Hey guuuys how are you doing?! :D Sooooo, I made a new theme to welcome again our little cute hq!! bbiiieees!! º\(>U<)/º Wanted to try some new colors to differ a bit from my other themes (I think I never had a redish theme, except my xmas ones hahah) BUT I enjoy/hope you all like it ; U ; *hugs*
So excitng for the new season!! Let’s cheer for our little crows one more time hehe XD Wish you an awesome night/day darlings!! Love ya ;D

ok so

i just unfollowed a bunch of unactive blogs so im looking for some new people to follow!

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U know when I first started playing MM, I was actually mega thirsty for Zen and I was aiming for him, but stupid me forgot to save, so I like, lost several chat days, thus having to restart the game. When I replayed it, there was a chatroom where Zen was complaining about not having a gf and he was like “I’ve been single for 5 years…” and I jokingly chose the option “Well, I’ve been single for much longer.” AND U KNOW WHAT HE SAID TO ME???

Zen: “Oh maybe you’re just unattractive lol”

BITCH WHAT. U CAN’T JUST FLIRT WITH ME AND CALL ME CUTE AND THEN TAKE IT BACK AND CALL ME UNATTRACTIVE. Shit man, that hurt me so much, I was like “how could u say that to me you cold, sexy, son of a bitch… I loved u, I wanted to lick ur abs.”

Instead I flirted with Yoosung (where u basically just be nice to him lmao oh man such low standards that boy) and he became my first which is probably why I have a huge attachment to him. I can’t let him go, my cutie prince. So sweet so innocent, but also a lowkey savage. So my type, I like boys like Yoosung~ TT v TT

So I made this video last night of me playing with myself and my kitty looks so pretty I wish I could just send it out in a mass text lmao 😂😂😂😂I’m trying so hard to not show everyone. It’s just so pretty and I’m just so proud lmao