Things that will be released this spoiler week:

  • New Chapter
  • Bessatsu Shonen’s Second Official Shingeki no Kyojin Popularity Poll
  • Bessatsu Shonen Magazine Cover featuring the Top 3 winners of the poll
  •  Shingeki no Kyojin Volume 16
  • A Choice with no Regrets OVA 2
  • Spoof on Titan Volume 2
  • Before the Fall Volume 5
  • Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou Volume 7
  • Eren’s Issue of Snk Monthly Figure Magazine
  • New Gag Cd
  • New Moblit, Erwin, Mike, and Nanaba Merchandise

This is going to be an exciting one!

I dislike it when people anonymously message me saying they’re depressed and they’re suicidal. It puts me in a bad position. I can’t answer privately and ask what’s wrong & try my best to help. Sometimes I check my messages every other day so if I do answer it, the person might not see it. Messages like those stresses me out. I worry for this anonymous person. I’m not trained to answer them either. I’m always here to talk to you but you have to come off anonymous for me to reply.

But really, if you need help or someone to talk to right away, call a hotline. It really helps to just pick up the phone and talk to someone. If you’re afraid of talking on the phone, there are sites where you can chat with someone.

Sorry if I’ve offended anyone but sometimes this stresses me out so much.

Why do people have to use the anon function to be rude and hateful? What is it about anonymity that brings out the absolute GARBAGE in our society? The only time I use the anon function is when I want to leave a little message of love or encouragement and I don’t want the person to know it’s from me. That’s such a better use for it, I mean come on.
Do me a favor, go leave someone a nice message on anon. Tell them they matter, that they’re beautiful/handsome/smart/creative/unique or all of the above. It helps more than you think.

I’m deleting my blog.

I’m really sorry for anyone who likes this blog, and I really wasn’t planning on ever actually deleting this blog, but it’s gotten to the point were it’s really taking over my life a lot. I spend way too many hours a day on tumblr, and it’s been distracting me from my actual life. I want to spend more time on my work, and more time developing relationships with people around me, and at this point the only way I can see being able to do that is removing this as a distraction.

This is making me really sad too, and hopefully I can make a new blog sometime and rejoin the tumblr fandom. If anyone wants to still keep in touch with me you can follow me on twitter or follow my main blog.

I love all you guys, and it’s been really fun! I’ll reblog this a few more times over the course of the day.

I hate shopping

I hate shopping (I typed it as shipping first time. Not true!) 

I went to town hoping to find a good summer jacket, a nice summer hat and a decent pair of sunglasses.

All the jackets are cropped and end just under my ample bosom, which requires no assistance in making its presence known.

Every hat I tried on made me look like a toad under a mushroom.

All the sunglasses were almost as big as my face, so… no.

I bought myself a colouring book to make myself feel better after what can only be termed as an epic hunter-gatherer fail.

Dear coppy, gusto ko lang malaman mo na naiilang ako pag nandyan ka. saka tagalan mo naman yung break mo oh ang bilis mo bumalik eh. Mag Day off ka muna. please. please lang. mwa.

So tired, cramps have started, I haven’t worn make up in a week, my outfit today is blegh, and I’m bloated beyond belief.

But it’s a beautiful day. I get to study and worship with my brethren tonight, I have coffee in had, my joints and muscles ache from glorious exercise, and I have a free CFA sandwich coupon.

The good outweighs the bad :) have a blessed day everyone!

Oh my god. Whuuuuut

One of the biggest belgian radio stations just asked me if I wanted to come and tell my story on the radio. Whut. Dear god my heart is going crazy

anonymous asked:

I'm confused. Weren't you just ranting about youtubers writing books and how it was all this stupid fad and stuff and now that dan and Phil are doing it, you think it's a fantastic idea and are supporting it 100%? NOT TRYING TO BE A RUDE BITCH, but I was just confused. I know that I sound terrible, but j don't know how else to word this question. Lol.

Even if I did rant about that [i can’t recall doing so here], my opinions on this issue can change over time. As an example, before I was very hesitant and confused why YouTubers were making books but now I do see the greatness of them being respected by traditional media. It also gives them a chance to continue growing successfully outside of YouTube.

However, I do still think despite the great side of all of this, it does come with making important responsible choices which centre around the relationship between the YouTuber and their viewers.
For example, Z*ella lied about writing the book (it was ghost written), the brand ‘Z*ella’ itself was used to get her viewers to buy it and generally the whole ordeal made me upset because it seemed like a quick, impassionate, unthoughtful way to make money from young impressionable girls who looked up to her [better worded here]. Plus the book itself contained problematic ideas to do with slut-shaming and/or girl hate and a lot of other stuff but I can’t find the post that organised all of it fucK

Her brother, J*e, also has a graphic novel on the way and the way he announced it really upset me personally. Daisy (danscrotch) wrote a really good post about why that sucked though so I’d read that if I were you.

The thing with Dan and Phil’s book is that, although rn it might not have been the most original thing [that can be very hard to come by nowadays though so I’m not too upset on that issue], they have genuine motives and tbh I have no reason to doubt/hate them for it as they haven’t done anything problematic to do with it so far. I have no reason not to support the people I admire when it comes to this book and tour.
I’m excited and happy for them.
And the thing is they are too.
Honestly, just listening to them talk about it (also here) you can tell they have put in a lot of passion, effort and time into making this book happen. They understand the great thing that is ‘Dan and Phil’ (not necessarily themselves but the world they have created and the time they have treasured together+with the people who watch their videos) and they wanted to bring it all into one thing that you can physically hold and look back on. They even showed us[/plan to show us more of] the process for the creation of the book and announcement trailer - which alone [even just the trailer by itself!] enforces the reality that they genuinely thought about thisunlike a lot of other YouTubers did with their books/announcements of said books.

Okay, I think that’s everything I can say on the issue but I am open to discuss this more! <3

If you wanna see more of my opinions/opinions I agree with on this topic check out the tag.