Persona Q

Another hiatus….but I brought some new drawings…..hoping to table for AN this year!!!

Anyways, I’ve got Kuroko and Kagami on the left, and Elizabeth from PQ on the right!!! It was my first time working with CMYK and found that colour changes drastically when I post on the web…..:00

Hopefully I’ll be posting more wip of possible future prints and doodles!!!

Well, I finally found my 3DS.

Turns out I’d plugged it in to charge in the spare bedroom I use for storage and forgotten about it.

It also turns out that I was in the middle of a battle in Persona Q when I’d set it to charge.

Technically, my character has been fighting the same battle for the last four months.

I think I’ll give him a break.


This is my new year’s gift you all of you, my followers! Thanks for keeping me motivated in bringing you all the tensei trivia I can muster!


Holy crap Kanji



I would like to personally thank ATLUS for making our dreams come true