Call it caraculPersian lamb or Astrakhan, the back of Michael Kitchen’s head makes some women of my acquaintance go weak at the knees. 

To quote one helpless devotee:

The first time I saw the back of MK’s head (as he warily strolled through The Stade), I thought, ‘He has lambie wool at his nape! Adorable.’

Naturally, I’m not personally susceptible to such frivolity. But I do feel it’s my duty to report the nonsense going on in the fandom.

britishdetectives replied:

As I’ve often said, male pattern baldness was the best thing that ever happened to his sweet, sweet face.

On the show I am designing currently, NBC’s Law & Order: SVU, the writers asked for a counselor whose mode of dress was just a little bit more interesting than your average lawyer. I started dressing Raúl Esparza in slim-cut three-piece suits, colorful shirts and ties, pocket squares, suspenders, patterned socks, and winter coats with Persian-lamb collars—the full men’s sartorial arsenal!
—  Juliet Polcsa on Rafael Barba’s style in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily.