Aside from desktop wallpapers, I also made some for phones.  Here’s my Persona collection so far.

Dimensions: 1440x2550 px

My DeSu 1 and 2 phone wallpapers and HQ versions of these on my Imgur


Persona Concerts (2008 - Present)

  • PERSONA MUSIC LIVE -Velvetroom in AKASAKA BLITZ- (8/22/2008)
  • PERSONA MUSIC LIVE 2009 -Velvetroom in Wel City Tokyo-(9/19/2009)
  • PERSONA MUSIC LIVE 2012 -MAYONAKA TV in TOKYO International Forum- (4/8/2012)
  • PERSONA MUSIC FES 2013 in NIPPON BUDOKAN (8/13/2013)
  • PERSONA MUSIC BOX 2014 (10/19/2014)
  • PERSONA LIVEHOUSE TOUR 2015 (9/24/2015)
  • GAME SYMPHONY JAPAN 18th/19th/21st CONCERT ATLUS Special ~Persona 20th Anniversary~ (8/16/2016, 11/27/2016, 12/25/2016)
  • Persona Series in a nutshell: Boi, the gods have gone crazy and only Philemon and a large nosed elegant old man recruit students who feel out of this society and/or world to make them know that the power of friendship and summoning stands are powerful against anything

So I was looking at the persona casts’ ages at around the time P5 would be taking place and I’m crying.
K, so on the wiki, people have gaged Rise to be about 21 by the end of the game (cause she’s apparently developed a sex appeal after hitting 20. It’s in game during a commercial thingy I’m pre sure. Can’t recall 100% when off the top of my head though), so this has the game taking place at least 4 years after all the P4 shenanigans. This puts our yaso-second year babies at about 21-22, and Nao and Kanji at about 20-21
With this in mind, the port island-second years are 24, third years are 25, anD KEN MY SMOL SON IS
E I G H T E E N.
(Again, this is with the belief that the game falls in line with the 2016/2017 year)
THEN - here’s where it hits - this means that the main babes from P2IS (Tatsu, Ei, etc) are 35, Naoya/Earring Babe’s crew from P1 are in and around 37-38, Maya is 40, Katsuya is 42…
You guys I started crying my faves aren’t teenagers anymore I shouldn’t be emotional about this dammit


“Your powers… are hidden deep within your heart… Like a god or devil, it is "another self”… Like a god, filled with love… Like a demon, merciless… Humans… go through life with many faces… Your current appearance is just another face… And so is your Persona… one of many…“

             -Philemon, Persona 2 Eternal Punishment

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