She never asked him to come back. She was too stubborn, too proud, too independent. She didn’t call. She didn’t text. She didn’t say hello. He didn’t come back. He never called. He walked past her without dignifying her with a glance. But every once in a while, he would text her. He would text her what she wanted to read, he would ask her how she was doing, what she’d been up to. From time to time he gave her the impression that he cared. And her heart would break some more every time her phone lit up with his name. It was his way to remind her that he still existed, that he was there, that he would wait for her to come crawling back to him if he called her name. It was his insurance. If he kept being friendly, then maybe she’d come back when he needed her again. When he wanted her again. When he thought she was good enough again. But what he didn’t know was that the more time passed, the more months went by with him leading her on and feeding her lies, the more her heart cut off the ties that bound it to his. And she wouldn’t come back. She’d never come back.
—  evening thoughts #38
lesson learned

I’m currently reading Tales of Shadowhunter Academy and I kid you not: I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been in tears because of TID feels. I don’t think anything fiction has the power to break my heart as deeply as the story of Tessa, Will and Jem. As I mentioned a couple days ago I shipped Wessa hard, Wessa is my number one OTP (but at the same time I wanted Jem to be happy so Jessa feels), but this was the one series that had me shipping the friendship between the boys more than anything else. The bond between Will Herondale and Jem Carstairs breaks my heart every single time and even the slightest mention of the two of them has me in tears in now time. This series is everything. To me this is probably the most beautiful and at the same time most tragic love story in the history of literally, no other speaks to me in the same way.

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I’ll be going on for a small hiatus for awhile, I am just not feeling too well and not myself usually, I never talk about personal stuff on this blog, and that’s my choice alone, but I’ve been feeling down more and more lately. So I am just going to be off for a while, I’ll still browse around and like posts, maybe reblog occasionally, but not as much for a small while till I feel up to par. I will still upload and post edits/tweets. Hope you all understand! Love you guys, keep being you and stay awesome.