little mix as the four seasons

Jade and Perrie Inspired Outfits: Red Pants

For Perrie I chose red high waisted pants and I paired it with floral doc martens and a white sweater. It’s more of a casual look but Perrie’s signature clothing articles are the high waisted pants and doc. martens.

For Jade I gave her a darker red shade of jeans. I paired it with her signature creepers, a sleeveless crop top, and a military jacket. There have been a bunch of pictures of Jade using that style jacket and sleeveless crop tops so I thought it would complete the inspired look(:

Jess xXx

Perrie Inspired School Outfit Using: Geek Shoes #2

For this one I went a bit more casual than the last, but this is the most casual I was able to get. I came to the conclusion that long pants don’t look well with these shoes, at least not the ones I was pairing them with. 

The outfit is cute and casual but it doesn’t scream attention. I think it’d be fit for school since the high waisted skirt goes up and cover the stomach cause of the cropped sweater, so it wouldn’t be violating the school dress code. Hope you like this one(:

Jess xXx


Since everyone’s school has started - will start, here are some outfit ideas for you my beautiful babes! Hope these help and good luck to you all in school! :)