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Customer Love Notes: Long Live Juicy

Nerd alert: One of our favorite things to do is read the customer reviews in the Birchbox Shop. You all are an opinionated bunch—and we like it! We especially adore when you write about your favorite purchases. From time to time, we’ll be highlighting some of your extra sweet product love letters on the blog. 

Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy, a bold update to the original Juicy Couture fragrance, still incorporates the same floral bouquet as its predecessor, plus notes of creamy vanilla, rich caramel, and warm sandalwood. We feel completely feminine (and, truth be told, a little sassy) when we wear it. We’re also fans of the hefty glass bottle, which features sparkly gold charms and an oversized bow. Turns out, we’re not the only ones a little nutty for this fragrance. Check out what these Birchbox fans had to say: 

“I received this as a sample in my monthly Birchbox. I thought it smelled pretty darn good but I wasn’t expecting to get the reaction from my husband. He said, "Wow, you smell good. I really like that.” Later on, he called me at work and said it must have rubbed off on him cause the (great) smell was driving him crazy—ha!“— Jenn

"Since discovering Viva La Juicy, I haven’t wanted to use another fragrance. To me, it’s fun and light but still catches the attention of anyone who gets a whiff. I wear it everyday and I have yet to get tired of it."— Gigi708

"I can be quite picky when it comes to perfume but I absolutely love this scent. Wearing it makes me feel feminine and sexy. Perfect for day or night, it’s bold enough that others will notice it but not so strong that it will make people run away :). Viva La Juicy is definitely a new favorite of mine and I am so happy I got a sample in box so that I could discover this gem.” — Niki


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anonymous asked:

What would the common room be like at Christmas?

* christmas lights everywhere
* ‘who sprayed ginger bread perfume everywhere?’
* gift wrap and bows lying around, because no one really knows how to wrap gifts
* as evidenced by the messily wrapped packages under the tree
* a massive enchanted christmas tree in the centre of the common room
* plates of cookies everywhere (kudos to the lovely hufflepuffs)
* quiet christmas music filling the room
* 'DAN YOU SET THE TREE ON FIRE … AGAIN’ 'I-I just wanted to make it shine’
* the tree being decorated with silver and green ribbons and ornaments
* everyone sitting in the room together and eating biscuits/drinking tea together
* fireplace is always illuminated by a gigantic warming fire

- Céline 💚
[christmas is my favourite time of year and I cannot wait until it’s that time again]

Omega Travel Spray for Perfume and Fragrance - .135 Oz Mini Travel Perfume Atomizer with Cap- No Need to Travel with Glass

Up to 50 sprays.Pocket sized perfume spray bottle that replenishs in 2nds right away from a tremendous fragrance spray bottle..Approved for hand baggage on board flights.Made of airplane grade aluminium. Pocket sized perfume spray bottle that fill ups in 2ds straight away from a huge perfume spray bottle..Omega Travel Spray for Perfume and Fragrance - .135 Oz Mini Travel Perfume Atomizer with Cap- No Need to Travel with Glass

Jobless and Desperate

I’m losing my job as of this Saturday. The bead shop where I work is closing and my boss is retiring, so my only other source of income will now be gone.

Please consider buying something from one of my Etsy shops– I have so many beautiful dolls, amazing pieces of jewelry, and game-themed fragrances for all genders! Every dollar will help me get by while I search for another job. I’m hoping I’ll find something quickly, but I have no money saved up (this was abrupt news for me; I had less than a month’s warning that I’d be jobless soon).

My shop for jewelry, perfumes, pins, and more:

My shop for Monster High repaints, BJD jewelry, and doll props:

Thank you SO much for taking a look; remember, I also do custom faceups, too! Only $20!



You catch a glimpse of them and your pulse quickens.

Their gait is languid and imperious, arrogance pressed to the curves of necks and wrists like imported perfume, gifting the room a moment to gulp down as much of their presence as one’s able. They’re woven like a pack with the inky substance of intimacy– slender fingers curled to an elbow, a palm’s surface pressed to a spine; coupled together in a way that further isolated them from the mundane. Their laughter is loud to snare attention, syllables quiet until the notion of inadequacy crawls up and chokes you. 

You catch a glimpse of them but it wasn’t enough, but it’s all you’ll ever get, but it’s something you’ll tuck in your sleeve and savour. 

What moment they graciously offered passes and they’re gone; their presence lingering like an afterthought. Their initials are scrawled in ruby lipstick to every mirrored surface. A discarded fox stole is draped across a bar stool, patches of fur slicked with liquor. The hearts of the men and women alike that they punctured for a beat of amusement left disposed and throbbing. 

You catch a glimpse of them and you ache for all that you will never be.

                      MAIN. PLOT. APPLY. TALK TAG

Orange Vanilla Spice | Solid Perfume Locket, Handmade Perfume, Solid Perfume, Essential Oil Perfume, Natural Perfume, Gift for Her - INDIA

I love to buy airplane bottles of alcohol from time to time just because the bottles are so darn neat! I think this bottle would work great upcycled as a body oil or perfume oil bottle for gifting! Oh, and the Square One bergamot vodka is perfect with just ice and tonic. (In my case I kept my vodka in the freezer and the tonic was cold so there was no need for ice that would just water it down anyway.) What are some of your favorite cocktails?

Psst. Check out my dry body oil recipe that’s easy to customize with your own favorite fragrance! You can also find and follow me on instagram here.