Sometimes you meet incredible people and they are so much to you and you are so much to them; and it can be so sincere and beautiful. & temporary; that doesn’t mean it was never real, it was never a truth; it just means they came in to your life for a purpose and maybe you don’t know what that purpose is but I’m sure it’s something along the lines of: everything & everyone and all moments, as beautiful as they can be, are temporary. Live life without expectation; live in the moment and appreciate it all as it is.

To say that the time I spend with you is never long enough would be an understatement. Everyday is a journey towards something bigger than what we know, and sometimes I picture the days way back to the very first time I met you, and you know, I think I just got really lucky. Of course, everyday towards the end-goal isn’t always easy. There are times when you fall, times when you scrape your knee and leave bruises on your skin. But I found you along the way. I didn’t expect you, I didn’t think we would be more back when we overlooked the East River unraveling ourselves to the uncertainties of the world. But if there’s one thing I am certain of, it’s this- I’m glad I chose you. I’m glad I chose to love you, and you allowed me the pleasure of being loved. I’m incredibly thankful you’re in my life now. I’m thankful you’re in my life still, because you drive me to become a better person everyday. You motivate me to do well in my career, in attempt to nurture myself, and you make me feel truly adored and taken care of. You are someone I see myself growing with. And for that, I am thankful even more.

as both a bts stan and a svt stan, boss is watching was such a good show. such good shit

highlights include:

  • scoops the man tanks jeon cena pvp irl 
    • baby boo is #1 cheerleader feat. his leader’s shoes
    • (our competitive kook declares war through meaningful glares throughout the rest of the show)
  • kook pays tribute to his idol zion t by becoming zion t
  • “diva boo: a trot star is born”
  • just in: eomma jin does not swallow, he spits (the water)
  • one leg battle aka everyone gangs up on bts, even bts
    • hobi hopes around screaming… falls
    • yoongi gets tired (ofc)
    • bts loses everything
  • fresh faced rookies seventeen are a bunch of animals and not to be messed with 
    • dk stands for deceitful kick (to jimin’s back whilst the baby angel takes a break to rub his poor calves)
      • dk is strong af don’t mess with dk

Found this old photo stuck in a book that my dad owned. It was “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu oddly enough. The bearded fellow giving me a choke hold is my big brother James. He is retired now, and living in South Fort Worth TX.
I still have most of my fathers belongings in boxes out in the garage, I have not had the heart to go through it yet. I need to, it’s been many years since he passed, but I just keep putting it off each time the thought comes around. Maybe it’s because once I finally go through whats left of his belongings, then that will be the end of it. And I just can’t go there yet.

I bought some perfect books I found today for myself when me and my mom visits a far place to explore.

The Transformers visual works one for my TF G1 character references and illustration (I’m happy too it’s Japanese) while the Machine Rendering book is a good reference for drawing robots and how to color in more realistic way of machines, perfect for my drawing practice of TF! It’s very useful UvU

I don’t know should I feel bad for my mom she got tired of me dragging her on lots of Collector’s/Toy store like we never get to seat to rest and just kept walking straight whole day and night…

Tomorrow I’m off for a while to take visit in a very far place to explore again. Somehow, something to give time for myself to enjoy life away from my stressful life;;