Top 5 ways in which INFPS show their anger

1) Passive Aggressiveness- The more mature infp will not resort to this, as they grow and learn to express their anger despite of their introverted feeling but an immature infp will often express anger unhealthy ways because it’s not easy for them to be openly aggressive .

2) Sulking- Any sort of brooding or sulking cannot be immediately associated with anger because infps can be quite melancholy and moody because it’s just the way they are, but if this seems to be directed only at you, then take the hint. 

3) Silent Treatment- If we answer all of your questions with one word answers and don’t respond if you bring up a topic which we would normally be very passionate about, that’s a surefire sign of anger or irritability.

4) Frequent death stares- We will glare and give you nasty cold glances to try and express our anger because we simply cannot yell at you like normal people.

5) Withdrawal of warmth- We are normally very warm, sweet and loving and we never fail to show you we care about and are there for you. If we stop asking you how your day was, withdraw from hugs and replace smiles with hostility, it might as well be this:

So in short: yes, we are passive aggressive and have anger issues but know one thing: An infp will never seriously get that mad at you unless you are someone who they deeply care about and a place in an infp’s heart is a true privilege!

Top 5 reasons to love infps

1) We are rarely boring- infps are spontaneously sweet, strange and can think of endless things that amuse us- from bubbles to the temporary nature of things in life- we are very bubbly and talkative if you’re close friends with us. Also if you’re special to us we MIGHT invite you on a magic carpet ride through our wild imagination.

2) We have warm gooey hearts- we might mope around because our favourite fictional character died and cry buckets of tears when Jack dies in the titanic but our emotional depth and sensitivity also means that we are incredibly kind and very accepting and nurturing of everyone around us. You can also expect random presents and letters from us to show you how much we love you!!

3) We’re intuitive listeners- our warmth and understanding make us the perfect shoulder to cry on and ears to listen. We’re perceptive types so we most likely won’t judge you and you never have to worry about imposing anything upon us or coming across as clingy because we love people and we live for helping them. We’re also extremely loyal and will always be beside our loved ones.

4) We’re the healers- an infp, while getting distracted easily is also a very distracting individual. Talking to them will take your mind of your worries and with their laughs and whimsical expressions they’ll soothe you and slowly drain you of your sorrows. They will gently pull you out of reality and take you to their fairytale world where beauty and happiness lie in abundance.