going to draw and make more things and have my own way of proving them wrong. thats why i guess it hit me hard when i watched tatinof as their whole message was if it makes you happy and others happy its all that matters. I do agree, ive had people message me that this blog makes them happy and it makes me happy to make others happy from my art and that’s definitely not a waste of time. 

“What of the galaxies and souls we
cannot touch? Or the people and places
we will never reach?

Do you not wonder about everything
that could’ve happened, everything that
could’ve been but isn’t?”

“No, I do. But it doesn’t change much,
does it? Even if everything were different,
it’d be the same, a different kind of same.
But the same nonetheless, because everything
would be different.”

“So we’ll be the same?”

“You and I are constant.”



—  “2am reality checks” remnant-thoughts

okay so i have been thinking about it for a long time and feeling it for a long time and i am now ready to accept and own and be proud of the fact that i am a boy. and a girl. and sometimes i’m neither.

idk if i will ever be ready for a label but for now i have tentatively dubbed myself genderfluid. everything makes SO MUCH SENSE NOW i can’t believe

and since I’ve always repressed and shied away from my masculine side i would like to explore it more, so for now i am using him/they pronouns. i just want to see what it feels like (so far it feels great)


#stayaliveoctober: Presentation


I am your humble host, Carina - also known as Zombie, but I promise that it won’t be me chasing you through this challenge! ;)

I am 32 years old and from Sweden, and when I am not busy working or hanging out with my boyfriend I try to train for a 21k I am going to run in May 2017. THAT IS SUPER SCARY! More scary than zombs or turning grey, actually.

I owe all of my thanks to Zombies, Run! 5k for actually getting started with and being able to run. This is where my love of Zombies, Run! started, and I have been a fan ever since. It’s been a while since I used ZR! though, due to problems with my phone + external music player, so for this year’s #stayaliveoctober I have decided to reset my Abel Township and start over from scratch again. Really looking forward to get to know all the characters and the story all over again! :)) 

If you have any questions for me regarding me/my background OR #stayaliveoctober OR Zombies, Run! - feel free to send an ask and I will get back to you whenever possible!

Have fun - and make sure to STAY ALIVE!

Need Your Help!

Hey friends!  I am working on a project in school that collects quotes, poetry, prose, and all sorts of observations from the world around us into a small book called a ‘Commonplace Book’.  

I would love it if you could leave me one of your favorite quotes or poems here that I could include into my entries this week.  Whether it’s something that has helped to shape how you think or left you puzzled to this day, I would love to see a piece of your perception to muse on. :)  Thank you! <3


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I want to try something new. I love reading but I am awful at just reading the authors I already love. So, anyone wanna recommend their favourite book/author? 

(I’ve already read basically everything by Pratchett, Tolkien, Rowling, Dickens, Woolf, Austen, Hobb, Gaiman, etc in that direction). 

I am not fussed with genre, I am an allreader :D

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im having such a peaceful day, and it’s so rare for me to just feel calmness like this but!! i sat in front of the oven with a bowl of microwaved broccoli while watching cinnamon sugar puff pastry cook and i sang along to twenty one pilots while i cleaned the kitchen and now im singing along to 80s songs while i clean up my blog and i love soft productive days its nice

I tend to complicate things when I see something good is about to happen to me. I tend to lose interest in someone who is interested in me. I tend to push away the good and pull in the bad. I’m afraid of love and anyone who wants love from me because I gave all I had to those who never wanted it to begin with.
—  t.i // Protecting myself from another heartbreak.