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I’m probably going to try to write a paragraph or three for each of these (maybe barring a few that don’t fit so well), but I figured I’d open this up for prompts; pick a number and some sort of SouYo incarnation - Souji/Yosuke, Yu/Yasu, Yu/Yosuke, Souji/Yosuke/Yu, shadow!versions, adult! versions, AU versions, shadow x non shadow (s!Yosuke x Souji, for example), throw Nanako in there if you want (since they’re non-sexual), be creative! (Just probably not Yu x Souji or shadow x host, since that weirds me out a bit.) If there’s any sort of details you want included, just let me know, too.

I’ll post them as I write them, and then I plan on turning all ~100+ of them into a long drabble post later.

This prompt originally came from this post. I’ve reblogged it before, but wanted to add the prompt before the post; if you reblog please reblog from the original, as they’re the awesome blog that came up with it!

  1. watching tv/movies together
  2. going to events together like carnivals, festivals etc.
  3. going on dates like to the movies or shopping
  4. sharing secrets
  5. hugs
  6. sharing drinks
  7. phone calls
  8. talking
  9. touching noses
  10. cuddling
  11. philosophical discussions
  12. hand holding
  13. sharing jokes
  14. sharing smiles
  15. laying your head on someone’s shoulder
  16. linking arms
  17. massages
  18. tickling
  19. playing with hair
  20. scratching backs
  21. tracing designs on arms
  22. talking about the future
  23. a hand written note
  24. moving your head to their chest and listening to their heartbeat.
  25. singing together or playing instruments together
  26. dancing
  27. feeding each other
  28. drawing/writing on one another
  29. brushing your partners hair
  30. sharing food
  31. sitting knee to knee across from each other
  32. doing beauty treatments like facials or manicures, hair dying or face masks
  33. reading books together
  34. take care of your partner when sick
  35. talking about the relationship (how I feel with you, How I feel w/ this relationship)
  36. cooking together
  37. head-scratches
  38. hugging
  39. discussions about yourselves (like flaws, shortcomings, passions, stuff)
  40. being physically/emotionally vulnerable
  41. just sleeping together,
  42. an actual open honest conversation
  43. bathing and taking care of hygiene together
  44. butterfly kisses
  45. nuzzling
  46. telling on-the-fly stories
  47. meditating or sharing spirituality
  48. grooming
  49. sharing hobbies
  50. studding
  51. sharing personal stories
  52. shaving
  53. seeing each other without make-up or all dressed up
  54. moral support for major events
  55. crying, sharing emotions, comforting each other
  56. listening to someones heartbeat or breathing
  57. camping/hiking
  58. sleepovers
  59. being with animals together
  60. going on trips together
  61. sharing clothes/jewelry/personal items
  62. sharing online social media
  63. cleaning someone else’s living space
  64. going with them to a doctor/therapist
  65. doing art together
  66. kissing different body parts
  67. making out
  68. volunteer together
  69. work together
  70. talking about wants and desires
  71. experience new things together
  72. do an extracurricular together
  73. play games together
  74. play sports together
  75. walking together
  76. being respectful and kind to one another (helping them do things, open doors for them etc.)
  77. sharing responsibilities (chores, babysitting etc.)
  78. giving each other presents, special things from the heart
  79. talking about and respecting each others boundaries
  80. public displays of affection
  81. grooming in front of each other
  82. wrestling or play fighting
  83. texting/talking online
  84. looking in each other’s eyes
  85. complimenting each other
  86. falling asleep over skype or chat
  87. making faces at each other
  88. sky watching
  89. write poetry
  90. inside jokes
  91. respect each other
  92. tell them how you feel about them
  93. get to know each other better (playing 20 questions)
  94. go for a ride together
  95. close your eyes and memorise each others faces with your fingers
  96. walk arm in arm
  97. make a playlist together
  98. make up your own words or slang
  99. go out to eat
  100. list each other’s best features
  101. bring your faces close without touching and feel each other breath
  102. go shopping together
  103. throw a party or other event together
  104. leave love notes
  105. exercise together
  106. exchange something meaningful
  107. try to have a whole conversation with only eye contact and facial expressions
  108. sit back to back and feel each other’s heartbeat
  109. learn their favorite food and make it
  110. run errands together
  111. look at photos together
  112. take photos together
  113. go people watch
  114. have a staring contest
  115. learn something new together
  116. take turns leading each other on a nature walk blindfolded
  117. get to know each others family and friends
  118. draw or sculpt each other
  119. paint each other’s bodies
  120. play with kids together
  121. practicing a skill together
  122. sharing food
  123. being in comfortable clothes together
  124. waving goodbye


i-demand-a-hug  asked:

So I've started reading the Persona 4 manga, and in the first volume the author mentioned in a note about Yosuke that they unfortunately had to omit a certain event or tragedy that illustrated Yosuke's character really well from the manga. I'm wracking my brain but I can't think what this event could be. I only own the first 3 volumes so maybe it's more obvious later in the manga, but I just can't think what from the original game could have been omitted.

The first thing that comes to my mind is Yosuke first crashing into the trashcan. This is never shown in the Manga, we only show the aftermath. Him crashing into the trashcan was what destroyed Chie’s Trial of the Dragon DVD and thus the perfect illustration of his terrible luck. 

However, Sogabe wrote that the event in Question happened during his Social Link, which, well… Means it could be about 90% of it, since the social links were cut down considerably in the Manga, just like they were in the Anime. However, I guess it’s either Yosuke yelling at the Junes Part Timers for badmouthing Saki, or Protag hugging Yosuke. I can’t remember if either of those were in the Manga (I’d have to reread…) but those are the two most striking parts of his Social Link that I remember (aside from the Samegawa punch-out, which I definitely remember being in the Manga).


I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT THE COLOR THEME.. IT’S 3-4-5 PERFECTLY!!! And here I’m 2 a.m finished the crossover.. here you go, Pokemon Go Team Leader x Persona MC hahaha

With this team leader….

“I’m asking you again, which team you will choose?”

POKEMON GO X PERSONA!! | Sakon04 [pixiv]