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Askbox games! TROPE ALERT: Bed sharing

You know this is a weakness of mine, and you love how much I love the “oh shit, we both have romantic and sexual tension but won’t acknowledge it, yet our hotel room only has one bed, damnnnn” trope, but here’s a sweet idea: 

After confessing their feelings for each other, Harry invites Eggsy over for dinners and drinks and whatever happens to come next. However, Eggsy ends up coming back from a very grueling mission that scheduled evening, but comes anyway because he’d been looking forward to it and doesn’t want to skive off of it. Harry understands and sets Eggsy up on the couch with JB, a cozy woolen blanket, and a Persian eggplant-and-lamb stew over rice, along with a slice of tiramisu. They marathon funny movies for as long as it takes them both to start slumping against each other and not really concentrating what’s on the screen. 

Eggsy’s fine with just falling asleep on the couch, but Harry insists it’s bad for his aching muscles and carries him up to bed, climbing in with him and pulling the covers over both of them. With exhaustion weighing them both down, they quickly succumb to sleep. 

Since then, they always share a bed, with no questions or long-winded discussions at all. It’s something that they just fell naturally into. 

put a fanfic trope in my inbox, and I’ll tell you how likely I am to write it

On the show I am designing currently, NBC’s Law & Order: SVU, the writers asked for a counselor whose mode of dress was just a little bit more interesting than your average lawyer. I started dressing Raúl Esparza in slim-cut three-piece suits, colorful shirts and ties, pocket squares, suspenders, patterned socks, and winter coats with Persian-lamb collars—the full men’s sartorial arsenal!
—  Juliet Polcsa on Rafael Barba’s style in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily. 

BEHOLD! the dumbest doll wig you will ever see, therefore making it perfect :’D (bonus pic in a cute msd wig)

i may need to toss some hair product in it to tame it a bit but the general idea is there

made form scavenged Persian lambs wool!

i need to repaint him my self so i can see if i need mods and what they are if i do but first commissions *sigh*