Call of Duty Nazi Zombies Real Life Perk-A-Colas ALL 8



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Need a boost to kill those zombies? Feel like you can use a type of drink to give you the fighting edge? Well look no further! These Perk-A-Colas, Straight from the hit game Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies, are the boost you need to help fend of those pesky zombies.

These are replicas of the actual thing. These are each made individually with time and effort so that the smallest detail is as legit as it gets! These are as close as it comes to have the real life Perk-A-Colas!! Only thing thats missing is for them to actually work :P

The drinks are made of water with measured food colouring to give it that authenticity. The caps are all spray painted to there respected colors and are also give a clear primer cout to make sure the spray paint lasts forever. The caps also have the logos on as well like in the game. The caps are twist on twist off caps so if you want to fill them with your own drink feel free to do so. Please note however that the labels are pretty delicate and can be ruined if touched by water. So take caution.