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…died smiling and looking at Harold. gosh who else do we know that did that?



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Do you ever just remember that John Reese picked Harold Finch as the right life to save and thought that it would absolutely be enough, and just start sobbing hysterically?

Look at that first gif – John’s smile is so full of utter fondness and love, mixed in with a little bit of smugness as well because his plan worked, TM held up her end of the deal, and Harold was going to be safe despite all of his stupid attempts at locking John into massive vaults. And John is so fucking happy that he gets to send Harold to the wrong rooftop and save his life, he’s so utterly delighted to do this for Harold that it’s astounding. 

And then we have that last smile – when John really should be focusing on the SAM agents coming to kill him, but instead finds himself looking back at Harold one last time while he still can, and smiling when he actually sees Harold walking away to safety. You can just see him thinking that this was absolutely the right thing to do and how glad he is that Harold is going to be safe and how he would do it all over again and how much he fucking loves Harold

Gah this finale was just a relentless onslaught of ALL THE EMOTIONS!!

Finch: Did you know about this? Girls being dropped from 20 feet. It’s unbelievable!

Shaw: I know right? Twenty feet? Pfft. Walk it off!

Finch: You do know that normal people don’t just walk off a 20 foot fall, right?

Shaw: So…all those times I pushed Reese off a building and he was all like “ahhhhhhh” -

Root: I thought it was funny Shaw

Reese: No way in hell was it funny

Root: Like a Himalayan tree frog

Reese: Are you calling me a frog?? Are you calling me a damn frog? Say it again! Say it to my face!

Finch: Guys, maybe focus?!

Reese: Damn frog

Happy birthday @weytani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you’re having an excellent day! I know you love princess/knight aus, so have a root/shaw fic as a lil present from me <3


“Do you have any idea how difficult you make my job?” Shaw hissed, grabbing her lost charge by the elbow and dragging her away from the table she was sitting at. As Shaw pulled her towards the door, leaving behind a somewhat relieved group of men with cards in their hands, clearly in the middle of a game they were losing, she made sure that the sword resting on her hip was visible to anyone who dared glance their way.

A sea of bedraggled men and weary barmaids parted for the pair; the look on Shaw’s face made even the boldest of individuals reluctant to get in her way. One of the barmaids shoved open the door to let them out, silence following them as Shaw glared ahead of her, her hand tight around the arm of her companion.

A cloudless night greeted them when they exited the bar; stars were scattered above them, bright against the inky hues of the sky, a beautiful sight for nearly everyone wandering the streets. Except for a pissed-off Sameen Shaw and the Princess she’d had to yet again retrieve from a musty bar.

“You didn’t need to come and get me.” Shaw’s companion drew to a halt, dragging Shaw with her. Shaw shot her a glare, but instead of cowering, she used her free hand to pull off the blonde wig which covered her chestnut waves and letting it fall to the ground. It was a good disguise, all things considered; if Shaw hadn’t had to track her down before, even she wouldn’t recognise the Princess in the commoner’s clothes she’d clearly stolen.

“Of course I needed to come and get you,” Shaw replied, looking up into the brown, wide eyes which made Samantha’s face look innocent and sweet, even when she was cheating at cards or making connections with the criminal underworld who a Princess should go nowhere near. “You were in Elias’ bar. Elias.

“Aww, Sameen.” Samantha said sweetly, tilting her head to the side and grabbing Shaw’s hand from her elbow, twining their fingers together. “If you were worried about me, you could just say.”

Shaw raised her eyebrows, and tugged her hand away. “Oh I was worried,” she replied drily. “I thought Finch might explode from the stress of you sneaking out. Can’t have that now, can we?”

Samantha pouted for a split second, then looped her arm through Shaw’s and began to walk forward. Shaw didn’t bother to conceal her huff of frustration.

“You know, for a knight in shining armour, you’re rather on the grumpy side,” Samantha said lightly. “Well, knight in rather dusty, slightly bloodied tunic.” Shaw only rolled her eyes, her body tense as they walked slowly down the street, arm in arm.

“Listen Princess-”

“Root. When we’re not in the palace, it’s Root.” The tone left no room for argument, and of all the battles she would have to pick tonight, Shaw decided that this wouldn’t be one of them

“Listen, Root,” she continued, “When you’re back, safe and sound and no longer trying to become best friends with the crime boss of the city, I’ll be in a better mood. Until then, I’m on duty, and you’re a real pain in my ass.”

Root quirked an eyebrow, her lips curling into a smile.

“So nice to know you care, Sameen.”

“Who says I care?” Shaw said, scanning the path ahead of them for anything which could pose as a threat. The hand which wasn’t being held hostage by Root rested by her sword, ready to unsheathe it at any given moment.

Root squeezed Shaw’s arm. “You’re here instead of John or Joss. Both of who are on duty tonight, and you’re not. Face it Sameen. You care about me. You’re gonna realise it someday.”

Shaw scoffed.

“Root, you’re hot, and concerningly good with a dagger. Those are two qualities I greatly admire. But it doesn’t mean I care.”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night, Shaw.”

Finch: Now, convince me that I want the orange not the apple…I’m gonna take a bite.

Shaw: I put a razor blade in that apple.

Finch: *spits out the apple*

Shaw: But you know what doesn’t have a razor blade in it? This orange.


root‘s reactions to ‘shaw telling her….’

#lets acknowledge the fact that root never ever wanted more from shaw than she was able to give #she never crossed shaw’s boundaries #she never wanted to make shaw uncomfortable etc #she just wanted HER and was willing to be patient until shaw was fully ready to go THERE #so root’s reactions to shaw’s more playful/intimate moments with her are the most precious cause you can tell shaw being that vulnerable catches her off guard #she never expected ANY confession of feelings so imagine how much root is internally screaming inside #shaw making it known that she indeed loves her back was all she ever wanted