I don’t know that one every truly gets over someone they really loved, but with time the feelings fade and you’ll create new memories with someone else that’ll replace the old ones.

(Posting as part of my small goals thing)

So this is a hard one really, today I’ve not loved my body and I think this photo sums up how I’ve felt today towards if, blurred. I’ve just given it the affection I should have done today. It’s hard at times, seeing my body how it is now and constantly thinking about what I’ll eventually look at and wishing I was at that now. I guess the harder I struggle now, the bigger the reward will feel when i hit that goal. I don’t know😳.

Anyway, the 3 compliment thing:

1 - I won’t give up on myself, even on bad days I’ll still fight my headspace.

2 - I’m special because I’m me, I’m one of a kind.

3 - I’m not defined by my size or body shape. I’m perfect the way I am, tummy and all.

The best time for:

Cursing - Tuesday/Saturday, Waning/Dark Moon
Protection - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, Waxing/Full Moon
Cleansing - Saturday, Waning Moon/Blue Moon
Banishing - Saturday, Waning Moon/Dark Moon
Binding - Tuesday/Saturday, Waning Moon/Full Moon
Healing - Thursday/Sunday, Full Moon/Blue Moon
Enhanced psychic power - Monday, Full Moon/Blue Moon
Love/Friendship - Friday, New Moon/Waxing Moon
Success - Sunday, Waxing Moon/Blue Moon
Luck - Wednesday, Waxing Moon/Blue Moon
Wealth - Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday, Waxing Moon
Peace - Monday, Waning/New Moon
Courage/Strength - Tuesday, Waxing/Full Moon
Intelligence/Wisdom - Monday/Wednesday, Waxing/Full Moon

compiled from my personal collection of correspondences

I think the reason turning 18 is so weird for me is because I never thought I’d make it here. I never really saw myself reaching adulthood, even when I was little. Not really in a tragic death sort of way, I just don’t think I’ll ever properly grow up. But now, for some reason, someone let me become a legal adult, and I have my whole life in front of me. To me, that is insane. I’m still a kid by all means, but now, I can do anything. This is gonna be incredible.