Terezi Pyrope is a visually impaired transfer student who forces her way onto the student council’s disciplinary committee where she takes her duties overly seriously. She represents the Justice arcana.

She can be found in front of the student council room on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays - when the council aren’t meeting. If her link is reversed she’ll be on the roof seemingly staring at the sun, although if asked she’ll deny it. As you progress through her social link you’ll support her as she comes to terms with her partial blindness and the events that lead to it. You can’t level her link up past level 8 until Vriska transfers to your school in July. Once her link is completed she’ll give you her old law books, stating that she bought the audio versions.

Before the seventh full moon she’ll stop showing up to school, having been called out of her coffin. She fights with the persona Athena and uses mainly light and status boosting/lowering attacks.

The only thing deader than her pulse is her personality! The Corpse that Transcends Time: Aradia Megido!

“I’ll show you the beauty of death!”

And I’m officially done with this enough that I no longer want to look at it!

P4Arena!stuck drawing just for fun because I love the faux commercial so much! Featuring Aradia, who is the Death arcana and uses the persona Macaria

(and for anyone wondering, I did put her in a Gekkokan uniform on purpose)