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Things that are canon in the Persona universe

A sentient bear suit managed to grow a human body by doing sit-ups.

A character threw ¥1,000,000 ($8,871.94) into a fountain because she thought it would increase her chances of having her wish granted.

Some guy saves the world by turning into a door.

Hitler came back from the dead. His Persona was Nyarlathotep.

There’s a robot with a Boston accent. She can talk to dogs.

Gods can be tsundere.

Some asshole declined ultimate power because it would require him to go out and make friends.

There’s a dog with a Persona. It’s not a special magic dog or anything, just a regular dog that happens to be able to summon a Persona.

The fucking dancing game.


Aside from desktop wallpapers, I also made some for phones.  Here’s my Persona collection so far.

Dimensions: 1440x2550 px

My DeSu 1 and 2 phone wallpapers and HQ versions of these on my Imgur