Here’s your reminder to be kind to yourself. Thank yourself for how hard you’ve had to work in this life. Be honest about what scares you and tackle that fear. Immerse yourself in positive things. Take yourself to new places. Forgive yourself for the things you’ve done wrong. See beauty where you normally don’t. Take care of your body. Read. Create. Be inspired. This is the recipe for a better life – one that you deserve. This life is far too great – far too precious – to dwell in the mundane or in the darkness.

I had a really full-on day. I went to university to enrol into my course/units and it was such a stressful experience. Now it’s 8pm and I feel like death, and absolute poop. I hope it’s okay for me to answer advice messages and general asks tomorrow. Sorry xx

In a world like this, I ask from you, ya Allah, to give me a healthy mind and soul. To be able to see & do good in everything I do. To be able to pray my daily prayers with khusyuk & without a miss. And to get Your blessings in everything I do. Because I want my last words will be Your name, ya Allah before I die.

Not really havin a bad night or anything, I just felt like venting a few things on my mind. I love my friends so much. My desert metal friends Val, Jon, Brittany, Krista, Julie. my best friend Ivan. my metal crew Raven, Marina and Viki. My long distance besties Sara, Sverre and Ciré . All the cool people I met on tumblr and people I’ve hung out with. You guys mean the fucking world to me. I couldn’t have made it this far without you guys.

I know it’s not selfie Sunday, but I recently dyed my hair, and it took me hours to sort out the pigments properly, and while the blue isn’t what I would’ve wanted it to (aka barely fuckin there) I’m still super proud of it.

So here’s me in all my shitty phone’s frontal camera glorious 0.3 MP. I fuckin hate my phone…

How to pronounce ‘littleblackchat’

In case you were wondering. I’ve heard a lot of people say chat as in ‘chat roulette’, but it’s actually the French word for cat, as in Chat Noir. Like, you can say it however you want, it doesn’t bother me or anything, but in case people wanted to know:

So it’s basically ‘little black shah’

doctors are not in the business of healing
big pharma is not your friend
it is a business
they want to keep you coming back for more drugs
death is a huge business
sickness is a huge business
you being healthy is not